Heyyyy, Macaroon-ah.

*which is obviously being sing to the tune of Macarena, but I digress.*

Good afternoon bloggies!  How is Tuesday treating you?!

My breakfast this morning got started last night, as I took a lonely and almost empty jar of Trader Joe’s Almond Butter…

And added an arsenal of goodies to create some pretty bangin’ Overnight Oats In A Jar.

Star ingredient being of course chocolate themed:

The oats consisted of:

  • 1/2 Cup Oats
  • 1 Cup Almond Milk
  • 1 TBSP Polaner Peach Jam
  • 2 TBSP Chocolate Goji Lovin’ 😉
  • Dollop -o- Greek Yogurt
  • 1 Diced Red Pear
  • 2 TBSP Chia Seeds

Tucked those bad boys in and kissed them goodnight.

Through the magic of blog world (mind blowing, isn’t it?!) I fast forward to the morning, and the oats that were waiting to be shoveled into my face:

Nothin’ like some oat goodness on the road.

Waste not want not…do I know how to clean a jar of nut butter, or what?!?!

Breakfast, check.

Headed for my KidFit class which was hilarious.  We played “Musical Chairs” with the volume turned up.  They had to do jumping jacks/crazy dances as they jogged around the chairs.  It was high-larious.

Headed right to the YMCA after KidFit to sub a STEP class.  Considering I have no idea how to teach Step, they were subjected to weights/cardio/spin.  It was a very random, yet magnificent combo which produced massive groans/sweat.  Love it!  Also got to escape to Targizzle briefly with this cutie:

We “Y”……do you?!?!

Once it was finally time to briefly visit the casa, I was inspired by Ashlei to attempt a second round at my macaroons.  Last time I made them they were a bit dry, so I moistened it up a bit by adding an extra egg white, some Almond Milk, and RAW HONEY to the mixture.  This Raw Honey is seriously YAH-mazing.

Put those babies in the oven…

And ta-daaaaa!

I am being good, and taking them to work to have everyone taste test!  There may have been a couple that didn’t make it to the container.  They….um…..fell on the floor???  Yes, that’s it….they totally fell on the floor.  😉

Lunch was pretty epic too.  Consisted of left over Thai (veggie fried rice) and steamed broccoli goodness, all heated up:

It Wok’d my world.  (ba dum chiiiiiii)

Now it’s time for work!

Random Tyler fact:

I have been jamming this joint DOWN all day today belting this song out at the top of my lungs:

So my question is:

What is your favorite song/thing to do/sing when you are home alone?!?

PS…….want free chocolate?  Thought so.  Click here.



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31 responses to “Heyyyy, Macaroon-ah.

  1. Lady GaGa gets me everytime 😉

  2. Right now, I have Gia Warner (a local Detroit artist) and her new song stuck in my head.

    Love Makes It Alright


  3. From Party To Hearty

    I know i will be the only one who leaves this reply: I love rap!

  4. All of my baked goods fall on the floor, too 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh, what droolworthy overnight oats. Love the chocolate covered goji action!! I tend to belt out musicals when I’m home alone…high school theater nerds all the way!!

  6. Jamie

    Ingrid Morison (sp) song that is on the Halmark commerical… “I just want to be ok…be ok…be ok…” lol

  7. Right now I am jamming to this Whitney video! Aw hell yeah. Big ballads are always the funniest to belt out home alone. Nothing beats a good 90s Mariah ballad, or Always by Bon Jovi…so good.

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  9. Ashlei

    Thai last night (and spinning) wok’d my world too 🙂 I have a present for you (see twitter)! And made your oats (and blogged about it)! Can’t wait to dig into that baby in the morning!! Yayayay!

    I love Whitney Houston! Cooling down to her new cd yesterday was awesome. I love dancing around my apartment to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”….or Aqua ;-P You know how I roll.

    “Ohhhhhhhhh I wanna dance with somebody, I wanna feel the HEAT with somebody, yeeeeeeah I wanna dance with somebody, with somebody who looooooooves me”

    • YAY for OIAJ!!!!!!! The Goji berries in mine got all crispy overnight, it was amazinggggg!!! I love Wok’ing anyones world, especially in spin. We need to go to Jack’s soon, or Stir Fry!!!! So many fun adventures. We also need a fun night at your hizzy so I can drool over all your groceries/goodies.

      • Ashlei

        I love gojis!! Never had chocolate covered. I need to remedy that!

        What is this Jack’s you speak of? Agreed for Stir Fry! Do you like sushi? Oh my gosh, it’s been too long since I’ve had it. Seaweed salad…Mmmmmmmm

        Fun night at mi casa! You can see my doggie and sample your way through my food stash 😉 And see my kitchen love (the Vita Mix that is), plus the dehydrator (which you can borrow whenever…I trust you).

      • omg yes please, to all of it! Dogs, VitaMix, Dehydrator….oh my! 😉

        Jack’s is super yummy….just not sure about the whole gluten thing…we can call ahead! They have a veggie wrap to dieeeeeee for!

      • And I big puffy pink heart sushi. Anything fro Stir Fry is A-ok in my book. They have divine coconut sauce.

      • Ashlei

        Giggling my butt off over here at your comments like our fun frolic around Kroger.

        Is Jack’s the place your Y buddies were talking about? Wherever that is I want to go!

        I big pink puffy heart sushi too! Veggie rolls never get old. Never. Only been to Stir Fry once – please introduce me to this divine coconut sauce. 🙂

        Let me know when you want to come over! (Dinner – out or homemade! – and a movie night??) Weeeeeeee! 😀

      • Ashlei

        Could’ve just texted that, but 2 conversations are better than one 🙂

  10. tonjatoi

    My best cleaning sessions are not complete w/out some old skool Beastie Boys – Licensed to Ill. I even throw in the Brass Monkey dance if I’m certain none of the neighbors are looking my way. 🙂

  11. Ashlei

    P.S. Can I request Whitney Houston – I wanna dance with somebody OR songs from the Rent soundtrack for spin (Light My Candle, Out Tonight, and Take Me or Leave Me are my favorites!)?

  12. Overnight OIAJ??!! Oh my gosh, they look AWESOME!!

    And your rice/veggies bowl looks yumilicious, too!!! 😀

    Yay for macaroons! And I love raw honey, too – SO delish!

  13. That stir fry with broccoli looks amazing! What did you use for a sauce?

  14. haha i *just* made overnight oats in a jar and put it in my fridge for tomorrow! i go through nut butter like nobody’s bizniss.
    i love working with kids! they’re hysterical, especially when doing physical activities.
    You have TOTALLY inspired me to make macaroons. must. do. now.
    and… whn i’m home alone i really like to belt out musicals and lady gaga. yeah, big surprise.

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