Good afternoon my little bloggin’ buddies.

It’s Friiiiiiiddddaaaaaaayyyyyy!  Anyone else excited?!?!

My day started in typical Friday fashion, with the horrific noise of the alarm clock @ 5:00am.  *shutter*

Look, even blog boys can have bad hair days!

Pardon the disgusting mirror and/or the bags under my eyes.  It was 5am, ok?!?!?!  😉

We.  Kicked.  Butt.  This.  Morning.

Full spin class + new CD (with Bieber lovin’) yielded a sweat factory!  It was seriously one of the most intense CD’s ever, I think because there were alot of standing sprints, thanks to Paramore.  They are always good for a sprint song, whenever you need one…….or eleven.  😉

Also, can I just say that I was so thankful to have spin this morning, because my legs are sooooooore.  That rarely ever happens, but working out lower body yesterday morning, then KILLING it last night in HIIT provided me with the worlds tightest hamstrings, and some achey quads.  Spin did the trick though.

Munched on this en route to the gym…but honestly, didn’t even make it to the front door it was gone so fast.

Maranatha Dark Chocolate Spread (aka FROSTING, right Ashlei?!)  Which was smeared on an Omega 3 waffle:


Had a nice sweat session at the gym, then headed back and was extremely lazy with the pups.  Oatmeal was in order, and was the classic chia standby!  This time I spiced things up by adding some dried kiwi.

I’m telling you.  Nuke a banana for two minutes in the microwave, THEN cook it in the oats.  Whomg.  Seriously yah-mazing.  Makes it so thick and creamy!

I went to my second meeting today about doing a “Biggest Loser” style program that our city is doing this year.  It will tie in with one of our biggest races, The “Crazy 8’s” 8K, and will take place eight weeks prior to the race.  I get to be the trainer for the teams!!!  I am so excited.  Never in a million years did I think I would ever be a “trainer”!!!  Especially when I was tipping the ole scales at 318!!!!  Hopefully I can motivate some people into changing their lifestyle!  I will have more info very soon, and will even be creating a seperate blog for program, which has officially been named “Eight to the Eight’s”  We start the application process soon, and are meeting with local tv/radio/newspaper to start advertising.  It’s going to be very exciting!!!!

After that meeting I met the Padre for lunch at Salsaritas:

Everyday there is a “special” and today it was pizza!

How can I resist a Friday-themed meal?!?!  C’mon.

Started with a whole grain tortilla:

Then added a mountain of glee which included:

  • Refried Bean Base
  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Black Beans
  • Cheese
  • Zucchini/Onions/Squash

I was able to somehow resist the chips.  Barely!  😉

Needed a buzz to keep me going….it was the standard venti iced coffee with skim mizzie.

Also, at Target I saw an entire BIN of my favorite candy.  I had to restrain myself so I wouldn’t just start opening/eating all of these directly in the middle of the store:

This was like an alcoholic being taken to a booze themed Amusement Park!

Picked up a new and tasty cereal from Target which was quickly munched on for snackage:

Made a simple little parfait with caramel Oikos, and some strawberries:

Cinnamon, anyone?!?! haha

That being said…..time to go enjoy some Friday goodness.  Have a great one!!!!!

Indian feast tonight with Maggie!  So stoked, I have missed that little gal.  I have my marching orders from Fitnessita to try a lentil or chickpea dish….I also spotted one last time that was cauliflower based that I might try.  Any other Indian suggestions?!?!

Guys.  There are only *2* days left to win free Endangered Species Chocolate!!!!  Get your entry in there!!!  Closes Sunday @ midnight.

PS I think I have literally become a Middle Schooler again.  With both the Justin Bieber love going on, and my new found obsession:

I am ready for braces, awkward dates, and roller skating to 90’s music.  What can I say, I am embracing my inner tween.



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30 responses to “Bieber-niac.

  1. mini eggs are my favourite!! i might try that trick with the banana & oats on monday! xx

  2. I know what you mean! This time of year, I bust out the N’Sync and early B-Spears Cd’s and rock out in my car! Makes me think of high school!

  3. tyler, you had me at “mountain of glee” 🙂 your inner tween is totally cracking me up…mainly because i’ve spent the last 4 mornings dancing to backstreet boys while i get ready. ok fine, n’sync too 🙂

  4. God, how pretty is little miss gomez?!

    I also prefer my cereal with cinnamon, or should I say cinnamon with some cereal 🙂

    • I know!!! I am digging the little dark hair/short cut at the beginning.

      I drench mostly everything in Cinnamon. I read recently that something like 2 tsp of cinnamon daily can help your body process sugar 20 times faster! So holla. haha

  5. From Party To Hearty

    Geez… I still cannot believe how far you have come! That is so awesome. Did you say cinnamon??? Love it! And I’m always nukin naners in my oats!

  6. Matt

    Remember the coconut Nan? (bread) and the the meal that starts with a “T”, so you can get a variety…lol. It’s on the left side of the menu at the bottom. It comes on a humongous metal lunch tray with a pile of rice…enjoy. I love Salsarita’s, but the only thing that bothers me is the grilled veggies have cholesterol, which means they contain an animal product.

  7. cinnamon=life. wowza.
    and now reading your post is making me want to go do some cardio. i’m outie, gonna go do that now!!

  8. Get the chana masala! So good!

  9. Goodness! That little Gomez girl does not sound like a 16 year old! I think she’s a little too sultry for her age! I am such a grannie.
    That’s so cool about your biggest loser challange!! It’s all big time with the local media and shizz! Go’on boy!
    Have I used enough exclaimation points??

  10. Ilene

    Hi! I’m a lurker 🙂 I love your blog!

    Haha did you buy some Cadbury eggs?! I can’t believe I’ve never tried any before 😦

  11. Was it Bieber’s Baby, I love that song, I’m not going to even say what the song count is on my itunes :/

  12. oh mini eggs…thank goodness they only come out at easter!!!

    • I KNOW!!!! After this bag I refuse to buy another. Granted, if a bag or two gets bought FOR me I may not be able to resist, but as far as myself…I am putting this madness to an end.

  13. Ashlei

    Everytime you say you nuked something it makes me giggle like a 5 year old! I have no idea why!
    And Frosting indeed! I couldn’t tear myself away from the jar after dinner today. I was like “nom nom nom” on the chocolate almond butter. I think my appetite was going crazy today still recovering from last night. Which by the way my quads and glutes and hell-a sore! (Which means you’re amazing!) Can’t wait for next week! Where did you get the dried kiwi? I want some. Trade?? When are we going to Starbizzle together? Maybe tomorrow I could pick some up during your shift? It’s only right down the road! And so is TJ Maxx….maybe Sunday we could hit it up too before the Earthfizz? This weekend is going to be baller hanging out with you!
    Yayay for you getting to be a trainer! You’re going to be amazing! Whoever gets to work with you is such a lucky duck! I’ve absolutely loved the few classes I’ve taken with you so far. If I don’t have luck with the counselor job I’m joining the Y so you can whip my butt into shape 😀

    • You WILL have luck with the counselor job, no worries friend!!!!!

      I know your issues with the microwave, hahahaha, but I love it for oats and oat related things!!! It is also great to thaw frozen bread. hahaha

      I have starved all day today and snacked like a fool. Yesterday really did a number on my appetite. Tomorrow will too, Weekend Warrior @ 9, and Spin @ 10:30!!! Then working, boo!

      The only place I have EVER found the kiwi is Fresh Market! There is one in Knoxville though, if our stash ever gets too low. 😉

      • Ashlei

        “Nuke”…hehe! There’s something about the word. Though no I don’t like microwaves, I don’t care that others use them. Please keep nuking stuff just so I can hear that word 😀

        Counselor job! Oh my gosh, that would be the most fun job seriously. Though yours is pretty awesome getting to teach fitness to your own choice of music!

        I have been a major snack face lately too! Tomorrow I’ll be bringing snacks for sure! I’m doing spinning at 11a at the cpa, then clean up and pack up new stuff for you to try, plus yoga stuff, plus stopping at Sahib (<3333). And hopefully not forgetting anything.

        And my aunt and uncle live in Knoxville too! We need to hop over to Asheville to the Laughing Seed for lunch or dinner, and Greenlife Grocery and Earthfare (their Earthfare totally owns ours! So much bigger and better!).

        I like how you called it "our" stash! ;P We practically share lots of groceries and food as it is

  14. Wow… I’m a somewhat new reader (that LOVES your blog) and didn’t realize your story!! 318 pounds!! Yay you!!! 🙂
    Is there a spot to read your story?

    Such an inspiration!!

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