Chocolate Winner!!!!

Yep.  We have a winner.  Read on to find out who it was!!!!  (And don’t just quickly scroll to the bottom you naughty bloggies.) 😉

Sorry for the lack of update last night.  I went from Express Sculpt, right to a meeting, right to KidFit, right to Spin, and then right to Yoga.  Aye yae yae!  (I’m not entirely sure how to spell that phrase, but I am assuming it is at least somewhat correct.)

Moving onnnnnn.

Breakfast this morning WAS going to be:

These guys looked alot different than my normal oats:

I looked on the back, and these suckas take 25 minutes to cook…..FAIL!

I will have to cook these beauties when I have more time.  Went with the always classic standard:

Made my classic banana/chia base….and added some mixed dried berries, and a drizzle of AB on the top:


Steph and I are going to run shortly…and this will be my first run since  the Florida Half!!!!  Darn you Physical Therapists and making Blogger Boys take off *3* weeks from running.  Ah well, my knee seems to be completely healed, so I guess he knew a thing or two.  😉  Also stopping by my happy place, aka Earth Feezy…and getting some lunch!  What a perfect day!

Wish me luck on the run, I am a nervous wreck about the ole knee.

Now…….lets remind ourselves of what the chocolate winner is going to receive:

3 oz. Bars:

1.4 oz. Bars:

Milk Chocolate Treats:

Can you say WOW?!?!?!?!

So who was it?!?!?!?


Oh yea!!!

Lucky number 14……Ian!

Congrats, Ian!  Shoot me an email ( with your shipping address, so I can send out this little box of joy!

Thanks so much to all that entered and especially all the cute animal pictures!!!  The folks at ESC were so thrilled with the participation and enthusiasm!!!

Well…off to tackle Tuesday head on starting with a run!  Have a great day bloggers!  Today involves alot of “me” time……my question to you is:

What do you do with your “me” time?  When do you get the most of it, and why is it important to you?



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30 responses to “Chocolate Winner!!!!

  1. steel cut oats are the best! hopefully you can make them soon. 🙂

    Damn you Ian! that prize was MINE! 😉

    Me time = reading a book, a magazine or yoga. Or just cuddling with the hubby and/or puppy.

    • I will make them when I have 25 minutes to cook the friggin things! I KNOW TERI!!!! I was secretly hoping you would win, but you did say that you tried them right? Yahhhhmazing.

  2. Ashlei

    I love “me” time. Stretching, blogging, sewing, cooking 🙂
    Guess I forgot to tell you about the longer cook time of the steel cut oats. Totally worth it though.

  3. Congratulations Ian!

    During my me time, I like to either get lost at a bookstore or go through a big pile of magazines to find new things to obsess over. I try to find outfits to do the “Look for Less” with my sister.

  4. Me time comes not nearly often enough, but I’m really exciting and play video games, haha 🙂

  5. Christie

    I honestly don’t have an actual “me” time. My ideal of “me” time is spending it with close friends. Since at that point I am not “Mom”, “Wife” or “YMCA employee”. On occassion I will find a quiet moment, though not often, and watch an old movie.

    • I consider our random Target trips….Coffee stops…lunch dates….and just hanging out at the YMCA, MY me time. 😀 You are included in all of my ME time, my love.

  6. I am sad I didn’t win 😦

    • Aww don’t worry Matty, there will be other giveaways. PS, just ran 5 miles with (virtually) no pain…..ok, a little pain at the VERY end, but totally not as bad as I was expecting!

  7. Lu

    My me time consists of reading a book or watching a movie. I hide in my closet, away from my 3 year old, and read on my iPhone. I figure if someone needs me, they can call. He’s at least being watched over by his dad. At the risk of sounding condescending it’s spelled “ay, ay, ay”. It’s pronounced: “I, I, I”.

  8. Ian

    Me time is running or reading or cooking…pretty much exclusively. Or maybe I am reading blogs instead of homework, whooops! Haha

  9. I have a big container of steel cut oats and I never have time to cook them! I think I will cook a triple batch and then reheat them, maybe?

  10. From Party To Hearty

    “me time” would be blogging, reading other blogs, exercising solo, and reading a nice book. (right now-Food Inc.) That was a good contest! Hope your run goes well and your knee is 100%!

  11. I love my me time. I usually just curl up and watch TV a=or get errands done or read a mag/book. I love me time 😉

    Steel cut oats look like fun, but there ain’t no way I’d wait 25 minutes for my breakfast to cook!!

  12. Congrats to Ian!

    Tyler, just prepare your steel-cut oats the night before. That’s what I do. You can even make several servings at once and then portion them in individual containers. All ya have to do in the morning is add your stir-ins and toppings and eat ’em up! 😀

    And you can even use your already-prepared steel-cut oats to make overnight oats – or oats in a jar! 😉

    And gosh you’ve been busy!

  13. steel cut oats actually don’t take me as long to cook as they suggest on the box…although it IS longer than the average rolled oat. SO GOOD!!!

  14. Congrats Ian! Brace yourself for chocolate overload – we packed as much chocolate as possible into Blogger Boy’s prize pack.

    Me time = taking my sketch pad and colored pencils outside and drawing whatever comes to mind or getting comfy on the couch with a pint of ice cream and watching Sex and the City reruns.

    -Monica Erskine
    Chocolate Goddess, Endangered Species Chocolate

    • oaaaaah magosh. That sounds like PERFECT me time, Monica!!!

      Thanks again for providing such a great giveaway. When do I get to tour the facility?!?! 😉

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