Sunshine. I heart you.

Another day in beautiful Augusta, GA!

Woke up this morning, and headed down for a fruit/carb overload…which is such my style it’s not even funny!

Round one…..ding, ding, ding!

Annnnnnd two.

With a belly full of fruit and pastry goodness….it was time for a nice walk in the beauuuuutimous weather of Georgia!

I wanted to run SO badly that it was not even funny.  I have one more week of no running to go, via the Physical Therapist.  Darn you, bum knee!  I will say…since I have taken off running, and been doing my strength/isolation exercises for the hip…no knee pain!  So maybe it is working it’s magic after all.  We saw some amazing scenery!

After a nice walk, it was time for some YMCA sponsored shenanigans at their local Y.

Best part of warm weather?!?!?!

Iced. Coffee. Wonderland.

Oh Venti Iced Coffee with Skim Milk….how I have missed thee.


Fresh Market/Earth Fare=happier.

Where my was found, and bought.  This brings back memories from dear Florida!!!

And we still have Earth Fare…Mall Madness…and PF Changs to go!  There also may be some ice cream in pajamas involved (see my last post), hey…I will do just about anything for free ice cream.  Lucky for them I don’t sleep in the nude….jus’ sayin’.

Happy Saturday bloggers!

PS…I have no Mystery Box Picture to update/tease you with (it will be revealed on Monday!) so here is your clue:

10% can really add up.



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6 responses to “Sunshine. I heart you.

  1. From Party To Hearty

    Ughh I still cannot guess what’s in the box… Guess I will have to wait. Have a good time tonight!

  2. No pancakes at that hotel? What the hell?

  3. I *love* Georgia and I *love* buffets. Have a great time!

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