“I’m anal about my gas!!!!”

That would be the quote of the day, when I was talking about how paranoid I was since I ran out of gas a couple of weeks ago like baffoon.  Kim and Christie thought it was hilarious that both “anal” and “gas” were used correctly in a sentence without the intended hilarity that ensued.

When last we left….we were en route for an Earth Feezy trip in the beautiful Georgia sun.  (lord it sounds like some Superhero show montage)

Go ahead and get jealous of the jorts, right here and now.

Kim found a fun veggie for posing.

And I think we are all passed the point of needing an intervention for love of a certain crispy pirate’s hind quarters…

And I finally brought down and bought it…

The thought of a fermented, raw, tea had me apprehensive to say the least.

I gotta say……..this was NOT good times.

The flavor was odd, and vinegary.  It also was wayyyyy to carbonated for my liking.  I understand all the healthy benefits, and perhaps I just got the wrong flavor.  Between all the bad’s I listed, plus the gunk floating around (I know, I know…it’s good for me…calm down)….I was simply not.a.fan.  I rarely have to force myself to finish something, and this definitely took some “Fear Factor”-ish encouragement from Kim and Christie for me to chug this bad girl down.  *shutter*

What better to clense the pallet then my precious Chia?!?!?  Had this amaaaazing Chia bar to make up for the lack luster Kombucha aka Kombarfa.

Dear Chia,

Thank you for being extremely delicious, and for not being full of nutritional loogies like your Kombucha cousin.


Blogger Boy


Time to shop!!

Whilst we patiently waited on dinner…we hit up Barnes & Noble to kill some time!  Got some good reads in!

Also found a health magazine where I found some new torture devices for my classes next week.  Muhahahahha

And when you see this fancy equine….it can only mean one thing…

P.F. Chizzle!

We started off with a fantastic veggie lettuce wrap appetizer!

That was able to calm the hunger beast until the main course arrived…

Veggie + Coconut + Lurv.  It was an obvious choice for the Coconut Curry Vegetables, with steamed brown rice…and a side of garlic spinach.  Get really to be realllly jealous.


Abra, Kadabra….1, 2, 3!

My stomach is a food magician!!!  Who knew.

Love the Chang.

Also love my new GaGa shades I picked up!

And ALSO loved (noticing a pattern here???) some dark chocolate and dried kiwi goodness once we got back to the room!

Someone completely awesome gave this bar to me.  Can’t for the life of me remember who it was.  😉

Well, a fabulous day down in “Joe-Jah” is complete.  Time for bed!  I am full of some sort of mixture of Kombucha (ehh.), Chinese Lovin’ (yum.), and Choco/Kiwi goodness (yum squared)

On that note….Saturday is OVAH!  Night bloggies.

What is YOUR experience with Kombucha? What is a healthy food/drink that you have had high expectations for, but turned out to be EPIC fail(s)?!?!



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30 responses to ““I’m anal about my gas!!!!”

  1. Ashlei

    I love the little goobs floating around in the kombucha 🙂 Yum yummmmm! Love the Gaga shades! And that chia bar. And the Chang’s. Not so much with the new torture workouts (Jillian Michael’s does those and I haaaaate them….hate….but I will do them if you make me Thursday)…

    Have fun in Georgia! We need to make plans so I can meet Emily! So much to do 🙂

  2. oh no! i’m so bummed you didn’t like the kombucha! I got a flavor tonight that I’m actually not crazy about but you tried my favorite flavor. 😦

  3. I really tried to love kombucha, but in the end, the ‘loogies’ got the best of me as well! I didn’t like it, but I gave it a try twice. Other than that, I’ve loved every other nasty combination. I even love how wheat grass tastes!

    Looks like a fun trip!

  4. found you thru ashlei’s blog…she’s a doll and I LOVE your sense of humor…kombarfa, god we’re gonna be BFF’s 🙂

  5. Misty

    I can barely stomach LOOKING at kombucha, so I’m glad that I’m not the only one who finds it unappetizing.

    The latest healthy thing I tried and hated was one of those Bumble Bars you had recently – I tried one last night, and let me just say….BLECH.

  6. I must admit, I’m a huge kombucha fan, it had me at first sip. I’ve even had home grown kombucha from restaurants in NYC and when it comes to purchasing the tea, the bigger the scoby the better 😉 But I can understand it’s not for everyone.

    Also, I attempted to to eat at P.F. Chang’s tonight, but the wait was too long and my hunger could not wait. Ended up at a wonderful restaurant nevertheless.

    • You are brave. I think honestly the high amount of carbonation was an immediate turn off. My body is used to nothing but water, so it went into freak mode at first sip. Yuck-a-doo. We had about an hour wait but the buzzer reached to the Barnes and Noble, where we read some books to kill time! Twas nice!

  7. I understand your displeasure with the Kombucha. I actually put mine in my huge 32oz water bottle, filled that up with ice and shook the hell out of it. It help to cut down the tang, which I didn’t mind. My problem with it is that it’s so darn expensive.

    Your PF Chang meal looks yummy. There’s one right around the corner from the gym I go to after work. On my way home, I’m always tempted to pull straight into their parking lot! I love the lettuce wrap appetizer.

    • I may be able to stomach it using that method, I may give it another go…EVENTUALLY. lol I need to let my stomach calm first.

      I love it, but I am glad that it isnt closer to home or I would be broke.

  8. Kombucha is highly disgusting. I shook it before I opened it and it exploded it’s nastiness everywhere and it wasn’t even worth drinking. I was so grossed out. Puke!

  9. From Party To Hearty

    hmm i was actually going to pick up a kombucha today because I never tried it. Maybe a different flavor will be better. I am going to get one of those raw food bars. I’ll let you know how it is!

  10. I actually thought the Kombucha was pretty good! Maybe I forced myself to like it because it was like 3 dollars or something?

    Haha how did the ice cream date in your PJ’s go?

    • Yes, the price plus the health benefits made me chug it, HOWEVER, it was forced. *shutter*

      We didn’t make it to ice cream, unfortunately. Had some dark chocolate and kiwi to calm my sweet tooth, though. 😉

  11. oooh you have to tried the Ginger Kombucha!! Oh and I tried PF Changs for the first time on my trip to the USA couple of weeks ago too. Almost ordered exactly what you ordered. As us Aussies say…NOICE 🙂

  12. tonjatoi

    I have had a Synergy Trilogy Kombucha in my refridg for about a month now – can’t bring myself to take the plunge. I am gonna have to try the shaken with ice method described above when I finally get the nerve. There is no way I am letting almost $4 go to waste.

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