Hello, Augusta!

Happy Friday!  What a day!  We are now in Augusta at our hotel, which is supposed to be HAUNTED.  Check it.

Lets rewind a bit to lunch where I met the wondermous Ashlei for my first taste of Indian goodness, evah!

I had strict orders from the beautiful Gina to get the Baingan Bartha which is a spicy eggplant dish, with the whole wheat n’aan

So many options!!!  Loved eating with Ashlei….so fun being with another blogger!

In no time, the food arrived!!!  Complete with the n’aan, and some amazing jasmine rice!

Fannnnnntastic.  Seriously even better than I thought it would be!  Thanks for suggesting this, Ashlei and Gina!!!  You guys rock!  Lunch with a blogger is so much fun…we decided to extend it a bit and hit up TJMaxx for some random goodies!

Who knew TJMaxx had random organic goodies?!?!  I got some Raw Honey…a bar, and some sports beans!  Random yet super fun shopping!  Ashlei also brought me some delicious cookies and soy sauce, thanks Ash!!!

It was then time to head for Georgia!!!!

It was time to bid farewell to the mountains, and say hello to GREEN grass and flat land…nice change of pace.  Didn’t hurt that it was around 70* outside!

Snacks were involved in this journey.  😉

This is by far my hands down favorite bar of any kind.  I could eat it daily and never grow tired of it.  Fo realz.

We also split the new Bee Bar I picked up today…the flavor was…interesting.  Still not sure how I felt about this bar.

Christie and Kim agreed it was odd.  They both thought it was bird food-esque.

Lackluster snack was replaced by the snack to end all snacks. (snack, snack, snack.) hahaha

Cup holder transitioned itself into the perfect Booty Catcher.

Between the snacks and horse laughing, we were there in no time!  Please check out why America is extremely overweight.

You call it fusion cuisine, I call it “Stroke Buffet!”

However, this beauty gave me hope (and shopping ideas for tomorrow)…

So close, yet so far away!!!

By the time we got to the hotel, we were famished!  Did I mention that this bad boy is supposedly haunted by some Emily chick?!?!?!  No, not MY Emily…some ancient ghost Emily.  😉

Did you find her, Kim?!?!

We headed downtown in a search for some dinner!

Nacho Mama!!!!!

We all decided this place looked pretty nifty, plus the fact that we were all about to eat our own faces.  We decided to stay. 🙂

I decided to break the rules, and create my own Quesadilla with zucchini, spinach, mushrooms, and onions!

this baby was loaded UP with veggies.  They knew me all too well.  😉

Gotta love downtown antics…that involve faux tattoo bodies…


What better to end a night with (more fun than tattoo cut outs??!) than ICE CREAM!

I got a small cake batter/cookie dough.  Droll. WORTHY, people!

This is one of those things where you just need to get the real deal.  Make it small, and keep it delicious.

PS, we MAY or may not be coming back tomorrow in our pj’s.

Sweet dreams, bloggies!



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13 responses to “Hello, Augusta!

  1. From Party To Hearty

    lol that Bee bar does look like bird-food, good description. I will definitely pick up one of those raw food bars if I see them at whole foods this weekend! I’ll trust you on the taste if you could eat them daily.

  2. Ashlei

    My Bee Bar totally rocked! You definitely should’ve gone with the chocolate. Thoughts on the honey? I love the little cartoon character on the jar 🙂 Lunch today was incredible – hope I didn’t talk your head off. Blogger meet ups are so fun! Katie wants to meet up with us so bad (and us with her of course). I hope we can make this happen sooooon (and Tampa! You were right…some flights are down to $19.99!)

    I hope you take pics in your jammies if you go back to Bruster’s 😉

    • I know right?!?!?! SO cheap and yes we need to plan it asap, I am ready. You could NEVER talk my ear off, haha, I hope I didn’t talk YOURS off. 😀

      • Ashlei

        No way! You could NEVER talk my ear off either! $19.99 each way is what I’m talking about…cheap vacations are the way to go…travelling at least, so we can spend our money on deeeeeeelicious food! Nom nom nom

        Disappointed there was no p’jammie photo.

      • Kim said sometimes the flights even get down to $9.99!!!!!!! Holla.

      • Ashlei

        Hollaaaaa!! I hope so 😉 Will keep my eyes on them!

  3. I LOVE Bruster’s! There used to be one where I went to college! ho man I miss it so bad! I’m totally jealous of your 70 degree days in GA!

  4. Damn that quesadilla is LOADED. Looks delicious!

    Have a fun weekend!

  5. JB

    The food at Sahib looks amazing. So does the veggie quesadilla! The next time I go to EarthFare I am going to buy myself a bag of Pirate Booty. I’ve never tried it and you are always raving about it on here. Hope you are having fun in Georgia!

  6. You got to meet Ashlei?! Eeeek!

    Wow. Looks so fun.

    And bird food? LOL – Maybe Brittany would love that bar (from http://www.eatingbirdfood.com). 😉

    Lotsa fun in the blogosphere – enjoy the sunshine!

  7. i’m so glad you liked the baigan bhartha as much as i do 😀 looks like a perfect feast.
    hope you have a great night ❤

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