Anyone got some spare crutches???

I.  Cannot.  Move.  hahahaha, it is quite hilarious to see me limping around today.  Totally worth it though.  Half Marathon was amazing!  I woke up this morning, and CRAWLED out of bed long enough to find my new best friend.

It was all I could do not to just turn up the bottle in hope of some instant relief.  Felt a bit better when I had instantly gotten texts from both Emily and Kim with the standard “omg I cannot MOVE!” message.  That eased my pain, knowing I wasn’t the only one.  What’s mainly hurting my today is the knee (bah, I am used to it) and the right hip.  I think the hip is hurting because I kept having to put all my weight on it to give my knee relief.  Ah well, I am sore and it stinks…but it will fade…eventually.  On to breakfast!

Come one people.   You know the souvenir coffee mug has some instant cheer factor.  My oats had the classic:

  • 1/4th Cup Oats
  • 1 Cup Almond Milk
  • 3 TBSP Flax Seed
  • 1 Truvia
  • Banana
  • Soy-nola

I call it Soy-nola, because it is chocked full of yummy soy nuts!  I love this combo!


Finally decided to unpack everything, and cleaned my room while hobbling around.  The dog’s thought I was nuts, and I am pretty sure they were wondering why their father was walking around like a zombie from the waist down.  I missed this face!

Which reminds me that he is almost in need for a groomer visit!

Lunch was simple yet delicious.  Started with some Ezekiel Bread and Laughing Cow Light Swiss:

I topped these yummies with a Gardenburger, and some Broccoli Slaw that I had wilted in a pan to get nice and soft:

Roasted some brussels on the side complete with a few dashes of red pepper flakes:

Dessert was an amazing surprise!  I am still on my 14 day Attune challenge.  I opened up my fridge to start my second box of these suckers, and realized that they had sent me the second box as a mixture of all their flavors!  Score!!

I was stoked!  Went for the Almond goodness.

Yum-ville!  Not that I didn’t/don’t love the vanilla blueberry, but I love all these new options!  Yay Attune, I heart you.

P.S., here was the Half Marathon song list!

I went back to Pyromania around mile 11/12, because it is ahhhhh-mazing.  It was awesome to sprint to the end with!

Time to go teach high school Yoga, then to teach Spin tonight!  I have missed being back in the groove of things!

Later bloggies!



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20 responses to “Anyone got some spare crutches???

  1. I remember how sore I was after my last half! Could barely sit on the toilet sore! Can’t believe you’re teaching spin tonight on top of all that, good luck! Haha

  2. Thanks for pointing me to this pyromania amazingness. ❤ Cascada and always need more good running songs. Hope the knee gets better fast!

  3. I hope those meds kick in and last all damn day!! Take it easy mister 🙂
    Who sings party in the bedroom? It sounds like a fun song.

  4. we have almost the same running mix. gaga all the way!!!

  5. Advil + Sleep = the best post race recovery. Try going to bed early tonight and I bet you will feel great tomorrow.

  6. michelle

    Your food looks sooooo good. It may even make me want to cook again. So tired of the gronk I have been making to please 3 other palates. I want to please my own. Give me the scoop where some of the this stuff came from. Attune? hmmmm looks yummy.
    So proud of your newest accomplishment. I started with the bio of my blog today. My ADD has not let me go any further. What is next?

  7. Ashlei

    That pretty much looks like the perfect playlist. ❤ Lady Gaga! She's awesome

  8. I remember being so sore after my first half…I don’t think I moved at all once I got back home. haha! Hope your knee feels better soon! 🙂

  9. Oh my god I just FREAKED out because you have “Party in your Bedroom” on your mix! and I didn’t think anyone actually knew about it! Yay!

  10. Janet

    Way to go! I am so inspired by you! I’m loosing weight and have not been working out long, and I’m such a whiner. I’m changing my attitude!
    Hope you feel better fast!

  11. Ian

    Lady gaga can always help out with running!

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