Tonight’s HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class kicked.  my.  booty.

The class was titled Band Burn, and used these little cuties quite a bit:

Sheesh a-mighty.

Sweat-SESSION.  We were drenched!  Plus can I just say how proud I was for everyone to come on SUCH a gorgeous day!  We still ended up running out of equipment.  Major lurv.

Since I was about 3 seconds away from eating the first edible thing in sight, I quickly grabbed Melissa…and we headed for some Hibachi Grill goodness at the Ming Garden.  Unfortunately….I was only able to snap two pictures before my camera died.  Sad day!

This is only HALF of the bar full of fresh veggies you get to choose from.  You plate them all up, top with sauce…and they grill it up.  SO yummy.

The next two pictures were taken on the cellular….darn you camera and your lack of battery!

We headed to TCBY, where I got a small White Chocolate Mousse with Mango.  My favorite combo!

Great food, great friend!

Well, that about wraps up Thursday.

Spin EARLY tomorrow (yay) and then Melissa and I are going to LEARN the “Telephone” dance, by the GaGa-goddess.

(Specifically 2:39-3:10)

Whaddya think?!?!?!  (seriously, this is no April Fools. haha)



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20 responses to “Bands=Burn.

  1. Ashlei

    If you learn the dance I want to see it!

  2. doooooo it. when I worked in argentina this summer, I wasted my office hours by learning the “jai ho” dance… so fun!

  3. I love Mongolian! Have you ever tried it with an egg? So good!

  4. um obvi, you guys are gonna rock that dance. there better be a video too 🙂

  5. heather

    I’m with Meredith – let’s learn the Jai Ho dance …. and yeah – you’ll have to do a show once you learn the Telephone dance ….. that is something i MUST see 🙂
    Veggies look YUM-O !!!! not to mention the mango goodness – oh my !!!!!
    I’m glad you had a good day my friend !!!!
    Happy Easter – don’t give in to those darn Cadburys … they’re the DEBIL i tell you ….
    Hearts and Hugs ……

  6. Penny

    1. White chocolate mousse with mango.
    That’s my new favorite sentence. Holy cow, YUM.

    2. If you learn the “Telephone’ dance, obviously you guys have to wear the “Telephone” outfit while you do the dance. 🙂
    HA! I crack myself up! 🙂

  7. Boy, I wish there was a vegan frozen yogurt place nearby. That TCBY looks glam! =P

    Lady Gaga sure has gotten tinier. She does have nice abs, though!

  8. Mango! Mmmm you just reminded me how much I love it and need it.
    I wanna see the gaga dance tooooo!!!!

  9. Ian

    Epic dance, no? Learn it and take pictures 😀

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