Awards and Giveaway Preview…c’mon now!

My good friend Terri was kind enough to recently give this blogger boy his FIRST award!  Look!

Thank you so much Terri!  Her blog is totally inspiring, and is a definite must read!  In her tradition, I will now pass on this award to 12 other of my favorite bloggers.  All these ladies (and men!) make an impact in my day, and are daily reads!

  • Emily: Emily is my favorite “Clean Eater” and doesn’t hurt that she is one of my best friends who lives 20 minutes away.  We have gotten so close over the past few months, and she rocks my world!  We just did the Gasparilla Half Marathon together, and it was a blast and a half!
  • Julie: Julie absolutely cracks me up each and every day.  Her blog is always full of LOL moments…PLEASE check her out!  She is my Bean Town soul-mate, and makes killer oats each and everyday!
  • Matt: A fellow blogger boy (yes, we do exist) who is a running fool and an all around great guy.  He is a killer chef, as well!
  • Alicia: This super chick joins me in the “lost 140 lb club” can you believe it?!?!  Her posts are cute, funny, and totally delicious.
  • Katie: is the divalicious bloggin’ super star who I totally adore!  She makes pink, and everything else, ROCK!  LOVE this girl.
  • Gina: Loooooove Fitnessista.  Not only is she constantly giving me ideas and tips, but she is the gal that started my obsession with blogs!  Must read!  Vegan, Raw, amazing.
  • MamaPea: Hilarious mom-blogger raising kids, eating healthy, and making me laugh hysterically on a daily basis
  • Allison: Cute pups, and wine?!  What more do you need?  Love this bloggie and all her good eats
  • Katie: Yes, she wants cake…and so does everyone else!  Good eats, and laughs…check her out!
  • Erin: Erin eats and exercises, and we can too!  Check out all her nifty eats and ideas.  Cute pup too, which never hurts.
  • Jessica: This so called “tom boy”  is producing a world of good eats, check her out!
  • Jill: Hilarious, and amazing food ideas…you have to check her out!

Congrats guys…now it’s your turn!  Pay it forward, and distribute that award! 😉

Express Spin class was amazing today.  I swear, even though it is only 30 minutes…by combining the “toughest” songs, we are able to work up to just as much of a sweat factory in the hour long class!  Love it!

Came home from Spin famished, and ready for a nice lunch.  I am currently obsessed with the Gardenburger..

I am a fan of any veggie burger with real veggie CHUNKS in it!

That’s some melty organic cheese goodness on my favorite whole wheat mini pocket!  Also steamed up a lima bean/broccoli combo and drenched it with Nooch (Nutritional Yeast)

Veggie Stix, and the meal was complete:

Some Broccoli Sprouts added some veggie heft to this sucka.  Dessert was yummy and simple.  Huge apple and an Attune.

I became semi-productive, and got alot done around the house before heading to work.

While waiting on dinner I had a “kind” snack.  (har, har, har.)

These are quickly becoming my favorite bars!

Dinner was the classic “at-work” staple!

Half Mediterranean Veggie Sammie (Wheat bread, Mozz instead of feta) and half the veggie pesto soup-o-joy.

Dessert was brought from home and was a mixture of 2 coconut rolled date logs, and some deeeeeeelicious dark chocolate ovals from the Earth Fizz.

There is seriously NOTHING better than good, dark, chocolate.  The simpler the better in my books.

Well bloggies, have a wondermous evening, will you???

GIVEAWAY tomorrow.  It is going to be a good one.

Here is your clue:

Think Greek!



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29 responses to “Awards and Giveaway Preview…c’mon now!

  1. So much good food in that post – but the dark chocolate has to be my FAV. Express spin sounds great – is that an early morn class?

  2. You are too good to me, blogging friend! Thanks for the award! You ain’t too shabby yourself! 🙂 I’ll make sure to spread the blog love accordingly.

    Can’t wait for the giveaway announcement: I think I know what it is, but I’ll always hope for gyros…

  3. you are just the sweetest! i don’t think there is a kinder blogger out there than you – 🙂 thanks for the GDW lovin’ and thanks for being so wonderfully you!!

  4. Ashlei

    I love diva Katie and Mama Pea’s blogs! Such good reads!! Kinda jealous of those Attune bars though! Probiotics in chocolate? Whoever was behind that idea is a genius!

    • Oh I know!!! They are delicious! So many cool flavors too! Also, I am totally up for Earth Fare together soon! I normally go on Sundays!

      • Ashlei

        I live 5 minutes away and can go whenever! I tend to not go too often because I’d spend so much money there otherwise! Love it a little too much 😛 Can’t wait to do a meetup!

      • For sure!!! You just let me know what classes you wanna do, and I can set it up wheneva!

  5. thank you blog boy (can i nickname you fitnessisto?), i feel so honored 😀
    so about the dream..
    we were running the half together and you convinced me to run into one of the disney stores with you and try on funny hats and take blog pictures during the race. it was basically hilarious
    have a great night ❤

  6. bec

    I agree the veggie chunks makes the garden burgers!

  7. Giveaway must be greek yogurt!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Thank you for the award!!! Thanks for the sweet words about me too!!!!!!! U made me so happy!!! I love ya and so glad I became friends with you through here!!! U are pretty much as cool as me!!! hehehe!!!

    Loving the attune and apple dessert, eat that apple down to the core baby!!! Thats how we do it!!!

    Love ya!! Have a great night!!!!!!!!! xoxo

    • No problem sister!!! You rock my world daily, and it was about time for some recognition! Yea, no apple wasting on our parts, eh????

      Have an aweeeeesome Thursday for me, please? 😀


  8. Legal Guardian

    Organic Greek Yogurt…you have us hooked..we buy it every week and have it with grapes/walnuts/1t organic natural sugar..with a lime zested on top..yummy!!! See you HIT can’t wait!

  9. Doug

    You always starve me to death. LOL

  10. You’re giving away a trip to GREECE???!?!?!?! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YOU BETTER PICK ME 😉
    Hehe I gave you an award, but it won’t be up till tomorrow morning. So check back then 🙂
    I was wondering when you’d have panera again, I missed seeing it.

    Thanks for the award and kind words!! 🙂

    • I wish! You know you would be my first choice for a Greece companion. Speaking of which, I think we should do a blogger cruise. I am totally serious! I cant wait to see mine tomorrow!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  11. Awww! Thanks soooo much for the shoutout!

    Your eats always inspire me because you are low maintenance but high quality/taste factor!!

  12. I hope your giveaway is hummus because I am almost out!

  13. And thanks for the award 😉

  14. It was a burger kind of night in the blog world, I just went through the old Googly Reader and saw so many (including my own ;)). Yum. Greek…. frat party??! Juuust kidding, hoping it’s the yogurt variety.

  15. Hey love!!!!!!!!!!

    Yay for another giveaway and Im sure you will do something amazing with your tempeh!! I just cooked mine up and threw it in a salad beast!! lol!!!

    Love ya so much!!! U rock and make my day always!! Have a WONDERFUL Thursday!!!!!!!!!


  16. Thank you so much Tyler! I got the biggest smile on my face! I will definitely be spreading the blogger love. 🙂

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