Totally got my Yoga on black light style tonight….more in a bit.

When last we left this blogger boy had completed 2 amaaaaazing classes and worked up an appetite fit for an Oxen.  Lunch was partially assembled earlier, and then consumed at work!  Time for a cereal bowl!

Started with a diced mango/pear, and then added Greek Yogurt/Almond Butter/Cereal/Goji Berries….turned into a nice little parfait before I smashed it into a mixed oblivion of goodness.

And in the literal blink of an eye…..

Waste not, want not…eh?

Snackage at work also included an unpictured Larabar which I later found on sale at TJMaxx for .70 cents!!!! (They had both PB&J and Cashew Cookie!  I think between us both we bought about 25!)  What?!?!?!  I am pretty sure upon this discovery both Ashlei and I screamed like the teenage girls that we are.  She came to visit me today at work AND brought us dinner!  Score.  Speaking of which, who wants some Indian goodness?!?!

I’m not even going to attempt to name the dishes.  One was a lentil dish (Gina recomended!) and a multi-vegie dish.  Both of which were fannnnnn-tastic.

Perfect pre-yoga dinner!  Thanks, Ash!  😉

After work we jogged through TJMaxx where the on sale-Larabar rampage occured…and then headed to BLACK LIGHT YOGA!!!  So much fun!  Even Kimmie joined us!

Ashlei knew all the complicated poses.  😉

While I stuck with the basics.  😉

Great night!!!!  It totally made me remember how much I adore Yoga!  I am completely committed now to add it to my weekly regime, and include it on Mondays and Saturdays at the YMCA!

Ashlei also brought me a ton of homemade goodies which I will be blogging about soon, can’t wait.  So nice to have another foodie so near!  Good times, I tell ya.

Did I mention there is only *1* full day left to enter the FREE CHOCOLATE giveaway?!?!  Eat some chocolate….save an animal.  What more do you need.  Go here for more information, it is so easy to enter!  A winner will be chosen tomorrow night at midnight (EST)

What is/are your favorite class(es) to take at the gym?  Would you say you follow a routine when it comes to your workouts, are do they tend to be somewhat sporadic?

Have a great Sunday tomorrow everyone, Namaste. 😉

Cracker Barrel date with Heather tomorrow morning, and then I get to start my running program in Johnson City.  I am a mentor runner who helps people train for their first 5K, I cannot wait!  So stoked.



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26 responses to “Namaste!!!

  1. I wish gyms had a running class 😉

  2. Michelle

    SO many things to comment on!

    1. I would absolutely love that blacklight yoga! That seems like so much fun.

    2. When I get home I’m definitely trying one of your greek yogurt/cereal/fruit mixtures. Looks fantastic.

    3. At my college I always take two PE classes a term, I’ve taken self-defense, rock climbing, ice skating, tai chi, speed & agility and tennis! It’s such a great way to learn new sports and stay in shape. I’m taking zumba (inspired by Gina) and kick boxing this quarter. Should be fun!

    • I LOVE Zumba. We had it for a while at our YMCA, but no longer. *tear!* You gotta let me know how you like the fruit/cereal bowl. I am telling you, it’s pretty darn world changing. The ones I make at home are normally slightly more appealing *looking* but I had to throw that one together whilst at work!

      • Michelle

        I definitely have converted to the greek yogurt/cereal/fruit mix! It was fantastic! It also helped that I bought a new brand. The yoplait’s version is great, not too thick and not insanely tangy. I have no idea why I kept with the gross brand (I don’t even know the name, it’s the only brand my local health food store carries)

        And Larabar’s for $.70! I squealed when I found PB&J at REI, (but of course they were $1.65). Our local safeway also had them for $1 each. Good find!

  3. heather

    Simple Abundance Yoga is the BEST !!!! That’s where i took a class and wanted you to join me …. I’m so glad you got to go !!!! I need to add it in fo sho as well ….. it seriously lowers my stress levels …
    The lunch / snack above looks amazing … the mango/pear dish …. mmmmm reminds me i have a nice ripe juicy mango in the fridge…. Kroger’s were ready for the pickin this week !!!!
    See you in the morning ….. i’m ready —- and i’m coming prepared !!!!
    I heart you 🙂

  4. anyone else notice you can totally see that woman’s underwear in the 2nd yoga picture?

    I swear I’m not a creeper. same thing happened in my 10k this morning, too!

    • bwahahahaha, totally didnt notice that. If she is randomly reading this (I wonder what the odds are on that) then I apologize, yet refuse to take the picture down. hahaha

    • Ashlei

      Eeek totally thought you were talking about me at first! That would’ve been embarassinggggg! Hahaha

  5. Ashlei

    Oh my gosh, where to begin?! Today was so fun! Finally got my app filled out! Yay! We need to find dates for our vacay! And hop over to Asheville soon for a day vacation! (When does this work best again?)

    Indian food that burned my mouth off + TJ Maxx finds + black light yoga with Kim (she’s so sweet! I want to be friends with her!) + Ingles run = perfect day.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow. This will be one of my best weekends since moving up here.

    I love the yoga photos. And am glad I don’t look like fatty mcfat fat after eating so much AB (aka frosting).

    Thanks for the Y shirt! I can’t wait to [hopefully] be a part of the family soon. If not I’ll be joining and driving 23+ miles to workout and take your classes.

    Spinning + yoga on Monday, yes! HIIT thursday? Yes! I’m going to be so dead that day coming from the pharmacy.

    Can’t wait to see what you think of the stuff I brought. And return the jars if you want to try other stuff! And if you ever want me to make you some rawnola or flax crackers just give me the ingredients (flaxseeds or raw buckwheat) and I will make it happen, or you can borrow the Excalibur!)

    Favorite gym classes: spinning!!! HIIT rocks too. And power yoga though I haven’t been able to find one up here I like as much as the one in Tampa.

    Please teach me how to run a 5K and not die. Please?

    Have fun at Cracker Barrel manana!


  6. From Party To Hearty

    That’s really cool you are so near to Ashlei! Sounds like you had a good time!

  7. Yoga is lovely! I love love love it! I feel so amazing afterward and you notice improvements after only a few weeks of regular exercise. 🙂

    • I love the progression of it. It has really inspired me to start going again on a weekly basis (am going to try to incorporate at least 2 days a week, and hopefully a third!)

  8. ashlei looks beautiful in that pose!!

  9. I’ve never really tried yoga and am kind of scared to! I don’t know any of the poses or even how to pronounce them 😦 I’ll stick with spin 🙂

    • oh my lord do not be scurred, seriously!!!! You would heart it!

      • Yoga is all about acceptance of yourself – no competition and definitely no fear. If you live in this area, Julie, please come to one of my classes for free. You may even bring a friend, so you are not so nervous. You will see, it is a beautiful way to take care of yourself and grow stronger from the inside out! ❤

  10. Isn’t yoga the best?! I need more of it in my life too…with all the craziness of life, it really helps me to chill out and get my zen on. Love it!

    • soooooo good. I swear, the last 5 minutes or so where we literally just got to LAY there and listen to the calm music….it was like instant therapy session. Love it!

  11. Wow, way to go with the Larabar stash!! I would have snatched them up, too. It’s awesome you have so many fitness friends, I wish I had someone to try new classes with! Hope your Sunday was great 🙂

  12. Absolutely loved practicing with all of you on Saturday night. Hope you will be back soon! Next Black Light Glow While You Flow class is April 16th. Until then, try the Kickin’ Flow on Tuesdays or one of the Core classes. Challenging but oh so fun!
    You are a joy!
    Oh, and by the way, that is not Jessica’s underwear in the picture. If you look, you can see the stripe of her pants running up the side. It is just her tag showing through from her pants.

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