That’s the current temperature/setting outside.  Absolutely gorgeous, and in the upper 60’s!!!  Sah-weet.

My day was jump started off to an early start with 6:00am Spin class.  We had 10 people!!!!  I was so excited.  I have been trying so hard to build up that new class, and it is hard being at a gym where I really don’t know anyone yet.  So much easier to have more energy when the bikes are full.  Can I get an instructor-leujah?

Snacked on this beastie pre class.  Omega-3 waffle with home made pumpkin butter (Thanks, Matt!)

Came home and made the classic.  Chia oats.

Topped with a glorious drizzle of Almond Butter, plus 2 TBSP of my Mocha Madness Trail Mix.  YUM!

I also stopped by Ingles on the way home to pick up some produce.

Yet again, I got the eye roll from the cashier complete with the “Well YOUUUUUU eat healthy.”  Bah.  I take it as a badge of honor and it really doesn’t bother me anymore.  Needless to say she was clueless when it came to ringing up the starfruit.  “What IS this?!?!?!” followed by a gross look.  People are so weird!!!!  Why is healthy eating taboo????

Also, a mysterious event occurred early this morning.  The two pups were actually NEAR each other, and still enough to be photographed.  This photo is as elusive as a Bigfoot snapshot!

Does anyone else “name” their dog, but then call them 4,500 different names in differing voices?  The boxer is Oli, yet I always end up calling her:

  • Weirdo
  • Weird One
  • Weirdest of Weird
  • Weirdy.

Also the black pomeranian, Sam…becomes:

  • Biscuit
  • Booska
  • Wittle Wittle
  • Sum Sum
  • Criscuit

(Don’t even ask, lol)

Point it, do you have a “language”/voice for your dog?  Do you normally call them by name, or nickname?

I give you, the future of the blogging world:

Lunch was glorious, and since it was so pretty, Steph and I decided to walk down to Panera from the YMC-izzle.  The choice should be no surprise:

Half the Veggie Sammie on Honey Wheat….half Fuji Chicken Apple Salad…sans the chicken, yo.

Blogging outside, GaGa shades on, does it get much better?!?!  Enjoy this day, bloggies.  I am!



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39 responses to “Beautimous.

  1. I’m jealous of your weather. It’s been raining for days in Massachusetts 😦

    That’s funny about the cashier. I hate when people comment on my food. What the hell do they care?

    • Aww boo!!! No more rain!

      Who knows why they care. I did come back with a snippy comment when she put in her two cents on “how EXPENSIVE” it was, I told her I was just saving early on doctor bills. She quickly shut up, and continued to bag. So boo yah!

  2. BAHAHA i love your dog’s pet names 🙂 i totally do that! My chocolate lab is Bunker, but I call him Butter Bean, Bijou, Beater (?), and Boots. My black lab mix is Keira, but I call her Baby Girl, Keer-bella, Keeter (that sounds diRRty) and Keets. I’m so weird.

  3. Pumpkin butter & almond butter – DIE! I love both!

    And you’re not alone. Our cat has many more names than our dog but he responds to all of them.

    Angus (cat): Doodle Bear, DB, Bear, Anga-doo, Doo, The Bear, B, Sugar Bear, I could go on and on.

    June (dog): June Bug, JB, Dooners, Juners, Bug, Sweet Pea

    It’s so funny – I hope I don’t do this with my children they’ll never learn their names!!!


  4. Ahhh I can’t wait for that gorgeous weather to hit this area! It’s supposed to tomorrow 🙂 The mocha madness mix on the oats is genius. So jealous you got to eat that deliciousness 🙂

    My dog Indy became “Indar,” Indy-pindy”, “Indo bindo,” “smelly”…you get the drift haha the names we give out pets are funny, I agree!!

  5. We totally use nick names and talk to our pets in “special” voices. We have three cats. One is KC but we call her sweet girl. One is Georgy, whom we actually call Georgy most of the time but I also call him “my sweet orange friend” a lot too. And the other is Caddie whom we call meepers because of the little voice he uses when he talks and he is mucho talkative. I also call him “my best boyfriend” sometimes.

    Silly. Totally silly. But that is love 😀

  6. Maizey rarely gets called Maizey. She is more commonly known as: Puppa, Slut-Pup, Maizifus, or Slutamus.

    (the “slut” names were given because she always sits with her legs WIDE open. hehehe)

  7. From Party To Hearty

    Lol I am the same way with my dog! I am always talking to him differently and using nicknames. The weather is not too nice hear but the rain is finally gone and I will enjoy that with a run in a few minutes. Spring is near!

  8. krucker

    Do I even need to post the evolution of sweet/evil little Samantha the cat’s name!!

    All names created by the hubs and immediately adapted by yours truly

    **Start**Samantha —>Sammy—>Sammy Davis—->Sammy Sosa—->Sammy Demon or just Deeemon!—->Sommy (including all last names previously mentioned) and ending with Tommy or Tyommy (pronounced Tee-yommy)—-> Tommy Deevus**Finish**

  9. That is sad that the cashier didn’t even know the produce that they carry!

  10. Ashlei

    Ahh finally some glorious weather!! 🙂 Enjoy your sunshine at Panera!!

  11. It was hard for me to find the oat bran because it’s such a small container, but it should be with the oats 😉 ya gotta keep your eyes peeled!!
    Dude, why are people so weird about healthy eating? Why is it so wrong to want to eat healthy?
    Looks like an amazeball day in your neck o’ the woods…ENJOY IT!!!

  12. Ahh, alternate names…
    The smurf, derpula (not really sure where that’s from), snowball, the fluff,…
    One of our cats is probably called butthead as much as his normal name – it’s cause he loves to butt heads with you to show affection, but then also cause he’s a lil brat and stirs up trouble with the other pets.


    The ones that are furthest away from their actual names are:
    Lando: Bebe
    Harvey: Wonkers

    So glad other do that with me! 🙂

  14. I call my Chihuahua named Noah, Noshno. 🙂 I love it…and he does too…he just doesn’t tell me. 😉

    Okay, so I have been wanting to try spinning, but I am scared! Is it hard? I am afraid that I won’t be able to complete the class. I am pretty strong and I dance and do yoga, pilates, bodypump, and body jam, but I don’t run frequently or bike. I love to bike, but I am scared of a class. Any tips? Words of encouragement? Haha Thanks, Tyler. 🙂

    • Firstly, EVERYONE has that feeling of “omg, I am not even going to be able to finish”……so your not alone, I swear. Secondly, you will ROCK it. The great thing about cycling is that you can work at your own pace, and YOU are in control of the resistance knob which makes it harder/easier to pedal. After reading all those classes you frequent, I DEMAND you take a spin class, and quick. I then want a full report.

      You will rock!

  15. my puppy, sophie (who is photographed far too often on my blog) is called “soph”, “monster”, “doodle”, “sophie-doodle”, “snookums”, and “devil-dog”… “doodle” is more legit since she’s a labradoodle, and I am sure you can imagine why she’s called “monster” and “devil-dog”

  16. I don’t mind questions about “weird” (in their eyes) foods I buy, because I always ask about things I don’t know. How else will I learn new things? But what I have an issue with is the attitude, eye rolls/movement, and snide voice that accompanies it. Yes, people. It is flax seed. It goes on lots of things and it is good for you. Why is that so weird? No one ever blinked when I used to buy crap food….they look at me (overweight) and see the healthy food and then ask stupid questions. I don’t get them….

    • I know *sigh*. I think that the twinkies, ice cream, donuts, WHITE bread, etc. are just so much the “norm”…particularly hear in the South, that is just gets accepted as the normal, and healthy becomes this taboo thing that people are freaked out by. Meh.

  17. Natalie

    You are so fun! Cornbread’s nickname is “Spud” 🙂

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