Comfort Food Really Works!

What better way to end a crummy day then an amazing dinner?!?!?!

It was my first experience with the infamous Bob Evans pancake.  *dum dum duuuuummmmmmmm*

I ordered one pancake, and a Blueberry/Banana Parfait.  Can we say yum?!?!

*in his best Spice Girls voice* “Cause toniiiiiggggggghhhhht, is the niiiiiggggghhhht….when twwooooooo beeeecccooooommme onnnnnneeeeeeuh!”

Ummmmmm, yes please.  This was fantasmic.  Perfect dinner.

Do they really need to hire bus boys at any restaurant at which I frequent?!?!

Then it was time for massive amounts of caffeine, and a dessert which was snuck in to the Bizzle:

Ok bloggies….off to get some much needed sleep after an exhausting and depressing day.  Thank you SO much for all your support and well wishes.  I swear, normal blogger boy will be back in full force tomorrow!

What are some of your ideas to call our city’s version of “The Biggest Loser”???  I want some fun an unique blogger input.  If we choose to use the name, there may or may not be a mystery prize heading your way, so be sure to include your contact information.  😉



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25 responses to “Comfort Food Really Works!

  1. hey sorry to hear about your loss. I know how hard it is to continue on with normal life when you unexpectedly lose a loved one. when my dad passed I thought things would never get back to normal, but I just HAD to jump back into it and make it normal.

    for the contest… “lose some to win some”, “the weigh to win”, or (for the laughs) “get sexy NOW”! have fun naming 🙂

    • Yea, stopping everything only makes it a bazillion times worse. Found that out this morning, which was why Spin class was a must….think it helped everyone overall.


  3. Steph

    hahahahahhahahahahahahhhaa seriously today has been the worst day i’ve had in record time but that spice girls line may be the funniest thing ever

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope over time the pain will lessen and she will become a guardian “fitness and motivation” angel 🙂

    Couples: sweatin’ sweeties
    Sweatin’ in the South
    Tennessee Treadmiller’s
    Back on track
    the Hufflepuffs? Huff n puffs. ok now I’ve gotten super nerdy and must stop.

  5. Matt

    Really??? A pancake with ice cream??? Will this meal be taken out on us in Spin class? That’s what I thought…things *will* be back to normal…lol. Good for you! 🙂

    (I made no-bake brownies tonight, ie., fudge with oatmeal, chocolate chunks and walnuts)

    • It was YOGURT Matty, YOGURT!

      • and p.s. the brownies had to have been not as yummy as my Avocado Pudding OR Black Bean Brownies….what whaaaat! 😉

      • Matt

        Haha…I’m just kidding with you. Splurge in moderation. 😀

        The brownies were full on butter/sugar/heavy cream gut buster calorie bombs…the sugar was organic though…that has to count for something, right…lol. Yes, I will be giving most of these away! See you in spin…want one? (evil grin)

      • hahahaha NO! I have already eaten the Pumpkin Butter in 2.5 days! I will be bigger than a whale.

  6. Penny

    Holy cow, I need to go to Bob Evans.

  7. Tyler,

    I am so sorry for the loss of your friend, reading about that just crushed my heart, I can imagine how hard this is for you, and for everyone that knew and loved her. My heart goes out to her children as well and I hope that they have a huge support system(which Im sure they do) and I know time will heal, very slowly, but it will heal, it is so sad when I hear things like this, I wonder why god had to do this, but god needed an angel, and he needed her, I believe everything happens for a reason, good and bad, and I love ya and hope you are doing a little better knowing she is in heaven , love ya Tyler, here if you need me : )

    My thoughts and prayers to her children, family, and friends xoxo

  8. <4 bahaha 😉

    I've been brainsorming for the last 10 minutes and here are the fruits of my brain strain!
    1.The Summer Slimdown Challenge
    2. Beached Whale to Beached Babe (too harsh?)
    3. The Largest Non-Winner

    Dang, that's all I could think of!!

  9. pancakes. PANCAKES with yogurt. every time I crave something you post it. stop reading my mind.

    I have no idea what a creative name for your “Biggest Loser” challenge could be, but how about the catch phrase to go along with it: “To be winner, you must be thinner!” Haha jk, kind of.

  10. hey i just found your blog and im liking it! pancakes are always a winner 🙂

  11. Ashlei

    Bob Evans is such a old people place! 😛 Love youuuuu. lol! We need to go to Starbizzle soon too!

    If only I were creative I’d come up with some super-fab name for the Tri-Cities Biggest Loser

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