Mystery Box!

Happy Wednesday!  Hope everyone is having a superb middle of the week!

Look what arrived on my doorstep today!  Oh, UPS man…how I love thee.

What is that bit of greenness peaking out for the blog world to see?!?!

You will just have to wait.  It is sooooooo good though.  Going to be totally worth the wait.  😉

Headed into work today with a little jump in my step thanks to the delivery.  Dinner was going to be a random mix of snacks because I am movie bound tonight!  Alice in 3D! (Yes, again)

I need to scratch out “for babies” and change it to “for blogger boys”

This, plus my favoriteeeeee granola:

And some chocolate goodness got mixed together for snackage:

“Dinner” was comprised of a jumbo bag of broc/carrots…and some dip of joy that I threw together:

  • Hummus
  • Refried Beans
  • Salsa
  • Natural Cheese


I have this to look forward to in just a bit during the movie!

And you know I have to save some sort of endangered animal:

Well…off to movie land!  Later bloggies!

Stay tuned tomorrow for another tease of the mystery box.  I gotta draw this one out for a while, it is that good!!!  🙂

I’m sneaking in a Nalgene full of water…Pirate Booty, and chocolate into the movies…what is your favorite movie treat(s)?!?!



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16 responses to “Mystery Box!

  1. Ashlei

    You’re such a tease! I want to know what’s in the box 😉 I wish I could read the label on the box….heh!

    Favorite movie snacks: larabars, almond butter and jelly sammies, carrots, chocolate or any combo of the above! And water of course 🙂 Love that you’re sneaking your Nalgene in. You’re way too cool!

    I still need to see Alice! I’ve heard it’s so good.

  2. What is it??? I can’t handle the suspense!

    I love Junior Mints for a movie. Sue me. 😉 But if I’m sneaking stuff in, totally popcorn with nutritional yeast or cocoa covered almonds.

    • hahaha, Junior Mints instantly remind me of Seinfeld.

      My “traditional” and fat city movie treat includes a GREASY popcorn, and Bunch-A-Crunch…INSIDE the popcorn. Ohhhhh yea, baby.

  3. SECRETS DON’T MAKE FRIENDS. Tell me what is in that at once!!

  4. From Party To Hearty

    Gotta love surprise packages! If you’re a fan of endngered species, try out the forest mint flavor. It’s so good! That would be my movie treat.

  5. I like to sneak a bag of peanut butter pretzels in the movies 😉

  6. Tell us, por favor! I wanna know what’s in the mystery box. I hate suspense!

    Hmm, I never really sneak food into theaters. But, I have nibbled on a few granola bars from time to time. Sometimes I snack on pretzels in Pre-Cal class…does that count?

  7. Why is veggie booty so freaking good? Gosh I want some now.

    I love sneaking snacks into the movie. I feel so rebellious.

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