Craezy Thursday!

Thursdays are nuts!  With KidFit at 4:00 and Total Body at 6:00, I am running around like a mad man!  Where did I leave off….oh yes, lunch!  😀  While prepping for my classes I decided it was a fruity sort of day, and listened to what my body was craving/screaming.

I started my cereal/fruit bowl by mixing the “wet” ingredients, which were the natural peach jam, AB, and Greek Yogurt (hmmm…like my Giveaway???  More on that at the end of this post)

I then added my diced fruit… (strawberries/nectarine)

Topped with my cereal(s), mixed, and bathed it all in some cinnamon. 😉

Who wouldn’t want to eat this for lunch, may I ask?!?!

Got to work on some new moves for Total Body HIIT, and then headed to Johnson City for KidFit!  We had a ton of kids and it was super fun.  I had them run lots of suicides, needless to say they were red-faced and sweating.  Mission accomplished.  Before class (and still not running because of the injured knee) I tackled 30 minutes on my beast of choice, the elliptical.

Chowed down on this between gyms:

Oh, Nutz Over Chocolate….you are simple, yet still my favorite.  Although your cousin Peppermint Stick comes in a close second, so watch your back, ya dig?

It was then time to head to the YMCA for Total Body HIIT!  Was totally stoked because another local blogger, Ashlie was coming!!!!  She is super sweet and I adore her blog!  Here was the agenda for class

(pardon the chicken like scratch handwriting.)

Everything should be self explanitory except for “Baby Makers!”  hahahahaha.  This is a KILLER move where you take a resistance band/strap, loop it through the risers of the bench…secure it to your feet, and then lift them straight in the air.  We would take them down and up slowly, and hold high pulses.  They killlllllllllll the inner thigh, it is fun times.  This is the most “groan” worthy move for sure.  Try it out, and tell me what you think!  Here were some random class shots!

Here is Ashlie and I in post-sweat glory!  Is she not adorable?!

And she came bearing gifts!  LOOK, the elusive Coconut Butter!

SCORE!  Does she know me well or what??  I think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  YOU ROCK ASHLIE!

Also, another veggie (no blog 😦 ) friend was kind enough to bring me DINNER when she came to class tonight!  Check this out:

I love homemade goodies, and having this quick and easy dinner right after class was perfection!  I headed to the Holiday Inn to visit some workin’ pals, and enjoyed my dinner right there and then.

Check out all the Quinoa goodness…

The soup was amazing as well!

And the best thing about visiting friends at the Holiday Inn….COOKIES!!!!

This little cranberry/oatmeal gem was the perfect end to a delicious dinner.

From meeting Ashlie, to her coconut butter gift, to a FREE veggie/delicious dinner, and a cookie courtesy of some good friends… has been an awesome day.  I have been GIVEN everything today, now it is YOUR turn to receive!

Entries start NOW for the Oikos Greek Yogurt Giveaway!

My friends at Oikos are giving one lucky reader 4 of these beauties (any flavor!)

And one of these big beauties:

You also get this cute tote:

All you have to do is comment, in this post.  Tell me why you want to win Greek Yogurt, and provide your email so that I can contact you once the giveaway is over.  Also, since the theme of this post has been gifts/kindness…tell about the best thing you have ever given/received!  😉

Good luck bloggies!  I will keep voting open until Sunday at midnight, at which point I will use a random number generator to choose a winner!  One post per person, please! Happy voting, and good luck!

Spin class at 5:45 tomorrow morning, which means it is most certainly sleepy time for this blogger boy.  Later days!



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63 responses to “Craezy Thursday!

  1. Sarah

    Tyler, keep up the good work and one day Greg and I will return to one of your classes 🙂

  2. miranda

    Ooh, pick me pick me! I want Greek yogurt because um….I’m obsessed with Greek yogurt. Is that a good reason?

  3. I want some because it is delicious 🙂

  4. Janet

    I wanna win the yogurt, because I’m still new to eating healthy and being a veggie~tarian. I have never had Greek Yogurt, and it’s driving me crazy to see it on so many bloggies!!

  5. Because it’s full of protein and flavor but low in carbs!

  6. LOVE Oikos. gimme, gimme!!

    and the best thing I’ve ever received was this simple picture frame that said “daddy & me” and had a picture of me and my dad. I recently lost my dad and my brother gave this to me for christmas so, needless to say, I was sobbing!

    my email should be in the comment entry 🙂

  7. I would love to win Greek yogurt because… it’s delicious?! I rarely try the flavored kinds, so that would be fun with a freebie. Best gift…. my Garmin HRM. I never explicitly asked for it but my boyfriend heard me gushing about it and saw my looking at Amazon and then went in on it with my stepdad to get one for me for my bday 🙂

  8. I wish I could take one of your classes! You seem like an awesome instructor with real kick ass playlists.
    I want to win Greek yogurt because I eat it every day so I’d be saving some cash!
    I like to do nice things for people all the time, I’m a believer in little acts of kindness 🙂

  9. elle


    Recently started reading your blog and love it! Very inspiring and also great to get some ideas on healthy eats. I would LOVE to win the greek yogurt giveaway b/c I eat it daily (sometimes twice!) One of the nicest things I got was a gift of all my fave things from my bff for helping her move.

    Keep up the great work 🙂

  10. Dearest Tyler,
    I want to win this delicious Greek yogurt because we at the Hopkins household LOVES some yogurt and it’s one of the healthiest things Les eats right now, haha! Also because they only carry the plain small container of Oikos here in SEKY and I want to try more! Also also because Les is a Greek student and wouldn’t be able to look inside the fridge without reading “House” on our yogurt 🙂

    Best gift ever received: engagement and wedding rings.
    Ever given: Les’s new Line6 PodXT Live guitar effects processing pedal.

  11. Lisa

    I want some greek yogurt b/c it’s one of my fave things to eat!! So yummy 🙂

    And one of the best gifts I received is definitely a gift certificate to my fave massage place 🙂

  12. Doug

    Oooh, I want the Greek yogurt. So many good things to make with it and it’s so good for you. Much better than that cookie. 🙂

  13. I would love to try Greek Yogurt, but because of the hefty price tag I often have to stay away from it.
    I think the best gift I ever received was diamond earrings from my dad for my 19th Birthday
    The Best gift I ever gave was probably putting together my moms 50th suprise party!!

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  15. Doug

    Oh and I’ve got a few favorite gifts I’ve received from friends. The most recent was from our mutual friend who gave me piece off Carl Edwards’ car. LOL And to give, I made wine one year and gave bottles to my friends.

  16. tonjatoi

    woo hoo a give a way! Thank you Blog Boy and Oikos!
    The nicest thing anyone has done for me was an anonymous card w/ $100 left on my desk at work, right before Christmas in 2001 about a month after my mother passed away. I had put her funeral expenses on my credit card and wiped out my tiny savings. I was a single mom at the time and my daughters birthday is the day after Christmas. I was so stressed about money. I never found out who it was but it made a huge difference for us that year.

  17. Neysa

    First of all, Total Body HIIT was a killer like promised!!! LOVED IT!!!

    AND….I have got to get me some of that coconut butter!!!!

    BUT…I want to win the Greek Yogurt so I can share it with my 4th/5th grade students to help encourage them to eat healthy! I have been bringing in healthy items for my students to try…this week they tried hummus and loved it (“It taste like bean dip!”hahahaha). If If I win the Greek Yogurt..I will share my students’ comments and provide pictures for your blog.

  18. Ashlei

    Oh my gosh, this is an amazing post Tyler! (I definitely spread the loving of your blog on mine! YAY) Becky’s dinner looks absolutely fabulous! I hope you enjoyed 🙂 The quinoa stuffed pepper looks so great! I had a BLAST tonight – I cannot say this enough. Or thank you enough for that matter! That coconut butter will be the beginning of an addiction I tell you! We will make a trip to the Natural Foods Market AND Earthfare! And dinner/lunch/food somewhere too (do you like Indian? Sahib is incredible over here in JC). And planning our trip! Tampa has an Ethiopian restaurant, raw food places, a beach, a Whole Foods, a dome IMAX theatre that is awesome, a theme park with awesome roller coasters – so much to do 😀
    You rock too Tyler! Looking forward to this friendship of ours! We have so much in common already. And we need to play with my Vita Mix and maybe test out some of Averie’s recipes ( – she makes all these awesome raw things with dates and nuts and flax….and chocolate.
    OK, time to end this comment. It’s getting too long!

    I want to win some Oikos though 😉 I love greek yogurt, especially when it’s organic. And I left a link on my blog to send people your way 🙂


  19. Sammi

    Who wouldn’t want to win greek yogurt? I can’t afford to buy it all the time… life of a poor college student.

    Your eats look amazing. I am getting hungry again…

  20. I love Oikos greek yogurt and buy it all the time. I’ve never tried the strawberry flavor because my store only carries it in plain or vanilla. I’ve also never seen that size available either. I’d love to win it and try the strawberry out. I really want to tote bag. 😉

    Best (priceless)gift given: my identical twin sister. I don’t see how you “individuals” have made it without one (and we are 30 years old now!) 😉

    Best gift ($) value: every other month when my Mom has to help me pay my student loan payments. :/ i’m so thankful. sallie mae robs me blind.

    Best gift I ever gave: I took last summer off from work and went to NY to help my twin sister out when she had her first baby. I did night shifts, diaper changes, etc. It was hard work but much appreciated. I also loved all the time I got to spend with my baby nephew.

  21. anjali

    i would loveeeeeeeeee the greek yogurt b/c it’s got was my study abroad trip a few years ago

  22. I want to WIN greek yogurt because I am a poor college student and my tasty eating habits own my bank account! That, and it is NOM. I make yogurts messes just like yours with all my TJ’s goodies!
    The best gift I have ever received is my college education from my parents. Absolutely life changing and something I could not have done without their support!
    I hope your knee is feeling better!

  23. I want to win Greek yogurt because I love Greek yogurt! The best gift I ever received was my engagement ring 🙂

  24. Sara B

    I desperately need some oikos in my life, I have been dying to try some new flavors.

    The best non-foodie gift I have been given in my sweet little boy.

    The best food gift I have been given is some deeelish macaroons :o)

  25. Clisty

    I have never tried this yogurt I have wanted to but …. so this is why I should win, b/c I have never tried it! 🙂 Plus, I LOVE free stuff!

  26. Oh wow! I’ve never tried greek yogurt before! I would love to make my own breakfast fruit/yogurt bowl! My boyf makes the most fantastic homemade cards for birthdays! I look forward to them every year:)

  27. Michelle

    I LOVE Greek Yogurt. I haven’t expanded much out of vanilla but I definitely need to!

  28. I’d like to try out some Greek yogurt for the first time if I win this giveaway!

    Also, the best gift I’ve ever received was the bunch of flowers my mom ordered for me for Valentine’s Day during my first year of college =]

  29. Ilene

    I love greek yogurt and would love to try Oikos for the first time! That’s my reason haha 🙂

    Hmm best gift I’ve ever gotten – strange as it may seem, my dad got me this amazing nail art kit for my…6th birthday? and i was in sooo much shock, but it was by far my most favorite gift!

  30. Agata

    This yoghurt is so expensive compared to other gy brands, so I’d really enjoy having a few of these stashed in my college fridge!!

    My favourite gift I ever gave was time spent with a random old lady who lived near me when I was younger, for no reason other than to give her company. 🙂

  31. I love Oikos greek yogurt!!!!!!!!!! I would love to win because I eat greek yogurt daily, it is a must in my life, and because I am a rockstar!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Ahhhhhh Im so jealous you got to hang with Ashlei!! She rocks!! U rock!! We all rock!! I hope we can all get together !!! Ashlei is so sweet, you will love that coconut butter, it is life changing : ) love you!!!! Love the cute pic too of you and Ashlei!! I told her Aqua and a bottle of wine!! Would be a blast!!! lol!!!

  32. Best gift I ever received was my golden retriever Grady – he was my wedding present from my husband 3 1/2 years ago!

  33. This stuffer peppers look amazing. I think they may be making an appearance at my house this week since I think I have all of the ingredients.

    Gotta love any opportunity to get free greek yogurt…especially Oikos.

    I think the favorite gift I have ever given was a scrapbook that I made for my Pawpaw when I was in high school.

  34. I would like to win because greek yogurt is the only yogurt that I can have that won’t trigger a migraine. I would also like to add the tote to my collection as I’ve been trying to be green and use reusable totes for my grocery and household item shopping!


  35. Kimberly Jahnke

    I love greek yogurt – especially oikos! I eat it all the time but I think my favorite way is in oatgurt or overnight oats! Thanks for the great giveaway & for the SUPER FUN blog!

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  37. I would love to win some Oikos!!! It is actually the only greek yogurt I eat – I find other brands to have a “chalky” taste…Oikos is the best.

    Sadly, it’s a little expensive so I stick to oats most days for breakfast…it would be nice to have some Oikos in my life to mix it up…already dreaming of granola, fruit and yogurt bowls, yum!

  38. I need a video of baby making…oh wait, of “baby makers.” hehehehe. Even with your details, I still can’t figure out how I would do it! Could you do a video post with it sometime?

    And is that a mini jar of coconut butter? everything is better when it’s mini!!! so cute! And I just read your other post about how amazing it was…sounds like I need to get some soon!

  39. I could definitely use some more greek yogurt, because we are in love and that stuff just ain’t cheap!!

  40. Best Gift I ever recieved was the Sunshine Award from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha!! I had to be a butt kisser!!! lol!!!! Love ya!!!!!!!

  41. Legal Guardian

    I have to have the Greek is by far the best and also very expensive.. but worth every penny It is a must have each week because it is so packed with protein.

  42. Katie

    I’m new to the blog world and I’ve never had greek yogurt but I think its about time I jumped on the bandwagon.. I love baking things to give away as gifts and I think the best thing I ever made was a rainbow shaped cake!

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  44. williecostello

    I would like to win so that (in keeping with this post’s theme of gifts & kindness) I could give this prize to my lovely girlfriend, who absolutely loves Greek yogurt!

  45. Greek yogurt is my favoriteee!!! Especially when mixed up with some cereal, nut butter, banana slices, some preserves and cinnamon!!! 🙂

    And hmm I couldn’t thank my parents enough for taking me to CANCUN after my high school graduation!

  46. JB

    I love Oikos Greek Yogurt. The type with honey is extra delicious. I love the texture of greek style yogurt and Oikos is the best that I have tried!

  47. Honestly, greek yogurt is our household’s food rock star – who wouldn’t want to win???

  48. Julie

    Hey Tyler,

    I would really like to win this give away, because I have never had greek yogurt, and I need to see if I like it before I go and buy it. Of course if I don’t win and I have to go buy it I guess I could give it to you if I don’t like it. 🙂
    The best gift I have given has been to myself over the past few months: finally putting some of my needs first and really working at what my body/life needs. 57 pounds down as of today-that’s one BIG gift! 🙂
    Ofcourse my favorite gift I have had given to me was you as my teammate. 🙂 By the way did you ever find that guy??? 🙂

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  50. I would love to win your Oikos giveaway. I love yogurt, but have given up buying it because of all the preservatives, HFCS, etc. that is put in it. I discovered Oikos and fell in love, but b/c my husband and I are saving for a new house, I restrain myself from buying it as much as I would really like to. I miss yogurt!!!!!

  51. Greek yogurt is basically one of the best things to ever exist ever and, yes, I want it!

    P.S. VERY jealous that you got yourself a jar of that coco butter!

  52. I want to win this because I LOVE greek yogurt, but can’t get it too often because it’s so expensive! Great blog by the way!

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  54. pick me!

    The best thing I’ve ever been given…ooh, that’s a toughie. Probably the 26.2 sticker my husband gave me along with a super-sweet card after I ran my first marathon. 🙂

  55. Oh man. I love stuffed bell peppers. Why you got women bringing you stuff left and right? Pft. I want some of those ladies in MY life. Consider me jealous.

    As for winning the Greek Yogurt, I’ve been hearing so much about this Fage thing and really want to try it, but I haven’t gone out to buy a tub because I’m fearful that it’ll taste bad and will go to waste. I don’t even want to win all of them. Just one little one to see what it’s like.

  56. km

    i want to win greek yogurt because it’s amazing!…i just wish it wasn’t sooooo expensive!

  57. Jessica

    i just came across your blog and i’m so glad i did!

    i love greek yogurt, especially mixed with cereal or granola and topped with sliced banana. my supply is running low right now so i’d love to win some oikos!

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  59. Amy

    I would like to win the Oikos Greek yogurt because I make raspberry jam and it is sooo good mixed together. I also always use reusable shopping bags and could stand a new one as mine are getting worn out – but – it seems silly to buy one. The best thing I have given away are items from my hand crafted shop, of course! Fabric bags, belts and other woman’s accessories.

  60. Legal Guardian

    It’s real simple…….if I (we) don’t win this Greek Yogurt ….I will take a ball bat to Tyler’s good knee ! No pressure btw ………….

    Denese & FB

  61. Hey, I just found your blog and I’m looking forward to following!
    I would love to win the Greek Yogurt because I’ve only had it a couple times before (and never had Oikos) and yogurt is one of my fav. foods ever!
    The best “gift” I ever received was an 8-week summer job that was the best experience of my life.

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