Mongolian Grill-ness.

It has been entirely too long since this blogger boy has indulged in some Chinese dinner goodness.

This is yet another example of how you can eat OUT, and still eat healthy in an all-to-easily unhealthy atmosphere.  Don’t get me wrong, this place was chocked full of the classic sodium-ridden buffets full of fried things that I didn’t even realize could be fried.  (corn….mussels…..SALMON?!?!)  If you ever get a chance to go to a Chinese/Japanese place with a Hibachi grill…go for it!  Totally delicious and healthy!

It was raw veggie heaven!

My bowl ready for action:

  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Squash/Zucchini
  • Mushrooms
  • Red Peppers
  • Pineapples

Topped with 3 spoonfuls of pineapple sauce, and it was grilled up!

From the “bar of doom” I grabbed a couple of pieces of sweet potato, and two small portions of Rice and Noodles.  Deeeeee-licious.

Resisted the urge to get dessert at the restaurant because I knew that Emily and I were grabbing TCBY before Starbizzle later.  Come on though, how could I resist this.

Thank you, cookie-sahn.

Once dinner was ovah, headed to Johnson City to meet Emily and Russel for some yogurt!

I wanted my fav-o-rite flava….but resisted:

9.5 times out of 10 I would hands down get this flavor, but I snuck in my own toppings:

Have I mentioned that I am currently obsessed with my dried Kiwi/Mango?!?!?!  It went perfectly with White Chocolate Mousse

C’mon people.

I then scurried over to Starbucks where we both currently sit!

Now, if you will excuse me…I have some Chess to attend to.  Hopefully tonight will be complete domination!!!!

Remember!!!  Tomorrow is the last day to enter for the FREE YOGURT PRIZE PACK!!!!



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14 responses to “Mongolian Grill-ness.

  1. oh my gosh we had mongolian grill in my college dining hall and you just made me miss it like cray-cray. mmmmmmmmm.

  2. We have a mongolian grill on campus. SO GOOD!

  3. Julie

    Hey Brian and I almost went to the JC TCBY tonight as well. I thought I’d let you know I visited one of your favorite stores for the first time tonight. 🙂 Earth Fare 🙂 It was great, there was so much that I had to just take mental notes to come back to later. We had fun though. 🙂 Hope chess goes well for ya!

  4. Misty

    Oh, I love Mongolian grill restaurants, simply because you can choose EVERYTHING that goes into your meal. For me, that means no onions/peppers/mushrooms/etc. I usually use a combination of the fruit sauces and lots of garlic sauce (I’m a garlic fanatic).

  5. I love going to Mongolian BBQ, our local place where you throw whatever in a bowl and it comes out in Asian food glory. To get enough vegetables in my bowl, I’ve mastered the art of veggie stacking!!

    Your TCBY looks yummy. That’s one thing that CLE doesn’t have: an abundance of fro yo places. Guess we know we need to bulk up for the winter months and just stick with full calorie ice cream!

  6. I don’t think there is a Mongolian Grill in my parts 😦 All the cool stuff is down south. I guess I’ll just have to move!!
    I’m obsessed with dried fruit too, it’s like candy but not as bad! Dried cantaloupe is bomb!

  7. Ashlei

    So who won the chess match?

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