That’s it…I am moving here.

Hello again from Florida!!!

Check out this dinner spread Kim’s amazing family had prepared:

We had this delicious spread which included an amazing fruit/spinach salad, as well as HOMEMADE mac and cheese.  It was heavenly.  They also had grilled chicken, which I substituted with my leftover Eggplant from lunch.

It was awful, TERRIBLE.  😉  I think if I wasn’t in the company of other human beings, I would have promptly grabbed the plate and licked it clean.  Common courtesy prevented that……..barely.

It was then time to head to Fresh Market!

Insert the biggest citrus fruit I have ever seen in my life.  Welcome to Florida, I suppose.

Bowling balls I tell you, bowling balls!!!!!

They even had FREE coffee.  This wasn’t just any coffee.  Check out the flavor, and prepare your mouth for moisture.

They also had the oddest chocolate I have ever seen.

Bacon. Chocolate.           I’m gonna let everyone think about that for a minute.  Go on, I will wait.




Ok….back to goodness:

Plus the rarest dried fruit out there….dried Kiwis!

Then it was off to Publix!

Where I ran into my dear friend…

We finished grocery shopping (sad!) an headed to a fun harbor at Tampa Bay!

What a night.  Seriously best day ever!!!!!!!  I cannot wait!  Tomorrow morning I have a huge pumpkin muffin from Fresh Market to look forward to, as well as some fresh Florida fruit!  So stoked!  We also may do some shopping.  😉

G’night from down south!

P.S., how friggin cute is Kim’s nephew Ryan?!?!?



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22 responses to “That’s it…I am moving here.

  1. Heather Whited

    YEAHHHHHHH — Everyone is having a good time !! Those grocery stores looked FANTABULOUS !!! Why oh why couldn’t we have a Whole Foods, etc up here 😦
    I miss FL from looking at all your pics .. i must get there this summer !!! (putting it promptly on my to do list ..)
    That spinach salad looks scrumptious …. very light and refreshing !!!!
    So glad your flight went well – i thought about ya the entire time !!!!
    Enjoy the day tomorrow – soak up that Vit D – relax with your buddies and ENJOY yourself !! You deserve a day or two off …. rest and let that body rejuvenate !!!!!
    Miss you — Do your best on the race !!!!!!

  2. yans

    Mac n cheese looks divine…..I wish there was a publix or fresh market(whole foods and tj’s is great though)in NYC. Glad you’re having fun…Florida seems really nice i hope some of the sunshine comes my way soon.

  3. Matt

    Warm weather+palm trees+fresh citrus=intense jealousy. I wouldn’t be offended if you brought me back a tree ripened orange. 😀 Went to Earth Fare and Natural Foods tonight and both are out of buckwheat pancake mix!!! I totally blame your bloggies…lol. 😛

  4. There is a fresh market opening up near me and they keep pushing back the opening date! I am now more pumped and impatient than ever! lol I love how you lay on the floor for a pic in a supermarket. No shame baby! Love it.
    I hope you have fab weather the rest of the weekend!!

  5. Hey Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So glad you are having a wonderful time there!!!!!! Weather is so beautiful, jealous!!!!!!!!

    Kim’s family rocks!! How nice the dinner you guys got made!! Salad looks so good!!!

    Lol!! Loving the pic with you and Quaker Oats, they should put your face on there instead!!!

    Love you!!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • hello dawwwwling!!!! I can’t wait to go to the beach today, it has been entirely too long since I have seen it. I love the Quaker man, he and I are BFF fo sho.

      Thanks!!! The race isnt until tomorrrow, but I will take all the good luck vibes I can get!

  6. Haha I think you get over more excited about grocery shopping than me 😉

  7. Holy crap, that citrus thing is GINORMOUS! Love it!

    So, did you buy the chocolate bacon bar??

    I’m so jealous you are in FL with the sun, the palm trees and flip flops!

  8. That salad looked AMAZING!

    And about the bacon bar…I was at a chocolate shop that a family friend owns and she has been selling chocolate covered bacon and made me taste it. It’s surprisingly good, once you get over what it is!

    Good luck tomorrow!

  9. Ashlei

    Yeahhhh, I do kinda miss the fun and sun of Florida! 1 week until spring break and I will be loving it again! Hope you had a great time there with the race 🙂

  10. Never been to a Fresh Market. Looks fab!! Love me some Publix though :).

    Hope you enjoyed your muffin.


    P.S. Lovin your "jorts"!! 🙂 🙂

  11. Just saw that you were from Tn!! Awesome!!!


  12. Hey thanks for the add on twitter… naturally I came and stalked your blog! 🙂 Looks awesome! I added it to my list of favorites, let the fun times begin!

    Take care,

  13. Ditto to what Jessica said above! I think your blog is gonna be fun to ready through! Lucky you getting to visit Florida and having such great produce at your fingertips!

  14. Morgan (from 02)

    The bacon bar is actually really good! Did you end up trying it?

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