Chocolate Oats

Boy was today’s breakfast a winner winner, chicken dinner!

Started off the EARLY 5:00am morning with a nice mini Clif to jump start me for Spin class…

Headed to an almost full spin class, which always makes my heart happy.  We had to open the door by song 3.  I know it’s bad when the mirrors/windows not only fog up…but begin to sweat themselves.  Muhahahahahaha.  Finished off the gym sesh with my hip strengthening/stretches for the ‘ole knee, and some tricep work.

Headed home, and was inspired by Emily to make some chocolate oats.

Started out by trying my new coffee press, with some coffee that was given to me as a gift a couple of months back, when I was doing my Student Teaching in third grade!  The staff knew I had a slight obsession with pumpkin.  Which by slight meant that I would have eaten an old dryer sheet had it been coated in the orange stuff. 😉  I miss those little guys…this coffee was a nice reminder:

While the water was boiling, I got to work on the oats..

I wanted to give these oats a real chocolate punch, so I added unsweetened chocolate almond milk, as well as a scoop of protein powder to the normal oats mix.  Once done I topped it with a sliced nana, some dark chocolate in the middle…almonds, and…..more chocolate.  Noticing a theme?!

Not going to lie.  I think this should be illegal…it was THAT good!  Add some coffee with my favorite mug..

*cue the Foldgers “best part of waaaaaaakin’ up” theme*

Who says you can’t have chocolate for breakfast?!  Who even makes those rules anyhow.

Time for some cleaning, emailing, and to head to a meeting later about Biggest Loser!!!  I am so stoked to get more information on this!

It is FRIDAY bloggies….big smiles, ok!?

PS…….Lady GaGa’s Telephone is officially released…what do you think?!?!  I adore it…then again, I am a bit biased.  😉



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34 responses to “Chocolate Oats

  1. What a beautiful bowl of oatmeal!!

  2. hahah after every gaga video, i have to sit for a while ponder what i just saw. crazy stuff… and amazeballs as always
    have a happy friday ❤

  3. holy crap. that bowl looks amazing. it’s making me hungry.
    get your ass up here and cook for me already!

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh loving those chocolate oats!!!! They look yummy and beautiful!!!

    I am so glad you are loving the chocolate fudge protein powder! Its my fave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love u!!! Have a great afternoon!!!!!! xoxo

    • Thanks sweetums!!! They were so good! I absolutely love the protein, I should have known a Katie pick would have been right up my alley. 😉

      Have a GREAT Friday…I am eating thai tonight like you had for lunch! Can’t wait!

  5. I love Gaga! She’s incredible!

    And that’s a beautiful bowl of oats for sure! 🙂

  6. Haha I am not a chocolate fan by any means (I know I know…) but that looks AWESOME.

  7. I collect those Starbucks mugs! It started with my best friend giving me the blueprint style mug from the original Pike Place location, and it’s continued to grow. I think I have at least ten different ones: my favorite is the one I got on Waikiki Beach 🙂

    • Oh my lord, there are more?!! Don’t tell me that. I have that portion of my brain where if there is a set of something, I must have them ALL. Hence my Beanie Baby obsession when I was younger…yep, I was THAT kid.

  8. Those oats beautiful! Great way to start a Friday

  9. Between your chocolate oats and the Gaga video, this post is epic.

  10. Wow, that breakfast should be in a museum!

  11. Haha I just noticed that there is a little smiley on top of your blog!!! Love it!

  12. Ana

    I love it when the mirrors fog up, it usually means that the spinning class is awesomely tough! Your oatmeal look delicious.

    I am loving Lady Gaga’s new song, but I am biased as well 😉

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  14. Glad I could inspire some chocolate yumminess for breakfast!!! 🙂

  15. Oooooooooooooooh, that looks like a DELISH bowl of oatmeal!!! 😀

  16. Penny

    Your oatmeal is amazing!! It’s like a little work of art. I want to eat it!!!

  17. that’s quite possibly the most beautiful of oats i’ve ever seen.

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