Almost time for 13.1!

We just picked up our swag bags!!!!  Check out all the goodies that we got in our bag (there may have also been some purchased items.) 😉

(tee hee hee)

I was slightly excited.

Let’s rewind to breakfast this morning.

Florida fruit anyone?!?!

Fresh fruit plus homemade lemon/banana bread.  Yes, PUHLEASE!  Gotta carbo load right?!?!  And c’mon, you know there was oatmeal involved.

Check out this spread!

My delicious portion:

Then it was off to the expo!!!

We had to get nice and pretty.

…and hydrated.

And we saw WATER!  Yay for the ocean!

Then it was time for the expo, which I think is the exact moment that Tyler entered shopping mode.  Shopping mode is a no-holds-barred crazed rage that is reminiscent of a lion stalking it’s prey.

Yes, I am.

It’s free stuff timeeeeeeeee!  *girl squeal*

Nothing like a free snack to get me through my spending spree.

They had this awesome wall with ALL the racers names on it!

Guess whoooooooo?

BAM!  Instant celebrity status…even if it was only centimeters long.

I was seriously in my own little world.

Look at the views we got to see today!

Arrrrrrrgh matey!!!  (first and last Pirate joke, I swear)

We went to a little local place for lunch…

I think I was able to find the ONLY veggie item on the menu:

Veggie burger goodness with FRIES!  I never get fries.  This is a special occasion, however.  I do have a small love affair with fried spuds.

On that note, it is time for massive amounts of delicious Cherry Coffee, and to Kim’s brothers house for a delicious homemade Italian pre-run FEAST!  So excited.

I AM SO PUMPED GUYS!!!!!!!  I got some new knee tape that I will be trying out on the ole knee, and I am still going to push to beat my last time of 1:46:00…..c’mon knee….it’s just 13.1 miles.  You can dooooooooo it!!!!!

Peace out yall!



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14 responses to “Almost time for 13.1!

  1. Good luck at your race! I love free stuff from expos..I am jealous you are in warm weather right now. good luck again!

  2. Christie

    Please put the picture of you on the newspaper as your profile pic haha! I am so jealous of the swag bag! That is amazing!

  3. Psssh, half way. If I made that shirt it would say “…twice” on the back! HAAAA haha 😉

    That fruit platter looks really, really good. Really. I can’t wait for summer and all the fun fruits that come with it.

    I hope that’s not your running face! lol


  4. I love a good expo…and that one looks awesome!!! Good luck tomorrow!! I’m sending good vibes to you and your knee!

  5. Did you find kinesio tape at the expo?

  6. Ashlei

    Oh your post makes me miss Tampa!! Good luck and have fun at the Gasparilla race. 🙂

  7. Everyone deserves fries sometimes!! Im having some fried zucchini tonight!! YUM!!

    Good luck tomorrow! You’re gonna be amazing!!

    Oh and I went grocery shopping today and will be copying some of your food eats this week, you’re good boy!

  8. yans

    Good luck with the race….veggie burger n fries looks yummy. i love having Dr.praeger’s veggie burger for lunch so delish.

  9. Hey! Just found your blog through twitter…so glad I did!

    Good luck on your race…I’m sure you will rock it!!!

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