Smellin’ up the place…

Ok…I have a confession.  I have a small obsession with steamed veggies.

When, in a workplace…and in my case, a gym…people have a tendency to FREAK out when I steam veggies.  They see me heading toward the microwave, and the disgruntleness begins.

“WHAT is that SAH-MEEEEEEEUHHHLL?!?!?!?!?!?!”

Get over it people, it is Broccoli for goodness sakes.  Geez.  The flack I get for healthy eating.  That being said…here was my dinner.  Leftover Tomy Thai with an entire bag of Steamed Veggie goodness.

Which quickly turned into…

That’s how you roll people.

On the animal front, I have successfully saved and introduced another person to the Endangered Species Chocolate:

I totally made Christie save a Sea Turtle (Dark Chocolate/Blueberries)

Teri, how you have never tried these is beyond me.  If they don’t sell them near you TELL me and I will gladly send you some.  This goes to any reader out there who doesn’t have access.  EAT CHOCOLATE AND SAVE AN ANIMAL?!?!?!  What more reason do you need?!

As for my personal contribution to the animal world…I saved a Zebra for dessert, and also killed a pear in the process.

My theory on fruit (especially Apples/Pears) is that people tend to waste alot by only eating to what they consider to be “the core”.  Can I just say that tonight I ate this entire apple.  Literally, the entire fruit.  Stem and all.  So there.  😉  (The stem was tiny and almost non-existent…so pick your jaws off the floor, of course…they may hit the floor again once you see the close up Zebra goodness) :

Is there anything better than good dark chocolate?

OH, I brought in a large bag of New York Pizza Booty tonight to work….you know it’s good when the CEO eats half the bag.

….and some other staff…

Love the Booty!

This one has nutritional yeast IN it…score.

Well, time to close down the YMCA and head home so I can attempt some sleep before my 5:45am spin class.  I made a new CD, can’t wait for it’s debut!  😉  Night night, bloggies.



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23 responses to “Smellin’ up the place…

  1. I get the same hell from my coworkers too! God forbid I eat my weight in broccoli every day – it’s not like I’m making them eat it too! 🙂

    • I know!!!!!!! It’s a GYM for goodness sakes, they should be thankful that I am not parading around in front of the treadmills, dangling twinkies and snickers in front of their faces!!! That being said, when I ate my dark chocolate, I had the courtesy to do it away from prying eyes to avoid jealous/anger. 😉

  2. I need to find some pizza booty.
    Thanks for saving another zebra!! I appriciate that. I’d totally save one too but I don’t like dark chocolate or orange…but if it’s zebra shouldn’t it be dark chocolate and white chocolate? Duh, endangered species chocolate makers.

    • Hey….I do what I can. I agree about the white chocolate!!!! The bat chocolate is made with cacao nibs, what should it (correctly) be flavored with?!?!?! haha

      You def need some Pizza booty.

  3. That booty was yummy!!!!! ❤

  4. Eating an entire bag of steamed veggies would make me smell up the place in a different way 😉

  5. Tyler, I will check at Whole Foods ASAP. If they don’t have them, you’ll be getting a whining email from me. And a shipping address. 🙂

    And um, is it bad if I secretly get pleasure out of “stinking” up the office so I can tell them what real food it is (e.g. brussel sprouts…buahahaha) and they’re nuking their Hot Pockets? 😉

  6. You’d think they would appreciate steamed veggie scents in a gym ;). The people I work with are always looking at my food like “what IS that???”

  7. Michelle

    Our university bookstore has the save-the-animal chocolate, but not our health food mart ironically enough.

    Still have to finish off my green&black mint dark chocolate first. It’ll be a toughie 😉

  8. I saved a wolf last week…….yummy!!

    Try steaming some brussels sprouts… that is stinky!

  9. Don't Fight the Apple, Eve

    I’d save more endangered species if it was milk chocolate. I know my WH has them, I should check to see. How is the Attune challenge going? Are we going to see a post on that in the near future?


  10. Booty is sooo good. It’s bootylicious!!! I haven’t tried that chocolate, I see it all the time. Next time I will try it out. 🙂

  11. I’ve never seen the save an animal chocolates!!?
    Are they dairy free???

  12. Ashlei

    “Love the Booty” hahaha! Love it!

    No one ever complains when people stink up places with greasy fast food. But healthy food and people bring on the whining…I don’t get it either!

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