Sweet Potato or Small Child. YOU be the judge.

Please look at this massive yam that Ashlei and I found at Kroger.

This was supposedly a yam, but I am not convinced that it wasn’t some un-identified Government run project.  SERIOUSLY MASSIVE.

4 Pounder!!!!

Lets rewind a bit.  On the way to teach my high school Yoga class, I snacked on my fav-o-rite Kind bar, and an apple of joy!

After a sweaty Yoga sesh, it was time to the YMCA to meet Ashlei for spin!  I was so stoked she came today!  We were both sweaty messes, and loved it!

It was then time for DINNER!  I decided to show Ashlei my favorite little Thai place…

I love this little place.  They always ask on a 1-3 scale how hot you want it, and I always say “as hot as it can possibly be made”  They most certainly didn’t let me down tonight.  I went with the Tomy Thai Fried Rice with Veggies…extra heat, and a delicious little kick from the cashews and pineapple:

This bad boy packed the heat!  Ashlei’s look delicious, too!

Once in the car, Ashlei rocked it out with my GaGa inspired shades….ra, ra, ahhh ah ahhhhhhhh…

And then we both headed home.  Boo!!!  What a great evening though, I love having a fellow healthy foodie/blogger/friend that lives so close to me!  Fun times all around!  Once home, I broke into a PRESENT that Ashlei brought me.  RAW macaroons anyone?!!?!

Alongside my favorite vanilla frozen yogurt…

*instant drool bath quickly commenced*

Ashlei, you ROCK.  These were amaaaaaaaazing, and it is almost worth me going out and buying a dehydrator outright if I know I can produce these on a daily (heck hourly) basis.  ❤ ❤ ❤

Now……….on to another Monday high note.

Who wants some free chocolate?!

Soon, I will be creating a thread simply with information on the Endangered Species Chocolate giveaway I am hosting.  All information can be found there and entries start tonight…and end on this Sunday, at midnight!  Stay tuned for that thread!  It’s a fun one!  😉

Question Of The Night:

When it comes to grocery stores…how much of your cart is healthy/organic?  Do you ever get questioned by the clerks?  When I am in a non-natural/health food store, it ALWAYS happens that as I am checking out the clerk has some smart remark like “Boy………YOU must eat healthy” with a negative connotation!  Why?!?!  It would be like a cashier ringing up the common disgusting cart full of crap and being like “WOW, your an unhealthy tub of lard!”  Either way, it is not good etiquette.  What are your thoughts?



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25 responses to “Sweet Potato or Small Child. YOU be the judge.

  1. Ashlei

    Oh thank you for letting me relive tonight through your photos! Bust out laughing again at that sweet potato!!! Hardest I’ve laughed in a good long time! I’m with you on the Government run conspiracy or something like that! Four pounds! FOUR! Sweet potato on steroids, anyone? Seriously amazing night!

    Tomy Thai = delicious! Can it be lunch tomorrow already? I will be digging into those leftovers!

    Instant drool bath indeed over your froyo! No fair! I definitely came home and ate THREE of those macaroons….with your amazing Pumpkin Butter! ❤

    If you ever want to borrow the Excalibur just holler! Free chocolate, yes please! And were you referring to the lady at the grocery store? Yeah, I hate that. I like veggies, and being healthy! So?

    Already thinking of our Tampa fun-ness: Universal, IMAX (Hopefully the dome one will have good movies!), FOOOOOOOD!, beach (if you want), painting dishes, and other stuff if you want!
    Rah rah rah-ah-ahhhhhhh!

    Aqua next spin class, please 😀 ❤

    P.S….love that you tagged this post "HUGE" ….as if size really matters, right?

    • Not so much the Kroger lady…I was thinking the Wal*Mart lady from today. She literally rolled her eyes and said I was “too healthy”. Maybe I should have said she was “too trashy” !!!! Huzzah!!!

      TAMPAAAAAAA!!!! I seriously cannot WAIT!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

      I will def add some Aquaness on the next spin CD, fo sho!!

      • And beach is a must!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ashlei

        Haha, “too trashy” indeed! You have amazing eats…she probably should’ve taken a page or two out of your book!

        Swimsuits!!!!! Hollllaaaaa! 😀 😀 😀 Bring on the sunshine!

        Let me know when you can sneak me into your classes and I’m so there! Mornings (M-F) are no good (except maybe Friday at your really early class…sometimes maybe if I can will myself out of bed…perhaps for some Starbizzle!).

        “My oh my, do you wanna say goodbye?
        To have the Kingdom, baby, tell me why?”

      • Here is my fa-VO-rite Aqua song…off their SECOND cd-izzle, which most people don’t even know about (!!!)

      • Ashlei

        Oh my gosh this song isn’t on my CD!! 😦

        It’s so you! *singing* “You know an apple a daayyyyy, will keep the doctor awayyyyy”

        Please burn me some CDs – or else we need to have a computer-music trade sesh. And I STILL need to show you about Flickr and Google Reader!

  2. holy crap that yam is massive!

    I’ve never had clerks make comments like that! But I do get comments from my coworkers all the time. And it got really annoying. So when they teased me about eating healthy, I starting teasing them about Krispy Kreme breakfasts and Taco Bell lunches. Maybe not nice, but I think they got the point and the rude comments stopped. Now they ask me for advice instead of judging blindly. 🙂

    • It’s only really bad when I shop at places where healthy food/shopping is in the minority aka Kroger or WalMart….it’s just frustrating, I suppose.

      Nice method to counteract it though!

  3. Matt

    Now that’s one big tater! My cart is always a rainbow of fresh healthy goodness. I’ve been asked about it a couple times, but usually just get stares of silent contempt…I’m used to it…lol. We’re the freaks…right?! 😀

  4. Holy crap! That is one big yam.

    I do the majority of my shopping at whole foods, so I never get comments like that, but it is rude. I feel like it must be out of jealousy…like the cashier sees you eating healthy, and perhaps sweating from a work out (hehe) and wishes they could do the same…?

    I get comments form co workers when I eat fruit or something else that’s healthy…they say “oh look at you, being so good!” it makes me feel so guilty when on the rare occasion someone brings in a treat and I have some. Like they’ll make a comment that I’m being “bad” or something.

  5. I get the healthy comments from everyone, even my parents. It gets really old really fast. YES I EAT HEALTHY.

    • I know!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh, people are crazy. Part of me thinks that they are angry that they don’t eat healthy…so they take it out on the people that do!

      One of my moms famous lines around the house:

      “I want something sweet, AND NOT ORGANIC!”


      • Ashlei

        My mom is all about the organic! She totally rocks 🙂 Can’t wait for you to meet her when we go to Tampa! Yay for her letting us take her car 😀

  6. tonjatoi

    I have had a couple cashiers make comments but never rude – it’s a small town and Starbucks is inside the Fry’s (Kroger) so most of the clerks know/recognize me. The worst has been along the lines of – Wow $3 for a bar or that’s alot for one piece of fruit (I picked up a $5 star fruit yesterday). But c’mon I pay almost $4 for a latte. I’m more shocked at what people pay to smoke cigarettes – are you kidding me???? a carton is half way to a new pair of shoes.

  7. Oh my gosh, what a FUN post!

    That sweet tater is INSANE!!!! LOL

    Rude cashiers? Yeah, I get it all the time. And would you believe I rarely EVER get a cashier at a grocery store who knows what napa cabbage is? They almost always think it’s bok choy!! If they don’t think it’s bok choy, they have to ask me what it is… And then they think I’m weird ’cause I eat it.


    Oh, well. All I can say is they don’t know what they’re missing!! 😀

  8. Natalie

    I believe that was actually Mr. Potato Head and not a yam. ha ha!!! Put a face on that bad boy 🙂 Love you Tyler Bob!

  9. @ Terri and Tyler. The same thing happened to me at work when I started eating healthier. One of my co workers made chocolates for Fat Tuesday or something and another one looked at me and said “Oh, but you can’t have any since you are doing this new healthy kick.” Now I’m getting comments on my food. “Oh is that your “Oats in a Jar” thing.”

    You right it is annoying simply because who’s business other than yours regarding what you eat. Granted we are blogging about it, but that is so we are accountable to ourselves.

  10. From Party To Hearty

    I agree. Clerks always comment on my eats because I guess they are so used to seeing TV dinners that it is uncommon now for people to eat such healthy foods. That chocolate giveaway is absolutely amazing! I will definitely post a pic of my dog or something. And did you buy that sweet tater because that was massive?!

  11. I just found your blog through Ashlei’s, sounds like you guys had quite the adventure at Kroger!! That sweet potato is massive, though I’m fairly sure I could still eat it in one sitting 🙂

    I get SO MANY comments from cashiers. The worst was “you’re already skinny, why are you on a diet?” Um, hello, just because I eat fruits and vegetables it doesn’t mean I’m on a diet! So frustrating. Enjoy your day and can’t wait to read more!!

  12. Ahh I love it!! I always get my food as spicy as possible too 🙂 It’s the only way to go, obviously.

    But ah I totally would have purchased that sweet potato! It would make quiteee the plate of sweet potato fries!

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