Good afternooooooon bloggies!

How in the heck are ya?!

5:45am Spin called my name this morning, which most certainly worked up a sweat…and called for some immediate caffeine release with Kim!

Thank you for being wondermous, Cafe Misto.

Since it was close to 8:00am and Targizzle was about to open across the street, Kim and I made our way over…and waited for the doors to be unlocked like rabid dogs waiting to pounce on a Black Friday Bargain.  Seriously….it felt “Super Market Sweep”-esque as we were running down the aisles with the lights not even turned on!  Fun times.

Managed to pick up a coffee grinder (score!), some cute new plates/bowl (scorer!), and the candy that should be illegal in all states yet holds a cholk hold on me at this time of the year. (scorest.)

There was another plate that was quickly washed and used for breakfast……MONKEYSSSSSS!!!!!

why do I feel like everything will taste better on this plate?!?!

Mr. Quaker, I love you……but today I dined with another.  The egg.

Made a 3 egg (2 yolk) scramble with some spinach…

Toasted up an english muffin, and voila.

Nice little change to the routine…sorry Mr Quaker, I know you get angry when I don’t consume you daily *hides*

(I found this online….not sure quite what it is, but I “WON’T” it…which is a way stronger word than want.)

Well, time for a snack, and to head for some Express Spin at the YMC-izzle.  It is gorgeous outside, which means I get to rock the GaGa shades.  Nice.

I leave you…..with the God Warrior.

DOARK SIDED!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t forget to enter for free chocolate.  Save an animal in the process.  Boo-yah.



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28 responses to “DOARK SIDED!!!!!!

  1. I haven’t had mini eggs in over a week. Maybe two weeks! GAH! I better go to the store. 🙂

  2. Oh my God…that woman is ca-ray-zuh!!! But I love her, and the giant gap in her front teefs.
    Love the Yum plates!! So cute!

  3. You’ll love that coffee grinder. I got one for Christmas and haven’t gone back. For your next purchase: get a milk frother if you don’t have one already. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE mine!

    • Im so stoked to try it out tomorrow morning with my Chocolate Cherry Kiss!!!! I def want a milk frother!!! I live for my Cafe Misto @ the Starbizzle…coffee with steamed skim milk. YUM!

  4. Love target and love the monkey plate!!!!!!!! Everything is better on fun plates!!!

    omg!! lol!! That quaker guy is scaring me!! He scares me like the burger king guy in the commercials!!! lol!!!!!

    I love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!


  5. Good looking breakfast! I ❤ eggs!

  6. From Party To Hearty

    mmm eggs and spinach! Quaker was mad at me yesterday too! I didn’t have oats for once, i actually had eggs. Ha we were thinking the same thing

  7. I saw those bowls/plates at target…and too fun running around when it’s barely even open!

  8. I love Target plates and bowls!!! I make myself avoid that section so I don’t come home with a new plate every time.

  9. Penny

    Dude, the God Warrior scared the crap out of me. I was waiting for her to shoot pea soup from her mouth and crawl around on the ceiling.

    LOVE your plates.

    I also love your fear of Mr. Quaker. 🙂 That always brightens my day.


  10. Yummm Cadbury’s mini-eggs!! I can’t wait until Lent is over so I can indulge 🙂

  11. Ashlei

    I love those new plates!! So cute! That quaker is scaaary!! Yikes!

    HIIT tomorrow?? 😀

    xoxoxox ❤

  12. ahhh, I love breakfast for dinner. So delish!

    And i LOVE those cute plates…must get those!!

  13. Sammi

    Thanks for posting that video. I havent spent way too much time today watching her episode of trading spouses

    all I have to say is…wow…

  14. Oh wow, I saw that episode with the crazy God warrior lady. I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair. I kid you not.

    And I gotta give you props for the “Supermarket Sweep” reference. I used to watch that show….insane. Now I feel old, lol.

  15. Why is Target so far away from my house? Those plates. So cute.
    Mmmmm Cadbury mini-eggs. Is there anything more heavenly than chocolate and caramel? I think not. Oh. wait. Chocolate and peanut butter and caramel. I hear Cadbury eggs go really well with oatmeal for a breakfast of champions, btw.

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