Florida Sun!

Ok, I am totally moving here.  Look what I woke up to

I think it became officially Florida when there was an ORANGE TREE in the backyard.

Look at this view!!

I am moving here.  It’s official.  We are staying with Kim’s family…and they stocked up on yummy organic food just for us.  Total love!

Oatmeal and toast it was!  I topped the oatmeal with the Almond Butter plus my homeade trail mix.  It was a mix of Kashi Strawberry Fields, Raisins, Soynut Trail Mix, and the LAST of my Dark Chocolate Covered Edamame Beans

Even in Florida I can make a mean bowl-o-oats.

Oats, Eziek, Smart Balance, Coffee.  YUM!

We hung out for a while and before we knew it.  Lunch was calling.  (ok, maybe we slept in slightly.)  😉

We were then off to have a lunch at one of Kim’s favorite local Italian places…

We started carb loading for the race a little early. 😉

They had tons of tasty looking options..

Grilled Eggplant….yes, please!

This combo was absolutely amazing.  The melty cheese, pesto, peppers, and eggplant made a fantasmic combination!  I love these little local places.  Emily was in full force blogging and carb-loading as well.

After lunch it was time for stereotypical Florida tourist fun!

All I was missing was a Hawaiian shirt, big floppy hat, and fanny pack.  I am seriously in love with this weather!

Did I mention I was a major tree hugger.

Oh yes, I am rocking the flip flops.  Took a while for my feet to re-adjust to them!  It was like a body trying to reject a virus!  Don’t worry, it eventually caved and accepted the open toe-ness.

Snacked on my favorite while waiting on dinner…

Now we are back at Kim’s house waiting for a delicious dinner (I smell it wafting in my room which is a clear sign that I need to be tracking down the whereabouts of this amazing odor.)

We are going to do my favorite activity post dinner.  GROCERY SHOPPING!  Publix and Fresh Market are on the agenda.  Hey you Clearwater/Tampa peeps, where else do I need to go?!?!



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15 responses to “Florida Sun!

  1. Sorry it was so cold for you…we really do have warm weather, I promise!

  2. Ah, I could totally get used to that weather, too!

    Love those Clif Z’s!

  3. I am jealous of that weather! I am in hibernation over here!

  4. Janet

    You MUST go to my favorite restaurant, Casa Tina’s! It’s in Dunedin which is practically down the street from Johnny’s. LOVE JOHNNY’S!
    Here’s a link: http://www.casatinas.com/

  5. Oh my gaaaaaah I need sunshine and palm trees and flip flop weather and carbs and drizzley almond butter and an orange tree so I can have an orange stand to get rid of them because I hate them. Ugggh!!! The clear blue sky is killing me!!!

  6. UGH I’m so jealous of that sunshine! It took me twice as long to get to work this morning because of the 6 to 12 inches of snow that fell last night in Cleveland!

    Can’t wait to see your half marathon playlist. Enjoy your trip and rock that race!

  7. misssarahlou

    Looks like you are having an amazing time so far! Just wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award today! :o)

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