Booty-full Meeting

Well hello, Sunday.  I love you.

Bran Muffin, Oatmeal, Pecans.  I also snuck in my own pear.  😉   You would have thought I was smuggling cocaine in a balloon internally the way I was gocked at.

The oatmeal was so filling with the pear that I got to take the muffin later for lunch, holla!

Headed home for a while and answered some emails…keep them coming guys, I am loving reading the stories!  You guys are amazing!  Snacked on a mini-cup of my favorite cereal/Almond Milk combo for some pre-Spin fuel:

And assembled my lunch to eat @ the gym after Spin…

Pomegranate Greek God’s….leftover Bran Goodness Muffin, Apple, Banana, Almond Butter

Headed to spin, which was a bit more optimistic!  Still not back to my happy and ecstatic spin, but we are trying to form some sense of normality.

After spin I was staaaaarrrrving.  Did I mention I have homemade organic pumpkin butter at work?!?!?!  Thanks, Matt.

This mixed wondermously with my Almond Butter, and was smeared all over the bran muffin:

I swear to you, I could live strictly on fruit, carbs, and sugar.  I think I will patent that diet.  Anyone who is with me can pack up, and we can start some sort of cult in California.

After spin I tidied myself up, and helped Kim start to work on our big annual faculty meeting.  What happens when your Wellness Director is in charge of snacks?!?!  Organic JOY!

It was fruit and cheese tray galore!

And the best portion of the food:

It was Booty…as far as the eye could see!!!!  You did good Krucker, now back to peelin’ those Kiwi’s!

Before we could munch on the goodies we had to attend to some business…it was a rarity for all of the staff to get together.  As a “gym” we have our own staff, and then we are affiliated with all the local schools in the After School program…so needless to say, it was a packed house.  We went over plans for the new facility which will be partnered with the city for an aquatics center.  It is going to be super-swank.  I cannot wait!!!

We played an ice-breaker type of game where we all had stickers on our back with “characters” who we couldn’t see, and ask other people questions to determine our identity.  I had “Cher” on my back, and needless to say…everyone who could see it started dying in laughter.  It was quite the show.  I also had to give a brief presentation on the Strong Kids Campaign, and our next Spin-A-Thon that ties into it!  Needless to say, “Cher” didn’t have trouble in the group setting.

I also got a surprise when Charlie (the C.E.O.) presented me with my five year pin!!!!!

Lord I felt like I needed to some sort of Oscar speech!  hahaha

Enough of that, time for FOOD!

I decided to make these “healthy” snacks my dinner, so I loaded up:

Round One:

Annnnnnnd two:

Did I mention how overly obsessed I am with the Veggie Booty?!?!

Abby enjoys the White Cheddar.  😉

Since I “snacked” for dinner, I deserved a dessert, no?!?!

Panizzle it was for a split decision scone.  One was blueberry…the other orange…split those baby in half and you get the best of both worlds:

Does anyone else “save” their favorite bite for last?!  Check out this glorious, icing topped final yumminess:

Yummmmmmm.  Massive amounts of caffeine were also involved.

What. A. Weekend.  Never thought I would say this, but looking forward to Monday.  It is so awful losing a close friend…but I am excited to have things go back to somewhat normal.  Again, thanks for all the thoughts and well wishes…you guys are amazing.

Heres a nice end to the weekend!  Look what came in the mail today!

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!  I am officially AFAA certified.  I am not going to lie, that written test was KILLER so I am ecstatic I do not have to re-take it.

My excitement upon opening this letter can be correctly demonstrated as follows:

Alright…Panera is literally closing us out, so I am wrapping this up…later bloggies, have an awesome night!!  ❤



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20 responses to “Booty-full Meeting

  1. Um, hello! I will be in your sugar/fruit/carb cult…as long as we don’t wear nikes, drink kool aide and fly away on the hale bop comet (I have been dying to reference that my whole life).

    Of COURSE you were Cher! lol I love it. You’ve been teaching classes for 5 years? Go’on witcha bad self. And duh, I always save the best for last.

    Congrats on passing the test!!!

  2. Tyler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love that you snuck in a pear!! lol!! I sneak in my own salad dressings alot when i go out to eat and you would think I had 6 heads the stares I get, especially after the waitress looking at me like I have 6 heads because of my picky , no butter, no chesse, kind of order!!! lol!!!

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for passing!! So proud of you!!!

    I really hope me , you, and Ashlei roadtrip to Tampa!!!!!
    Would be a blast!!!

    Loving the yummy spread at the gym, you know how i feel about myy pirates booty!!!!!

    Congrats on the 5 year pin too!!! Congrats all around!

    I hope you are doing better too, I know how hard it is to lose a friend, thinking of you : ) xoxo

  3. Congrats on passing!

  4. I’ll join your cult. But why does it have to be in Cali? Don’t we have enough problems?! I kid, I kid! I’ll still join if you’ll accept me.

    • hmmmmm…deal. But you must agree to consume unspecified amounts of carbs and/or fruit without warning and to the best of your ability. I think there should be some form of initiation ritual……..let’s see….. 😉

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend, what a loss. 😦 I’m glad she’s still able to live on through her own wonderful friends like you guys, though!


  6. YAY on passing your test!! Nice job!

    I’m totally down to join you cults. I swear to god I could live on pizza and all things sugary sweet…my greatest weakness

  7. I’m so joining your cult. Tell me when you start recruiting!

    Pumpkin butter+almond butter on a muffin? Yum!

  8. Sammi

    Congrats on your certification!

    And I am a follower of that carb/sugar/fruit diet 🙂 It’s just too delicious and too easy to digest to not love! I could live off carbs and fruit..oh wait.. I do!

  9. Ashlei

    Tyler, you are too adorable. “Cher” being your character plus the “Jane Fonda” leotard outfit from todays post! Haha! I love your blog 🙂


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