I can smell Friday!!!!

It’s so close!!!!!

We left last off with me on an extremely jittery caffeine rush that actually turned out to be quite the productive afternoon.  What can I say, the coffee makes things happen.  I didn’t even nap!!!!  It must be the apocalypse!    Had a bangin’ snack while being productive and waiting for lunch:

Nice red pear plus my new obsession, Oikos style…CARMEL Greek Yogurt.  Whoooooa-mgah.

Cinnamon on top, made the perfect fruit dip.


Finished my new spin playlist (see my last post for the new ideas I was tossing around) and in the meantime started thinking about lunch which eventually became a jumble of deliciousness!

Gardenburger with provolone and spinach….Veggie Booty (aka CRACK COCAINE) and some Brocc/Jalapeno Hummus.

Yum times.

I don’t know what it is specifically that makes the Veggie Pirate Booty so effing amazing, but I am telling you.  If I knew some foreign government secret, and was being held hostage…one bag of these little cuties waved in front of my face would have me squealin’ faster than a pig headin’ for the bacon shop!  Word.

Snack on the way to my classes (Kid Fit/Total Body HIIT) was slightly boring, but kept the doctor away:

And then jazzed myself up for Total Body HIIT with some magical beans…

Tonight.  Kicked.  My.  Butt.

I’m not sure if it was the fact that the gym felt like it was slightly warmer than Hades, or that I had already killed lower body this morning, but good NIGHT, it was a doozy.  Fun times though!

Gotta love the squats.

Even better when we step on/off the bench in low pulses.  Muhahahaha

Quick…raise your hands if you heart Tyler.

Aren’t they sweet.  😉

Best part was, Ashlei came!!!!!!

Ignore the fact that we are Sweatasaurus’.  She also came baring gifts of home made RAW onion bread, and raw-nola!  Am I lucky, or what?!?! 😉

Rushed home as fast as I could and yet again just threw some random items together for dinner.  Started with an egg puff, fitnessista style…

1 egg…nutritional yeast (nooch!), red pepper flakes, all nuked for two minutes.

Topped it with provolone, and put that bad boy on a whole grain English Muffin!

The monkey on the plate wanted the sammie.

Also steamed some broccoli, and added salsa/Greek Yogurt, and some carrots and Jalapeno Hummus! (current obsesssssion)

Shew.  What a day.  I love that it started and ended in the gym!  Good times!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!! So stoked.  I have spin at 5:45am (new cd-izzle, so stoked…I love maiden voyages!) and then a meeting at 11:00 about our city’s version of Biggest Loser….it is getting very exciting people!  I get to be Bob…how friggin awesome is that?!?!  Well, as Bob-esque as I can be, haha.

I leave you with a hilarious Justin Bieber parody.  Goodnight.

Remember…there are still 3 days left to enter for FREE Endangered Species Chocolate. Check it out HERE! Free chocolate…save some animals…it’s pretty much win/win.  Why haven’t you entered yet?!?!



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36 responses to “I can smell Friday!!!!

  1. Neysa

    Shhheeeeeewwwww! The Total Body HIIT was KILLER! I was dripping the first 2 minutes!! Awesome like usual!!! 🙂

  2. i.love.your.blog. i’m really not sure how i made it through the day without it? that workout sounds INTENSE, and i could totally use some butt-kickin’!

  3. From Party To Hearty

    I need to try out the caramel oikos!

  4. Ashlei

    Oh Tyler, I don’t know where to begin on this post, too much good stuff!!

    Love love love that picture of us! 😀 And yes, you are very lucky that I come bearing gifts! I’ve been loving my kitchen time lately, and the fact that YOU’RE loving what I’M making! Win/Win! I might make something tomorrow for Saturday…We’ll see how I’m feeling.

    …..did you really microwave an egg? …and that Bieber parody is a little creepy!

  5. Matt

    Bob…what have you done to me?! My arms shake when I try to hold up my iPod and my inner thighs…OUCH…lol. That was an intense class and I was sweating like it was spin…I mean dripping! Thanks? Haha…it was great (not kidding about the shaking). I made a *16* egg spinach/tomato omelet for dinner last night…shared of course. 😛

    • hahahahaha, I wasnt sure if it was the heat or just the craziness of the line-up but it KICKED MY TAIL! Seriously. I cant wait to see if I am sore tomorrow. Come join us for 5:45am spin, Matty!!!! I need you for inspiration on sprints!

  6. I think you stole my post title 😉

  7. greensandjeans

    You are too cute! Bob has always been my favorite…

  8. Steph

    there’s my baby Denise on the front row!!!

  9. Ohmagosh you are intense! I love this post – the exclamation points, the food, the workouts…

    PS- no it’s not weird you saw a face on my plate, I totally did that on purpose 😉
    and PPS – I think I’m trying spin out for the first time next week! Yay!

  10. I’m loving all the positive energy. I think I can smell Friday too- it smells like frozen yogurt and maybe wine.

  11. I gotta get me some booty…veggie booty that is. 😉

  12. Penny

    Ok…you have officially sold me on Pirate Booty. I must try the crack cocaine. 🙂

  13. I want to come to one of your classes!! If only… !

  14. BIEBER! Is that a boy or a girl in the video???
    I wish I lived in TN so I could take your classes!!! How fun would that be?!

  15. I’ve fallen in the Bieber trap and I can’t get out!!! Seriously!! He’s like a drug I just wanna dance when I get a hit. haha!!

  16. Loving the double apple action!! What do you think of those beans? I’m looking for something to pack on my half, and I didn’t like the taste of ShotBloks when I tried them. Happy Friday!!

    • oh my goodness, the beans are SO yummy. Taste just like jelly beans. I used to FORCE myself to do “Gu’s” but they would literally gag me on every run. These beans are perfection!

  17. Don't Fight the Apple, Eve

    I just bought the Caramel Oikos too. Haven’t tried it yet, but looking forward to today.


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