What a Sunday!

Hello bloggies!  What a day I have had.  Sorry it took so long to blog, but Maggie and I headed to Knoxville for the day!

My day started off amazing with my favorite breakfast spot:

If this doesn’t entice you, then little will…

The grub wasn’t half bad, either.  😉

Had to jump start with the coffee buzz.  Moved onto something a wee bit more substantial.

Bran Muffin, Sliced Nana, and my precious oatmeal!  Topped with a truckload of pecans.

Perfect start for the day.

I got ready, packed all my healthy snacks…and headed to meet Maggie.  We were Knoxville bound for Alice In Wonderland, IMAX style!

Chowed down on an apple and some grapes.  Also busted out my new Nalgene with my sticker from Florida!

We made it to the theater with little time to spare!

Going to the movies meant two things today:

A) 3D glasses

B) sneaking in lots of yummy movie treats.

The LAST (sadness) of my dried Kiwi, a new Raw bar (honestly….wasn’t a fan), and two cuties!

Movie was great.  It was so amazing getting that IMAX experience.  I think they could have shown two hours worth of grass growing in 3D and I would have been happy.  The screen was giganourmous.  Oh yes, it’s a word.

We met our friend Jessica in Knoxville, and her boyfriend and amazingly cute son that Maggie and I instantly adopted.  We became Aunt and Uncle for the day.  The fun kind of Aunt and Uncle that loads the kid up on sugar, lets them do as they please, then drops them off with the parents as a crazed wild lunatic.  Parenting.  Isn’t it fun?!

We went to another Hibachi place for dinner (I am two for two on those this weekend!)

Started with a salad with ginger dressing, and the classic soup!

Maggie and I both got the “Hibachi Vegetables” and boy…they didn’t skimp up on the veggies!

Here was my portion, that was large enough to feed the entire TABLE.

Check out all the yummy veggies!

Needless to say I have enough leftovers for several fun meals in the next few days.  😉

Also, there was an EARTH FARE in this shopping complex.  You know we had to stop.

A simple grain that has taken the blog world caught my eyes…and was on sale.  I decided it was time to give it a go.

Ch, Ch, Ch, Chia!

What do you bloggers do with Chia?  I know oatmeal, of which I will be trying first thing in the a.m., but what are some other good Chia inspired recipes?!?

Maggie and I continued assuming our role of fun Aunt/Uncle…

And got my favorite dessert ever.  Vegan.  Carrot.  Cake.  Joyness.

Drool-WORTHY!!!!!!!!!!!  Moist and delicious.  How they make it Vegan I will never know, as it always just tastes like the most glorious cake you could ever imagine.

While I need groceries badly, I just picked up some fun items…the bulk of my shopping will be done at MY Earth Feezy tomorrow!

I haven’t saved a zebra yet!!!  I swear these Endangered Species chocolates are more addicting than Beanie Babies, and way more edible.  😉  Also got two of my most favorite bars….Raw Choco-Coconut.  Hands down the best bars EVER!  And the Chia.

Ok guys, what do I need to be doing with these?!?!  I know there are tons of ideas out there.  Lets hear em!

Also check back tomorrow when I will announce the winner of the OIKOS Greek Yogurt prize pack!



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15 responses to “What a Sunday!

  1. I just laughed out loud at your chocolate bar reference! “I haven’t saved a zebra yet!” that is too funny! Anyways I hear a lot of people like to make chia pudding and use chia seeds as a thickening agent for other dished!

  2. IMAX rules! I saw Avatar in 3D and it was EPIC!

  3. As I see the chia pudding post above, you HAVE to do it and put it in your oats; 1/4 cup almond milk and 1 tbsp chia seeds. wisk and let set on counter for 20 min, then pop in the fridge overnight. Add to your oats in the morning and they will be super creamy, and full of Omega 3’s!!

    Also I DIE for cracker barrel. If I could only eat their blueberry pancakes every single day, I would die a happy woman 🙂

    • Allright, missy. The Almond Milk/Chia Seed mixture is in the fridge, waiting on my oats tomorrow!!! I will let you know how they turn out! Thanks for the advice!

  4. Hey love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes we need to plan a trip!!! Would be a BLAST for sure !!! We know this!! Me, u, and Ashlei!!!!!!!!!! yay!!

    Oh we want to see Alice In Wonderland, wer too busy this weekend to see it!! Im hoping we do soon!!!

    Yay for hibachi, I love just getting the veggie hibachi as well!!! Soulmates!!!

    Have a wonderful day, as for the chia seeds, I put them in my oats, Ashlei has a chia seed pudding recipe she shared with me as well, ask her for it or I can copy and send to you!!

    Love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ty, we were in the same theater and shopping complex probably all day and didn’t know it! We went to see Alice-3D-Imax that night though.

    • Netha!!!!! We should have known this!!!! Loved Alice, and looooved the Theatre. We need one in KPT/JC! Isn’t Turkey Creek drooltastic? Im gonna head back down there in a couple of weeks and just shop all day!

  6. I put chia in EVERYTHING! haha.. when you put them in a smoothie or something, they get kinda jelly… (think little tiny bubble tea)!

    I bake with mine, put it in smoothies, haven’t made pudding yet, but soon!!

  7. Zebras are indangered?? They are my favorite!!
    I wouldn’t know what to do with chia seeds! When you figure out a cool way to eat them, holla.

    • I know!!!! Sad day for the Zebras, don’t worry…I’m sure I will buy more in the future, hahahaha. I put them in my oats this morning, it was delicious!

  8. Ah! The chia seeds! I haven’t tried those yet either but plan on buying some over spring break (4 days! yea baby!!)…..let us know how you like ’em!

    And gahh VEGAN CARROT CAKE is my favorite dessert of all time! Seriously, we’re food twins!

    Glad you enjoyed Alice in Wonderland! I need to see that still, but did loooove seeing Avatar in 3D!

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