It’s Monday, Monday.  😉

I hope everyone is off to a swimming start this Monday morning!  This started me off on the right track:

Hot Chocolate Oats!

  • 1/2 Cup Oats
  • 1 Cup Chocolate Almond Milk
  • 1 TBSP Cocoa Powder
  • 1.5 TBSP Chia Seeds

Nuked that bad boy for 2.5 minutes, and then topped with a sliced nana…some dried fruit (powerberry blend):

It was a chocolate dream come true!

Perfect jump start!

Also, look who has taken over the living room:

It was most certainly a rarity to fit them all in one photo.  I swear, the life of a dog is like my dream come true.  They eat, sleep, and repeat.

It was then off to the YMCA for Express Sculpt which I think is also building a nice little following, which is always nice!  The more the merrier!  It is tough fitting all muscle groups into a 30 minute session…today went something along these lines:

  • Squats with heavy bar on shoulders.  Various counts.  Lots of low pulses and holds
  • Chest Press with squat weight on the bar.  Various counts.  Lots of “up 6, down 2” and vice versa.
  • Lateral lying leg raises (classic Jane Fonda style)
  • And yep, I was wearing a similar outfit.
  • Walking Lunges with bar held on shoulders -or- in Overhead Press Position
  • No weight, shoulder “circles” with fists in ball.  Arms are held out to the side, with small circles.  We did 100, then reversed for 100, then reversed for 100 more.  O-U-C-H.
  • Abs/Cooldown

It was niiiiiiice and sweaty.  Just the way we like it!

Headed home for some lunch inspiration and of course, found some fruit and carbs.  😉

I wanted a classic fruit and cereal bowl…but I was out of Greek Yogurt (that has to be fixed, asap).  Instead, I took some fat free cottage cheese, Polaner Strawberry Jam, and Almond Butter…and made the “sauce”

Have I mentioned how much I love, love, loooove my little personal blender???  It’s perfect for single serving things like this.  It also makes a mean Green Monster, and Protein Drinks/Smoothies!  Blended the sauce, then added the kiwi and nectarine:

Next, the cereal…and mixed the madness together!

Again, it is meals like these that make me convinced that I am:

A) Obsessed with carbs/fruit/sugar

B) Happy.  😉

I am bringing a bag of broccoli the size of Rhode Island to snack on later….so I can still get my veggie on.  Plus, I think there may be a veggie pizza in my immediate future tonight….hmmmmm…

Well…one class down, and two to go.  Gotta jet off to do some High Schooler fitness (hmmmm, I think I will make them sprint today muhahahahaha) and then teach spin @ 5:30!  Love me some Monday night spinnage!  (not to be confused with spinach…hardy har har.)




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21 responses to “Mon-dizzle.


    And now i’m tempted to have another batch for lunch…with lots of chocolate 🙂

    • hahahahaha do it!!!! I always want to double up on the ole oatmeal. It gets such a bad wrap! It is seriously my favorite thing to just get in there and try different oat combos! People are missing out!

  2. What brand is that personal blender you mentioned?? I was just thinking that my blender is too big and bulky and wish I had a smaller one.

    I also have a question for you about the classes you teach. Do you work out with them? I imagine you do, since that’s the idea, but I was wondering how many actual workout sessions you end up doing in a day? I assume it is more than the average person would be doing in one day. I was just wondering 🙂

    • Oh yea, I workout just as hard as I would expect the class to workout. There are somedays when I teach up to 4 classes, so I just incorporate more food, which needless to say…isn’t hard. Also, being a vegetarian, I have to find other sources of protein to keep me going like beans, supplements, protein powder, nut butters, and nutritional yeast!

      The blender is Hamilton Beach brand, here is a link to amazon: I picked mine up at Wal*Mart for around $15.00, I believe.

      And as far as workouts on a daily basis my schedule is like this:

      Mondays: Express Sculpt, Yoga (twice), Spin
      Tuesdays: KidFit Cardio (my easy day)
      Wednesday: 5:45am Spin, 12:15pm Spin
      Thursday: KidFit Cardio, Total Body HIIT
      Friday: 5:45am Spin
      Saturday: On these days I either do two spin classes (one at YMCA, the other at my other gym) or I do spin and Weekend Warrior which is a 75 minute weights/cardio class
      Sunday: Spin

      Thats it, in a nutshell!

  3. Soooo…who could have a bad week when they kick off Monday morning with hot chocolate oats? Smart boy. And I still have leftover oats from this morning…I spy dessert.

    “It was most certainly a rarity to fit them all in one photo. I swear, the life of a dog is like my dream come true. They eat, sleep, and repeat.” <—– I say both of these things about my cats

  4. Have you always been this creative with your food, or just since starting a blog?? You have fabu ideas and make pretty food 🙂

    ps – I have that same outfit, but in lime green and purple! what are the odds??! 😉

    • If by creative you mean throwing random ingredients together and hoping for the best, then yes. hahahaha I have always been “creative” My mantra is SIMPLE things that taste delicious. I don’t have time for long, time consuming meals. Keep it simple, and keep it yummy!

      I knew you would be a fan of the outfit somehow. bwahahaha

  5. OMG I can’t even stand that cutest! I can’t believe you got all 3 in one pic 🙂

  6. Ashlei

    You’re so silly you crack me up! Are you goingto wear the Jane Fonda suit Thursday? Haha. Might scare some people off! Definitely got an image of that in my head…

    Your pups are so cute too. I didn’t realize you had three! And your sculpting is awesome with the pulses. Can’t wait!

  7. Really hot chocolate oats…brilliant! 🙂

  8. Too funny! I posted a Jane Fonda picture last week, perhaps on Friday. 🙂

  9. Mmmm, I think I may be in love with that breakfast. What a Fabulous way to start off the week.

    Love the puppie true how hard it is to get multiple dogs in one picture!!

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