Short and Sweet

Short and sweet, just like moi. haha

Well, how did everyone enjoy their Wednesday?!?!  Tomorrow is Thursday, but technically I am considering it Friday because of the Easter Weekend, which means that tonight is Friday Eve!!!  So woop woop.

Can we just talk for a minute about my pre-dinner snack and how close I am to needing an intervention on these puffed, green, bundles of joy:

This Veggie Pirates Booty seriously has a choke hold on me right now!!!  Snacked on this, and an apple when I started work…

One of our glorious members was also nice enough to bring us an organic snack!  (so these people know me or what.)  I give you, a sesame seed encrusted, cashew, agave, joy filled blob of pure love:


Dinner was quick, and picked up earlier at Panera.  Got a nice whole grain bagel with Peanut Butter:

And some Oikos and strawberries:

The bagel needed something, and honey did the trick.

Sweet dinner was finished with a sweeter dessert.  Organic Sunspires (basically organic m&m’s) and dried pineapple lovin’

Told ya this one was going to be short and sweet.

With my job on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s not starting until 4:00pm, I am not on the typical 9:00-5:00 shift that most of America is on.  In fact, on other days with my classes I am teaching my schedule is nuts.  My question is….do you have a typical 9-5(esque) schedule, or is it different?  How do you incorporate your workouts?



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30 responses to “Short and Sweet

  1. I love anything and everything Sunspire. I’m convinced they’re “healthier”, haha.
    My schedule is as lazy as I could ask for. Thank God for class picking

  2. I have an 8:30-4:30 job and I like working out after work. I have more time and energy 🙂 Sometimes when I work out before work I crash by 11. It’s so weird because I thought morning workouts were supposed to make you all energized.
    I really need to try this veggie booty and see what you’re talking about…

  3. I have the typical 9 to 5, but am lucky enough so have a flexible schedule. I can roll in a bit closer to 10AM some days because I have late meetings some nights. Overall, it usually works out to be between 40-45 hours, so I try to get my butt out of bed before 6:15 to get in a workout to be in the office by 9:45.

  4. linds

    where do you buy the veggie booty, my whole foods does not sell it and thats like the only place I shop haha

  5. I have an 8:30 am – 5:30 pm work schedule with a 30 minute commute to and from. Honestly, I have to get my workout in after work because I enjoy sleep too much to wake up early. I also have to go directly after work. If I sit down when I get home, it is hard for me to get motivated to go.

  6. I wake up at 5 to workout. It sucks but it gets the job done!

  7. hey buddy,
    my pilot told me i had to ask you what camera you had. apparently your pictures are way better than mine 😉

  8. heather

    so i was in Wal-Mart this evening – picked up some Oikos — did you know they have them in Chocolate ??? I was like WUUUUTTTTT ????
    Had to get it to try it …….. will give the verdict tomorrow 🙂 🙂

  9. Ashlei

    My schedule is so random…mostly morning classes, with a couple afternoons a week in addition. That equals one exhausted Ashlei!

    So are you a Sunspire addict now too? 😉

  10. Sarah Adkisson

    Since tomorrow is your “Friday”, does that mean no class Friday morning?

    Annnnd I am loving the Veggie Booty, by the way! I also got the White Cheddar which is delish too. I’m also becoming obsessed with Greek Gods yogurt and almond butter. What on earth was I eating before all of these yummy options you have introduced me to via your blog??? My tummy thanks you!

    • Um of course there is Spin on Friday!!!! You better be there, sister…I need your motivation to wake up! lol Drag Rachel down, too.

      It makes me SO happy that you have eaten blog food. hahahahahah, and double happy that you heart them!

  11. Bagels are amazing for dinner! I really want pancakes for dinner tomorrow, but I need to consume some more veggies and I have a lot of savory foods that I need to use. =P

  12. From Party To Hearty

    i cant complain about my college schedule. I workout early mornings by choice. Oh I love the sunspires! M&M’s who?

  13. Hey Tyler,

    Just stumbled across your lovely blog via Fitnessista tweets. You are such a gleam of hope and inspiration! Keep doing what you’re doing; wish I could spin with ya. [;

  14. As a student, my schedule definitely isn’t 9 to 5!! The only day-to-day schedule I have is to get to the gym before my first class, no matter how early that is!!

    I’ve always seen Sunspires but never bought them, do they taste any different from M&M’s?

  15. Your sunspires reminded me of chocolate covered sunflower seeds…highly, highly recommended. Think peanut m&ms but healthier, chewier, and more fun in general 🙂

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