Well, here goes nothing.

This is my last post before I run 13.1 miles for the second time ever!!!!!!!  Eeeeeeeek!!!!!!

We headed over to Kim’s brothers house where his wife had the perfect pre-run carb fest for the runners!!!

The “Greek” salad was about as legit as it comes.  She is Greek!

Enough of that green nonsense.  GIVE ME THOSE CARBS!

Pure, un-adulterated carb festival IN MY MOUTH.

Sometimes I think a long run is just an excuse to eat like a maniac and feel justified about it.

Stuffed Shells, Greek Salad, Potato Salad, and a hunk-o-bread the size of Rhode Island.

Sugar was also required in the form of an amazing strawberry/banana/angel food cake Trifle.

Wipe up that drool.  Thank you.  IT WAS AMAAAAAAAAAAAZ-AH-EENG.

Spent some cuteness time with Kim’s nephew Ryan…

And then promptly sped home to attempt sleep.  Wake up call is 4am, so we can get there by 5…and race at 6:00am!!!!!!!!!


Ok…..just gotta breath.  I hate these pre-race nerves!!!  What do you guys do to calm them? I swear that last 10 minutes standing there waiting to start is the worst. 10. minutes. of. Tyler’s. life.

Well, ready or not…it is time to do this thing.  I am hoping for the best with the knee, and prepared to push through the pain and rock this bad boy OUT!

The OCD in me had to prepare my outfit…complete with my new FITNESS pack (ok…it is totally a glorified fanny pack) which I can carry my CAMERA in.  If I am feeling froggy, there will be IN RACE pics!  Score.

See you guys at the finish line.  😉



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14 responses to “Well, here goes nothing.

  1. You’re eats look so good!
    Especially that angel food cake trifle!
    Good luck on you’re race!

  2. Random, but…you’re a lefty?! Me too, soulmate.

    My advice is to just think of it as any other run. It’s not a race, just go out and have fun and don’t even think about it. You will do amazing! Good luck!!!

  3. WOW, that food looks just fabulous. I almost drooled over that dessert, lol. I was just thinking that I am so looking forward to a long race in a few years JUST to get an excuse to eat some of that food the night before, haha.

    Good luck on the race and hope your knee fares well. 🙂

  4. Matt

    Hope you have one of those awesome runs where you feel light as a feather and fast as the wind! I’ll be sending good knee mojo your way. Your carb crazy dinner looks delish (haven’t had trifle in forever…yummm). I carb loaded tonight too, i.e., made some very bad choices…lol. Ate at Panera and ran into Kathleen…very nice woman. We’re both doing Sunday spin. I’ll add weight in your honor. Have fun, enjoy the warmth and best of luck. 🙂

  5. Heather Whited

    Hiya Sweet Friend !!
    You are fast asleep right now getting ready to ROCK THAT HALF !!!!!!!!
    I just wanted to say I am SOOOOO proud of you… you will do fine – and work through any knee issues that may creep up along the way !! You are prepared – mentally and physically ….. YOU CAN DO THIS !!!!
    Wish i could be there to cheer you on …. i’m there in spirit dear sweet friend !!!!
    Heart you BIG time !!!!

  6. Good luck! You are truly an inspiration to me, I am learning to run and can barely run 90 seconds…lol.

    I hope you rock that thing and your knee holds up!!

  7. Holy feta! That looks glorious!

  8. Good luck! You are probably running right now!

  9. Yum, looks good!

    I love race numbers with names on them 🙂 Gets the crowd cheering for you!

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