Deformed Squirrel Cookies FTW!

Today has been specifically focused around some new and delicious treats!

Since I Spin twice on Wednesdays, I always snack like a maniac.  Here was my pre-spin goodness…this one was pretty epic.  It used what will most certainly be my new BFF:

This spread + hot Millet toast =

Yep… was pretty much as amazing as it looked.  Dear.  Sweet.  Lord.  I have a new obsession, and it’s name is Millet Cake.  I swear it was like the best frosted cake you could imagine, in Millet form…and healthy!  Plus the whole snack was only around 170 calories!!!  (I used half a serving of the spread)

Headed to Spin for an AMAZING sweat session.  I love my 30 minute class because I really crank up the intensity so we can get a full hours worth of effects into 30 minutes.  They were moanin’ and groanin’ after song #1!

Worked the floor for a couple of hours when I was finished with Spin, where Kim was gracious enough to feed me a new bar to hold me over until lunch:

This was able to fend off the hunger demons until I got to go home and have a fantasmic lunch…and prepared dinner for later at work!  (treated Krucker to dinner tonight!)

This lunch was quick, fruity, and delicious.  Much like me. 😉

The cereal base was Annie’s Fruit Puffs and Brown Rice Cereal, mixed with a Pomegranate Chobani.  This was topped with strawberries/bananas, and sprinkled with cinnamon/chia seeds.  Can’t forget the Almond Butter blob!  So good!  The plate sums up how the dish tasted:

Also quickly got to work on a sandwich lunch!  I was hankerin’ for some grilled cheese action.  Started with Ezekiel Bread, and added some Jalapeno Hummus:

Then added some roasted asparagus (sheet pan, oven 375*, salt/pepper) and some natural provolone:

Time to grill!

Melty cheese goodness.

These barely made it to work, accompanied with some sweet potato fries!

Kim also stopped by Panera and got us our favorite soup!  Veggie with pesto, and a Hugh Jass wedge of whole grain baguette!

She also managed to sneak in a delicious bunny cookie!  Of course, it looks more like some sort of mutated flying squirrel.  But hey, you drizzle some icing over a cookie of any sort…and you could shape it like a Windex Bottle and I would be in lurv.

Had half of this cutie:

Thanks, Krucker!

I also may have saved a Koala.

You can win FREE Endangered Species Chocolate by entering my contest here! It is simple, and runs until Sunday night at midnight!



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32 responses to “Deformed Squirrel Cookies FTW!

  1. Wow grilled cheese with asparagus actually sounds really good. I am going to have to try that!

  2. Yummmmm-o! Your plate does describe that bowl quite well! I have yet to try that Dark Chocolate Almond Butter, but trust me…it’s on my list! And…I am buying Millet Bread at WF on Monday! What flavah do you suggest? 🙂

  3. Millet is my new obsession, but I think with that dark chocolate spread, it would turn into an addiction! Looks soooo good!! The asparagus sammie looks delish as well!

  4. Your food always looks so yumilicious!!

    Finally entered your giveaway – hope you like my fun pic of Fancy! 😉

    Windex bottle? LOL

  5. Thanks, Tyler! Oh, by the way…I am new reader/follower of your blog. Just letting you know. Great blog, by the way! 🙂

  6. bahaha i loved reading this…you crack me up 🙂 i think i might need to get my hands on some of that maranatha goodness STAT!

  7. alright, what’s better? the chocolate almond spread or nutella?

    did you make your sweet potato fries? because they looked incredible!

    Gah! I’m so hungry and it’s past midnight! I should be in BED!

    • I like the chocolate almond spread, plus I think it is slightly healthier. Give it a try, I promise it will not dissapoint!!!!

      10:00pm-12:00am are my WORST times for temptation food wise. I seriously wish I could just come home and go right to bed, but it is like my mind will not let me sleep hungry! I would chug water…but then I would just be up 18 times during the night.


  8. oh, p.s. your comment about your lunch totally cracked me up!

  9. Penny

    Ok, you are rapidly becoming my favorite blogger ever.
    Your food looks yummy. I live in Oklahoma. Wanna move here and cook for me??? 😉

  10. Ashlei

    I love your yum dishes 🙂 Basically summarizes all your AMAZING food you eat all the time!

    I want in on the grilled cheese-y goodness! See you tonight! 😀

  11. Oh my gaaawd, that koala is too freaking cute. I want to save him! I would totally get myself that chocolate almond spread, but I would eat it all too fast and then my ass would spread…even wider than it is now, if that’s possible! ha! 😉

  12. MUmmmm! Love love love love Panera!

  13. From Party To Hearty

    That grill cheese and cereal combo look amazing! Great eats!

  14. Oh my word….I am making it my mission in life to find that Dark Chocolate Spread!!! I LOVE MaraNatha’s AB.

  15. grilled cheese with asparagus! interesting! i just recently tried mine with broccoli…tasty tasty!

  16. Yes chocolate almond butter on millet is legitimately cake! And that asparagus sandwich looks perfect, perfect, perfect. Asparagus is soooooo good!

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  18. Jalapeño hummus sounds awesome! I have got to find some.

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