Jig is up.

Ok, we should ALL know that greasy monstrosity from this morning was totally not going in my stomach.  April Fool’s mutha lickas!

Moving on to a genuine, and delicious breakfast feast.  It was french toast time!!!

Can you say YUM?!?!?!

Ezekiel Bread dipped into a beaten egg, grilled to perfection.  Strawberries and Bananas on the side (topped with Greek Yogurt) and this liquid heaven drizzled over top of the bread:

35 seconds in the microwave turns it into a chocolate river (that flows directly towards my FACE!)


After breakfast I got ready, and headed to my meeting for “8 To The 8’s” which is a Biggest Loser type program our city is starting soon.  I get to be the trainer, and I am so excited.  Today we went over all the specifics of the application, and I registered a blog just for the program (coming soon!).  We also got in touch with all the local media outlets.  I am going to be on the local news promoting it.  Cue a PANIC from yours truly.  I hope I don’t just get up there and freeze!

There may have been a venti iced coffee that escaped the camera lens.  What can I say, I needed the java buzz!

Came home and started what turned out to be a mighty epic lunch.

I am loving my asparagus sammie combo!  Started by roasting these guys along with some broccoli:

I then arranged the toppings:

Asparagus/Cheese/Hummus sandwich anyone?!?!

You know I had to put some Veggie Booty with it.  Come on.

Ate it outside since it is like….July weather here.  Seriously, I am taking in as much of this sunshine as humanly possible!

Jealous pups were always waiting for something to be dropped.

To calm the sweet tooth, I chomped on some Sunspires.

I think those did the trick.

Well, I am off to bask in the sunshine a little longer, and work on my classes tonight.  I have KidFit at my other gym, then back to the YMCA for Total Body HIIT, aka my favorite night of the week.  I want to do a class tonight using ALL resistance band work, but I have to see how many people we have.  We have a limited number of bands which makes it hard…so I need to have a killer plan “B” workout planned just in case.  Any instructors out there have any suggestions for some moves using the bar, dumb bells, gliders, etc? I am always looking for new ways to kill…..errrrr, challenge my class.  😉

Later bloggies, have a great night.

Did you prank someone for April Fools Day??  Seen any good ones online?

I have seen some great ones on Google, Starbucks, and even Whole Foods.



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18 responses to “Jig is up.

  1. abbynormally

    All things chocolate have a direct course to my wide open trap!

  2. your lunch looks amazing. And Oli seriously looks just like Maizey but with a white face! Love him!

    I love gliders! I like to do side lunges with them; the leg that is leading isn’t on a glider but the other leg is and then you slide it in towards the leading leg to work the inner thigh. Does that even make sense. And I LOVE ab work with gliders too!

    • yes Teri!!!! I know what you are talking about. We havent done those in forever! I like to do them exactly like you described, and as they pull the leg in from the lunge, we do a side leg lift to work outer thigh as well! Have you ever had them in cobra pose, with the gliders on their palms…and then have them extend their hands out??? Burrrrrrns the chest like crazy!

      I agree, the boxers are twins!

  3. I read the title and immediately thought Will Smith – Gettin Jiggy Wit It! LOL!

  4. Um, that breakfast looks a THOUSAND times better than the ones you posted this morning. Dark chocolate with breakfast…could it get any more delicious?

  5. Ashlei

    Your lunch is a combo of my lunch and dinner!
    Had some veggie booty today! ❤

    I loved the WF's April Fool's the best. They had me until I saw the recipes on the side. I was like "treadmills….hmmm"

  6. You better finagle a copy of whatever news program you go on and put the clip up on here!!!

  7. Ian

    Totally forgot it was April Fool’s day until I went to class and a fellow engineer pointed out the joke on xkcd.com where you could type in commands using a linux interface…gosh I feel like a nerd!

    • hahahaha whaaaaaat?!?!

      PS your chocolate may not get there until next week because of Good Friday/Easter…but I promise, it is coming…you lucky dog, you.

  8. How do you get all of your nut butters so drizzly? Sometimes I can’t heat up the whole jar because there is dang leftover foil around the lid that I can’t get off! Errr.

    Oh, and I got me some booty tonight. 😉

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