“Aww, it’s for the homlies”

Hello bloggers!!!!!  What a Monday, huh?  I had an awesome, yet crazy day, which is usually par for the course as far as Mondays go.  After lunch I headed to the High School for their “yoga”.  I think they are getting a little tired of yoga, and since it was friggin’ GORGEOUS outside…we went outside and walked the track.  It was nice.  Sped down to the YMCA afterwards for Monday night spin!  I was worried with the beautimous weather that it would keep people outside and away from spin, but we had a packed house as usual.  SO much easier to teach to a full class.  World of difference.

Since Kim and I both needed to go to the Earth Feezy tonight, we decided to buzz on over to Johnson City for a quick bite to eat, and some groceries.  We tried a new place, which was an instant winner!

This place was so much fun!  Check out their site

You grab a baggie, mark what you want with a sharpie…sign your name, and get a sandwich.  Pretty neat!  They had several veggie options:

I totally just now saw the option for Crushed Red Pepper!  Gah.  Oh well, next time.  😉  Also got some lovely chippies:

And my sammie was served!

this bad boy was yummy.  Pesto totally made it!  Two thumbs (had I had both free) way up, Which Wich!

Kim got an equally delicious looking hummus sammie:

With a full belly, it was time to head to the home away from home…

Look, I finally convinced Kim to save an animal, and eat some chocolate!

Also got some new kick booty trail mix to top my oatmeal with…

Among some other little goodies…

Got some new protein powder I am excited to try, and a new flavor of booty that I tried recently in Florida!  New York Pizza!

Finished the day with my favorite VitaTop…and a cold glass of Almond Milk!

In the words of Elaine Bennis……pop the top….toss the stump!

Oh, and before I forget…upon leaving the Earth Fare Kim and I saw a giant rain purifier/jug.  First thing to come out of her mouth???  “Awwww, it is for the homlies”  Homlies=homeless “cuties”…again, in her words.  On that note, GOODNIGHT!!!  😀



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20 responses to ““Aww, it’s for the homlies”

  1. Which Wich is great! We have one near my house in TX. It is basically a really good Subway. Did you try the cookies? They are AWESOME!

  2. Sammi

    That sandwich place looks so cool! There’s so many veggie options.. I wouldn’t know what to pick!

  3. Glad you had a wonderful Monday!! It was so nice out here too!!!!

    Yay for grocery shopping! I did that last night too!! OMG I got the same Pirates Booty last night!!!! lol!! I never tried that flavor and saw it and bought it!!! I love ya!! We are So connected!!!!

    U will love that Biochem Protein Powder too, it is so good! my fave!!!!!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

    • AHH Katie, you will love the pizza flavor, it is my favorite. I tried it when we got it for free in our swag bags at the Gasparilla Half Marathon…SO YUMMY.

      Im excited about the protein, but I know if you love it, then so will I! 😉

  4. What a productive day!

    I have been eyeing those spelt tortillas you have in your cart, review please 🙂

  5. That might be the coolest sandwich shop ever. What a smart way to take orders. Love it!

  6. What a cool little sandwich place! I’d probably get really overwhelmed by all the choices though. Your sandwich looks amazing though.

  7. rollin’ with the homlies… hehe

    that looks like the funnest sandwich place ever! I love having control over everything that goes in my ‘wich and when you have it marked clearly on the bag, how can they mess it up?! Perfection.

  8. We have a Which Wich here in Colorado, and at ours if you take a picture at the top of one of our mountain peaks (a Fourteener) after a hike and bring it in to them, they give you a free ‘wich! 🙂 Love that place!

    Also love your blog, this is my first visit – I found you via Fitnessista’s comments section. I LOVE your weight loss story and want to give you SERIOUS PROPS for having done such an amazing job! You look fabulous!

  9. That sandwich place looks awesome!! I’m jealous!

  10. Ashlei

    Are those golden kiwis I see? ❤ One of my favorite fruits. TJ Maxx sells those mini chocolate bars! I love getting food there 😛 lol. They sometimes have this awesome raw honey (Wee Bee brand). 🙂 And those Tasty Bite Indian products = delish!

    Kim looks soooo familiar! Hmmmm

    • She is the Wellness Director here at the YMCA….heart her!!!! I think we share the same taste buds, jus’ saying. I didn’t know TJ Maxx has such!!!! Gotta go there!

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