To blow….or not to blow.

…..that, is the question.

I have done two spin classes today, and had fan issues.  More at the end -o- the post, and I am looking for blogger input!

Breakfast today was non-oatmeal related!!!!  I know, I know…it is scary.  Don’t worry though, I did manage up to whip up some deliciousness.

I picked up some new English Muffins that I wanted to try, and decided I was in the mood for some eggs!

I love how dogs want everything, including raw eggs.

Scrambled the egg up in a pan with some Natural Cheese Blend.  You haven’t lived until you have had cheese eggs, c’mon people.

Got some fruit goin’…

To top the muffins, I used my homemade Organic Pumpkin Butter that my friend Matt made, and some Polaner!

And, yes…I am that guy who puts ketchup on his eggs!

Deeeeeeeeeeeee-friggin-licious.  Seriously, amazing breakfast!  I was proud.  Mr. Quaker, I love you….and I will see you tomorrow.  Why do I feel like I have cheated on my spouse, by NOT having oatmeal today?!?!  I feel like he is staring at me from across the room, with a hidden yet detectable evil glare.

He knows I ate eggs, and he is angry.  Look at that grin.  *shutters*

Moving on!

A snack was my favorite Z-Bar before my second Spin class of the day:

To which I came back (covered in sweat!) and whipped up a nice, fresh, fruity lunch.  Again, I am the carb/fruit/sugar KING, and will scream it from the mountains if I must!

It was cereal/fruit bowl time!  Started out with a Chia Pudding base.  I mixed 1 TBSP of Almond Butter with 1 Cup Almond Milk, and whisked it together..

I let this little concoction get nice and thick (the Chia seeds absorb SO much water) while I chopped up a mango, and some strawberries:

Added half a cup each of my two new cereals for the week:

To the thickened “pudding” I added the cereal, and the fruit:

Both of these get two huge thumbs up.  I have never had an Annie’s product  that I haven’t loved and/or scarfed down instantly.  The brown rice tasted like rice krispies, and even had the bowl of goodness singing to me!  😉  Added a DASH of cinnamon.  (yea right.)

Yummy in my yummy.  Fo realz.

Moving on to the title of this post…

In my 5:45am spin class we have these gigantic, AIRPLANE powered jumbo fans that freeze me, as well as practically blow me off my seat.  They are also so audibly loud, that I have to max out the music just so people in the back of the class can hear it.  I have a couple of people who turn the fan on before we even warm up or mount our bikes!  Needless to say, I do not even sweat in class, and freeze the entire time.

Fast forward to my class today at the YMCA.  We have a rule.  If you get hot/sweaty/uncomfortable…get up, and turn the fan on.  If it gets extreme…prop open the door with a weight.  This system works so much better because  I feel like I sweat more, and when I sweat more…I work harder!  There is no better feeling than sweat dripping down my nose, to really get my class going for the day.  Also, even if we do have the fans on, they are smaller…and therefore not hurricane blasting winds like at my other gym.

So what I am asking you guys is this:

Regarding fans (spin class, other classes, workouts in general)…….to blow or not to blow?!?!  What are your opinions on this?



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31 responses to “To blow….or not to blow.

  1. frompartytohearty

    I love spin classes because they are so intense and work up a great sweat! Your eats look so good! I just started blogging monday and I will be following you because it is a very interesting read! I can tell you like cereal and I am giving some away if you’re interested?

  2. Surprise, surprise…I like ketchup on my eggs too. I kid you not. Ketchup and peppa!
    If you are the king of carbs/sweets/fruits/ then I am your Queen.

    I used to love having the fan on during spin because I felt all stuffy in there and was afraid of over heating and dying, but one class we left it off and to my surprise, I didn’t die. However, I think it’s different in the summer when it’s super hot out. And I doubt it’s that hot in your spin room at 5:45 so I wouldn’t see a need for a fan…maybe next class get there super early and when the class gets there take a fan poll.

    • Oh Em Gee, I am SO shocked that we both like ketchup-ee eggs. 😉 What don’t we have in common?!?! Besides being in the same state which must change asap!

  3. chau

    i have never been to a spin class. Would be nice if i have a more congruent, consistent schedule to stick to. Just writing to say that I am one of those who eats eggs with ketchup 😛

  4. For spin classes I do like fans, but ours are tiny and pretty high up and move around, so they just keep the air circulating. Otherwise, I can’t stand fans.

    When I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to walk to my gym, I’ll go to the one located in my building. They also have industrial fans so even if the person 3 away is using the fan I can feel it and freeze for a good 15 minutes. It also makes it harder for me to feel my breath and get into a rhythm. If I wanted to freeze during my workout I would run outside!

  5. you forgot about st patty’s day? so i guess the pic of you in a kilt is a no-go? :/
    love the chia combo- looks amazing!
    in my classes, i will not touch the fan unless we’re sweating, dying and my class is begging. otherwise, i keep it a heat box. i like to be a sweaty beast at the end of my classes!

  6. I am eating my favorite cereal as I type this (Peace brand Vanilla Almond) and wondering what it’d be like if eaten in a manner similar to yours…..I may have to try that.

    As for fans – I LOVE fans. I cannot sleep without our ceiling fan on. Now, when it comes to working out, that’s another story. I’ve never been to any exercise class, but I would love it if there were fans. I would like the rule you have at the YMCA, but not the other one. I think that starting off a workout freezing is bad. I would imagine it makes warming up the muscles even harder.

    I would have to eventually turn on a fan once I get hot because I get hives (not a common issue, I know) when I get overheated…but a fan helps.

    Maybe you could wear layers to the airplane fan gym to avoid freezing. But, that’s kind of a pain, too…

    • LOL @ “airplane fan gym” but it totally is!!!!

      Yea, I don’t mind the fan so much…but having it before we even MOUNT the bikes is sort of annoying, and cold!

  7. Ashlei

    I like the second policy better! I don’t like to freeze but really like to work up a sweat!!

  8. Is there a reason you don’t use real eggs? All of the nutrition is in the yolk FYI. And they taste better 😉

    I HATE the fans at gyms. I feel like I am working harder when I am sweating!

    • I am just so used to buying those eggs, and they are super tasty. I don’t mind real eggs at all…just ❤ that brand.

      I think the consensus is no fan. Which makes me happy.

  9. Matt

    I !HATE! the fans. It’s intense cardio *exercise* people…you are supposed to sweat…a lot. I don’t mind the door being opened after we get warmed up, but I want to clean up a puddle around my bike when we’re finished. Great spin today BTW. 😛

    • EXACTLY! I want that sweat dripping from my nose, dang it. Thanks!!!! I love that 30 minute class! I try to make it a smidge more intense than the hour. Did it work!?

  10. NO FANS! Mainly because once I start sweating and then a fan blows on me I get cold and I hate that!

    • Amen sister!!! They had the fans going so strong this morning, I couldn’t even START to sweat, let alone be cold from it. *pouts* The Express Spin class made up for it though. So <3.

  11. My dad keeps wanting me to go to a spin class with him…he’s pursuing certification as an instructor now and wants me to try it out. I’m scared!!

  12. I wish that my gym wouldnt turn the fans on until we get hot. I feel like I dont really get sweating because of all of the fans!!

  13. No blow! I hate the fan in class. We are there to sweat people!!!

  14. heather

    I am just AHHH MAAAAAZED you ate EGGS !!!! Woohooo … Go Tyler Go Tyler ….. it was this post that inspired me to get 2 Gooooorgeous Mangos to eat tomorrow ……
    I’m also going to try one of your oatmeal creations …. i will definately let you know how it goes …
    I’m off to search your posts for yummy oatmeal … AND a protein shake … going to have that after my date with the treadmill in the morning …. he’s hot and waiting on me … 🙂 🙂
    Hope you had fun at the movie !!!
    Heart you – mean it – let’s do lunch !! 🙂

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