Mellow Monday

Well, I finally made it to the Mellow Mushroom tonight!

First…it was time for my High School class, today we walked/ran laps outside since it was so nice out!  Snacked on my broccoli en route:

I made a hummus/refried bean dip for dippage!  Totally yummy.

I also made a yummy chocolate/chia protein shake so that I could have it post-spin later…in my favvvvvorite shaker bottle:

This prevents the protein from lumping…genius!

Headed to a VERY crowded YMCA.  It tends to look like this on Monday evenings:

(Ok, this is a picture from rabid Black Friday shoppers, but you get the idea…it was crowded, ok?!?!)

Needless to say Spin was full, and phenomenal.  Loooooove Monday nights!

After class I was pretty much ready to up root a treadmill or two and eat them, the hunger was intense!  With Maggie at my side, we decided it was time to finally check out the Mellow Mushroom!

This place is fantasmic.

The company wasn’t too shabby either.

She’s a saucey booze hound.

PS can we just talk for a bit about how insane our waitress was?!?!  We couldn’t decide if she was just extreeeemely out of it, or had suffered from prolonged drug use.  She called Maggie a “young ‘mam” and told us random stories about people being killed by grizzly bears….which resulted in the quite sound of crickets being heard in the background as Maggie and I stared at her like she had lobsters coming out of her ears.

Enough of the insane people…bring me some PIZZA!

Megga Veggie?!?!  Need we look any further?!

I may have had a piece….

Or two……..

…………………………………or three.

Cue me being about to burst with pizza lovin’

Did I mention that my favorite part is the crust?!?!  The people who leave the crust need to be punished to the full extent of the law!  Off with their heads!

Not too shabby of an evenin’.  🙂

If you look close enough, I think you can actually *see* my Pizza Baby that I am currently carrying.

Whats better than pizza for dinner?!?!  How about some amazing dessert when I got home?

Heated the Vita Top….sliced it in half…and made a sandwich to end all sandwiches.

Just seeing the picture makes me want another one!  Daaaaaaaaang son, this was pretty ballin’  😉

While I was at the Mellow Shroom I had a chance to jot out my version of a grocery list.  I am going to the gym EARLY tomorrow to meet Emily and Kim, and then popping over to the Earth Feezy….what am I missing bloggies?!?!  Any fun grocery ideas?!



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23 responses to “Mellow Monday

  1. Haha! I make grocery lists any chance I get…it’s so fun! 🙂

    • It is fun!!!!! It helps me stay on track….I guess I am the crazy person who stalks each aisle with my list out. Of course, that rarely stops me from adding tons of stuff in that weren’t even ON the list. haha

      • Oh lord, I spent WAY too much on groceries this round. I have my crackberry with my list (it is SUPER easy to add things to my lists this way, since I always think of grocery items or menu ideas while not at home) and I roam the aisles. I added WAY too much this time. It makes me feel better to think that I won’t be back for over a week, though….

  2. GAH. Did you save me a slice?! That looks incredible. I wish SO badly that we had a pizza joint like that around here!

  3. Jen

    Ya gotta get some KALE!!! MMmmMMmmMMM

  4. Mmmmmm that pizza looks amazing! Glad you got to finally go to mellow mushroom, what a crazy waitress, lol!!!

    Loving the vitatop dessert!!!!!

    Love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Christie

    bwahahahahaha! the crowd picture at the Y!!!

  6. seriously, I’ve never understood people who don’t eat the crust, ESPECIALLY at Mellow Mushroom! SO GOOD!

  7. Dang, sounds like your waitress was munching on some mellow mushrooms…and not the pizza topping kind.

    “Daaaaaaaaang son, this was pretty ballin’ ” couldn’t have said it better myself 😉

  8. Ashlei

    You forgot brussel sprouts (do you actually like them??)

    Daaaaaang son is right! I love(d) Mellow ❤ No more pizza for me though…would make me sick 😦 So sad! The crust is what makes their pizza that bomb. And Mega Veggie was always my fave too! I always subbed out the feta and cheese for tempeh and avocado! So amazing.

    And you need to try some Sunshine Burgers on your next Earthfare trip! Wish I didn't have class! I would have much rather have been frolicking around the grocery store with you!!


    • I do like them!!!! I need to add them to the list.

      Frolicking was fun, but would have been funner with my Ashlie!!! Next time! We also gotta go to that other store together so I can get my Coconut Butter on!

      • Ashlei

        Yes we must! When you’re back we’ll have a little adventure over there and maybe Sahib (hopefully for a second time after lunch this Friday? yes?)

  9. What in the world is that underneath spinach?? Haha!
    Also that pizza looks absolutely amazing. All I’ve had this morning is coffee, and that pizza is making me drool.

  10. i am super envious of your organized grocery list! mine is always like 6 loose sheets of random paper with duplicates of some items while other items have been left of completely. ps. you’re dessert concoction is making me drool!

  11. ari

    mellow mushroom has THE BEST CRUST EVER

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