Just call me Bob?!?

Hello Tuesday!  I think I like you better than your pal, Monday.

I started my breakfast last night, and used my Chia Seeds again…this time in a cereal/fruit bowl mix!  I wanted to let the “sauce” set up overnight…so I got to work:

Nothin’ like a new jar of AB to make me happy.  😉

The “sauce” was a mixture of:

  • 2 TBSP Chia Seeds
  • 1/2 Cup Almond Milk
  • 1 TBSP Almond Butter
  • 3 TBSP Greek Yogurt
  • 1 TBSP Polaner Natural Peach Jam

Let that soak overnight, which turns into this:

Chia Pudding goodness!

Combined two of my favorite cereals…

Stuck with the Mango theme by cutting into this juicy guy…

I then combined the fruit with the cereal (1/2 cup, each)

And on went the pudding!

I was a fan.  Chia Seeds…you guys are two for two.  Sam seemed to enjoy it as well.

He is getting SO furry…groomer.  ASAP.  Tyler, seriously…get on this!  *sorry, ignore my rants at myself*

After breakfast I answered some emails (I love getting emails guys!!!  Thanks so much for sending them, and be patient as I tend to write novels and/or lose them in all the Facebook junk that comes to my email…I will respond, I swear!!!), and then headed to meet my dear friend Natalie at Tomy Thai to discuss a verrrrry exciting summer program I will be helping with.

Is she not adorable?!?!?!  Love Natalie!!!

We needed to talk business, but first and foremost, we needed to order lunch, right?!?!  😉

Hmm, sorry for the blur.  I must have been in a Thai-Food-Frenzy.  They brought soup and crunchies to start!

I ended up getting the Tomy Thai Fried Rice (extra hot, please) with Veggies:

Even though this was a “smaller” lunch portion, I still had tons of leftovers for work tonight (sah-weet!)  The best part of this dish, aside from the veggie goodness, was the abundance of pineapple!!!  So good, and such a good flavor addition to the spicy rice!  Yum, yum.

So, it was onto business talk!  Our city is going to be sponsoring a “Biggest Loser” competition this summer complete with teams of two competing in an 8 week program to lose weight and get healthy.  I GET TO BE BOB!!!!!  How friggin’ exciting is that?!?!  I am pumped!  Hank (who couldn’t make it, boo!) and Natalie are over the Crazy 8’s race, which draws a TON of people to this area!  Heck, even the Kenyans come down and run with us!  😉  So the competition will occur 8 weeks prior to the race (8K).  Notice an 8 theme going on?!?!  The finale will be held live after the race, with a live weigh in/result.  Amazing?!?!  Yes.  Everything is totally still in the planning stages, but I am so excited to get started on this!

Well, time to get my workout on!  I am going to tackle some time on the machines, and do some weights!  Later bloggies…happy Tuesday!



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28 responses to “Just call me Bob?!?

  1. Natalie

    hahahahaha…i love the looks on our faces in the picture because we were both thinking “how low is she gonna go to take the picture?” ha ha ha!!!!

  2. Woo hoo! That’s really exciting “Bob”!

    • I know right?!?! Lord, I hope I can be half as good as that man. He amazes me!!!! So much better than Jillian. Her methods just make me mad, his would make me WANT to work.

  3. Jen

    THAT’S AWESOME news! So exciting! I can’t wait to read all about the 8 weeks this summer. You are going to be a phenomenal “Bob” – no wait…you’re going to be phenomenal Tyler. He’s going to be taking advice from you after this summer! 😉

  4. That is awesome! Congrats on such an exciting opportunity. I bet you beat the “Jillian!”

  5. Tyler!!!!!!!! How sweet is that!! So cool you are going to be like BOB from Biggest Loser!! I love the program idea!!! So awesome! I am so happy for you!! congrats on that love!!!

    Oh I love the chia creations you are coming up with!!!!!!!!!!!! Yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love ya and love your face!!! Have a great night!! Get that damn cute dog groomed!!! lol!!!

  6. New ab jars are awesome, but empty ones are awesomer 🙂 Jar oats addict much??
    Do chia seeds have a taste?? If so what is it like?

    You will make the PERFECT Bob!!! How exciting!

    • OIAJ addicts, I wantz to join themz. That was said in my best “LOL Cats” voice, btw.

      They sort of have a Kiwi-ish taste/smell to them. It’s nice!

  7. I LOVE fried rice, but sometimes my stomach doesn’t.

    So you get to yell at people and make them feel fat? Sounds like fun!

    • I love it, and the hotter the better. I want my lips to be numb by the time my meal is ovah!

      I won’t be yelling, encourrrrraging Matt, enouraging!!!!!

  8. Ashlei

    Thai food = amazinggggg! ❤ Congrats on getting to be a trainer! You will totally rock it 🙂 I want to try that awesome looking cereal (hopefully it's GF!!) And need to make your version of chia pudding!

  9. Oh I love Clifford Crunch! It tastes just like Lucky Charms to me!! 🙂

  10. That is so exciting! I want you to be MY Bob!

    And yes, Natalie is adorable – can I have her legs??

  11. What a great program! I am excited for you! Can I be your Jillian? LOL!

  12. tonjatoi

    WAY AWESOME!!!! That is going to be fun and so very rewarding. I will anxiously be waiting for the challenge to start to get all the recaps.

  13. heather

    Ohhhhh Emmmm Geeeeeeee .. I AM IN FOR BL !!!! weren’t we JUST talkin about that !!! I can’t wait for more details …. like i’m soooo excited not sure i can get to sleep …. WOOHOOOO to you and Natalie and Hank !!!!!
    Going to get myself organized – ready for this challenge … i swear – all it takes to get me going is a CHALLENGE !!!!!!
    i HEART you to the moon and back my friend !!!

    • You will rock it OUT! We have to find you the perfect partner. We are meeting Friday to start creating the application/ironing out the details! I will let you know more as soon as I do!

  14. Wow, that is awesome news about the summer competition. You’re going to do amazing. I can’t wait to hear about it, I’m so excited for you 🙂

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