Back to normal….sort of!

What a day.  Sad, sad day.

My dear friend Corrina (left) passed away last night in an automobile accident.  She was a workout BEAST, and a dedicated mother to nine children.  She gave 110% effort in my classes, her gym workouts, and life in general.  I have never met a more sweet or gentle soul.

I have decided to continue on just as I normally would, because as she always said “I check your blog daily!!!!!”  I can’t let her down.  I will always remember her for the amazing woman she was.  Thank you all for your kind and caring support.  I am just devastated for her family and children, they are constantly in my thoughts.


(Here is a recap I was starting yesterday-Friday)

5:45am spin classes = Tyler starves all day!!!!!  Seriously, I need all the food in the near vicinity to be tied down and kept away from me.  I am almost off work, and headed for some Mexican grubbage, and I am on the verge of eating this laptop………..I’m not even playing.

So we met with the people about Biggest Loser today and I am super pumped to get the ball rolling on this!  We finalized the application, and are going to have weekly meetings soon…it’s really happening!!  We technically call it “Biggest Loser”, so we need a fun and creative name.  Any blogger input?!?!

On the way to the meeting I had my favorite Kind Bar…

Anything with coconut is instantly sold in my books.  Can’t get enough of the stuff!

After the meeting I was trying to decide a nice quick lunch I could throw together before work.  I incorporated some leftovers last night for a little yum session…quesadilla time!  Faux BBQ and Natural Cheese Blend…

Browned that baby up with some organic Pam…

Added some broccoli, baked beans, and Nutritonal Yeast (Nooch):

I am seriously diggin’ this Nutritional Yeast.  It gives everything a cheesy flavor, and packed full of nutrients and protein!!!

I headed to work for my normal Friday shift, but dinner-less because I was meeting with Maggie for Mexican goodness.  Snacked on an undocumented Apple/Pear while waiting…my body was HANGRY for dinner!

Finally, 8:30 rolled around…and off we went!  Melissa from work joined us as well!

This place was so yummy.  They brought the dreaded chips which I can never resist:

It was like a conveyor belt of fried joy headed straight for my mouth.

The menu had the typical Mexican fare…so I was undecided.  Check out my lovely dates:

I ended up just asking the server what I could get that had the most veggies.  He suggested fajitas, and I told him to make my a surprise, and just pile as MANY vegetables on it as he possibly could.  He started naming off vegetables asking if they were ok to put on, and I finally cut him off and said very matter-of-factly:

“If it grows from the earth…I will eat it.”

I was presented with this steaming pile of veggie lurv:

This baby was LOADED!

  • Broccoli
  • Squash
  • Zucchini
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Red/Orange/Green Peppers

Served on the classic steaming Mexican Plate/Cast Iron Skillet.  Aye Ca-rumba!  I passed on the white tortillas they served on the side, and instead ate it as a big salad with this beast that came along side:

Needless to say there was leftovers for tomorrow…SCORE!

Also may have had some mango-joy to wash it all down. 😉

Party animals, I tell ya.

We then went next door to Kroger.  It was PAST time that Melisa was introduced to my favorite method of chocolate consumption:

I was in a wolf-saving kind of mood.

I love the little pre-packaged ones!  It makes it slightly easier not to consume the entire package.  Perfect dessert!

Fast forward to Saturday morning!  Breakfast was simple but delicious.

Waffles smeared with some AB goodness, a nice big pear, and a drenching of cinnamon:

Headed to a very sad day at work where the last thing on my mind was teaching classes.  We canceled Weekend Warrior straight away, and worked on a small memorial board for Corrina.  It came time for spin and there was a swarm of people who all seemed pumped.  I really thought about whether or not I should, or if it was even appropriate to do a class without my A+ student and friend.  I decided that she would want us to continue…so I went ahead with spin and dedicated it to our dear friend.  It was rough, but I pushed us hard in her memory.  That one was definitely for you, Corrina.

OK…I am keeping this post up-beat and food related.  Partly for my own sanity.

Lunch was leftover Mexican veggie love on a Spelt wrap:

And I also saved a wolf or two….dipped in PEANUT BUTTER!  My sweet friend Julie brought me some new peanut butter to taste test…check out the site here.

My thoughts….yummy…but a bit too sweet.  Thanks Julie though, you know a true way to my heart when you bring me nut butter to sample!!

On that note, I am ending this post on a very exhausting and sad day.

Love you, Corrina.  Classes won’t be the same without you.  Neither will life here at the YMCA!

(let’s keep this up-beat!)  Later bloggies, have an awesome weekend!



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23 responses to “Back to normal….sort of!

  1. I’m so sorry about your friend. Tomorrow definitely is not guaranteed, thats for sure.

    Loved all of your eats! Hope you have a great weeekend…and way to be POSITIVE even in the midst of a tragedy. You are an inspiration.

  2. I’m so sorry about your friend 😦 Losing someone so suddenly is so hard, her poor children…:(
    It was nice of you to make a memorial for her, I’m sure she was looking down with a smile, but I’m glad you charged on with spin. Life does go on, and as hard as it is, we must. I hate doing this because it’s not my style, but anything for my TyTy ****HUGS****

    Wolfs are endangered??? I feel so out of the loop on endangered species. Maybe I need to eat more chocolate.

    • Awww Jules, thank you so much! I will cash that hug in personally in Boston, mmk??? 🙂 Seriously support from you and other bloggies does make me feel so much better.

      Eating more chocolate = must.happen.NOW. k?

  3. hey!
    I adore your blog, i am extremely jealous of your yummy looking mexican feast lol! Your following me on twitter, im kcblog. i have a another new blog! Hence the other blog/email lols

    Sorry hear to about your friend 😦

  4. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of such a dear friend and powerful woman. She will live on through the many she inspired along the way. Glad you are staying positive!

  5. Julie

    Hey, sorry you didn’t really like the peanut butter. I think it’s ok, but it’s 2 grams of fat verses 17 grams so what do ya do. 😉
    I hope you have a good night, and remember the sun will come up on a new day tomorrow!

    • I think I am just too used to my Almond Butter, friend!!!! Thanks for bringing it though…totally brightened a very dark day. You now having me want to sing the Annie song, so thanks alot for that. 😛

  6. tonjatoi

    Big props for pulling through your morning spin class in spite of your grief. I am very sorry for your loss.

  7. Wow I’m sorry to hear about your friend. Hang in there and channel your energy in a different light. Instead of having a heavy heart, carry her love for fitness along with your own to continue inspiring others the way that you do.

    As for the “Biggest Loser” name, the gym I go to calls it the “Biggest Winner”? Kind of a different play on words.

    Have you ever tried making faker macaroons? I tried the other night with (unmeasured amounts) dates, macadamia nuts, coconut flakes, raw cacao .. oh my gosh they were divine! You gotta try that!

    Chin up! Keep smiling and work it out!

  8. I’m really sorry about your friend 😦

  9. I am so sorry for your loss…..I’m sending you long distance hugs from Canada.

  10. Sorry to hear of your loss. It will be a sad time for sure, but of course she would want you guys to continue on with your classes. Hugs

  11. Tyler, I’m so so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend… What an amazing tribute to her by remembering to keep living.

  12. Tyler, I’m so so sorry for your loss. xoxo to you and her family.

    Regarding the rest of your post, what a great way to order at a restaurant! You’re so clever. 🙂

  13. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. Though I’m almost 30, I’ve not really had to deal with loss. Sounds like she had a lot of friends and hopefully all that love will extend to her children.

    As for the nooch—I must have bought the non-cheesy kind because I do not taste the resemblance that people keep speaking of.

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