Leaaaaaavin’, on a jet plane…..

don’t know when I’ll be back again.

Ok…I lied, I will totally be back Sunday.

Woke up to this, this morning:

Dearest Winter, 

I hate you with the fire of forty suns.  I curse you daily, and if you interfere with my flight to Florida, we are going to have issues.


Blogger Boy


Didn’t get a chance to update last night, but here was the dinner that I was working on from the last post:

I had made the veggie filling (mushrooms, zucchini, onions, spinach) before work and assembled it there with a whole wheat pita and some veggies/hummus.  Also added some natural provolone.  A little cheese never hurts, eh?

After dinner I had my favorite Easter candy of all time.  Now, I do not buy nor recommend buying things like this often.  This, however, falls into the category of “if you want it, eat it”.  Plus, it was the “mini” bag…and who can resist these:

Best. Candy. Ever.     I savored every egg.

Finished up work, and then headed to Wal*Mizzle to buy some of those tiny 3oz containers to take my shampoo, etc on the plane.  There was a woman in front of us (with of course, one lane being open in the ENTIRE STORE) who honest to goodness had an Encyclopedia Brittanica-esque book FULL of competitor ads.  She was price matching EVERY.  ITEM.  IN.  HER.  BUGGY.  I swear we were in line for 45 minutes, waiting on the woman to argue that “KROGER HAS TIDE ON SALE AND IT IS .30 CENTS CHEAPER!!!!!!! RAWR!!!!!”  I think the people behind us were beginning to plot her death, which was sure to be not only painful…but slow.  Do you guys price match groceries, or even frequent Wal*Mart?  It was seriously ridonkulous.

Headed home and started packing/freaking out for Florida.  I get big time plane anxiety, and mine is already starting to form.  It’s like that little feeling in your stomach right as you go down the gigantic hill on a roller coaster, and it will just gets worse as it gets closer to boarding time.  It’s only an hour flight though, which is what I have to keep reminding myself of.  I think that I have a fear of flying because there is a total lack of control.  As silly as it is, I feel like I am in control of my car.  This whole scenario is out of my hands completely.  What do you think about flying?

Breakfast this morning was spent with my favorite guy, Mr. Quaker.

I picked this up recently and figured it would be the perfect addition to some oats!

These oats had this yummy mix…plus the usual.  Heaping amount of flax, Almond Milk, Almond Butter, and a Truvia.

It was pretty much joyful.  

Well, off to pack/prepare for FLORIDA!  I cannot believe I leave in like 6 hours!!!  Eek!  Florida peeps, how is the weather in Tampa???

PS, how am I supposed to leave these faces?!



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28 responses to “Leaaaaaavin’, on a jet plane…..

  1. Natalie

    I so look forward to your blog everyday but, it makes me hungry 🙂 I don’t enjoy flying so, i usually have a little cocktail pre-flight ha ha.

  2. We refer to Mini Eggs as “Legal Crack” in our house since they are just THAT addicting.

    Good luck on the race this weekend!

  3. My passionate hate for winter is as passionate as my love for Cadbury Mini Eggs. 🙂

    Safe travels! Can’t wait to hear about the race!

  4. Snow is the enemy. It ruins everything. It better not ruin your trip!
    I don’t have the time, energy, or want to price match. I know I should care about how much money I spend on groceries, but I don’t.

  5. Snow is the enemy. It ruins everything. It better not ruin your trip!
    I don’t have the time, energy, or want to price match. I know I should care about how much money I spend on groceries, but I don’t. I dont budget anything. Bad, horribe, but true.
    The only part I hate about flying is that your cooped up in a little seat between two people (or trapped by two people – I don’t do isle) for hours and it hurts my back. Plus I get bored so easily and books.mags/movies don’t hold my attention very long. Don’t be scurred though!!! Flying is fun. And if you have to, just take some benadryl or nyquil before you take off!
    I love how you drizzle. I need to drizzle.

    • I will be with friends so the seating part will be a breeze…it’s just the whole “we could crash and burn at any given second” thing, that freaks me completely out. haha


  6. Hey lover!!!!

    Oh u will miss your doggies so much, but you will be home before you know it!!!!! I hope the snow does not mess up your flight, dang snow!!!

    Loving your oats this morning!!! How did u get the almond butter so creamy like that to drizzle? That is a masterpiece breakfast!!!!!!!!

    I hope you have the most amazing time!!! Good luck with the race too!!!!!!!! Im so excited for you!!!


  7. Matt

    Price matching groceries should be banned!!! Tuesday, I was at Walmart stuck behind two she-beasts and a man-thing in a rascal comping three *full* shopping carts of soda. They were on sale somewhere 5 for whatever and had to be rung up 5 at a time!!! It took 20 minutes for these rotund wonders to pay for their obesity inducing/diabetic crack. It drives me crazy when people comp off the top of their heads…like they could remember all those sale prices. Why can’t they go to each store…it would at least be *some* form of exercise. I’m a shopping cart watcher and usually find it horrifying what people put in their bodies. Besides a few staples, you should only shop the outer depts. of the grocery store…but I digress.

    PS. You’re pics make food look soooo good…you definitely have a good eye! Enjoy your time in Florida (warmth=jealousy). 😀

    • I agree, unless it is an Earth Fare/Trader Joe’s type store…it is best to lurk on the outsides of these stores! I will miss everyone, especially all my lovely classes this weekend. Keep em in line, Matt. I want a detailed report of all my subs. 😀

  8. Beautiful oats sir. And good luck!!!!!!!!

  9. Have a safe trip and ROCK THAT RACE!

  10. teneightsixfour

    SO over the snow!! My parents are expecting 3 feet over the weekend! It’s like wtf mother nature bring out the sunshine!

    Good luck!!!!

  11. debbie

    I loooooooooooove your blog. Your weight loss story is comendable. I love seeing what you eat as well you are very creative with your foods! Hope you have fun in Florida and good luck in the race!

  12. eatavegan

    I am quickly becoming addicted to your blog and your tweets… Good luck at the half marathon! Can’t wait to read all about it!

  13. Mmm, mini eggs! I don’t like how they’re available all year-round now, though. Takes away part of their magic! 😦

    I’m usually super rigid with plans about certain stuff..cause I like to feel that I have “control” of my situations. It’s a hard complex to explain I guess, but if you have it you know what it’s like!
    Your trip will go fine :)!!

  14. Multiple comments:
    -Don’t be mad at the snow, it got me outta work today….YAY!!!
    -Looooove that you are now using the word ridonkulous! 🙂
    -You were SUPPOSED to save those cadbury eggs till after the race on Sunday!!
    -We leave for Florida in T minus hours…..ahhhh!

  15. Have fun in Tampa! Can’t wait to see pictures! Take care of your knee!

  16. Pat Mccard

    Have a safe trip and good luck. Will be looking forward to reading all about it.

  17. your dogs are precious!!! those faces!!!

  18. Haha it’s like you stole the words right out of my mouth about flying…I NEED to be in control, so flying isn’t fun for me! I feel safer driving and I get super nervous before flying!

  19. I don’t price match at grocery stores aka Wal-Mart…simply because I work next to one grocery store, 2. pass the two others on the way to work. If any of these stores have something on sale…I just stop there…

    but I am really bad about price matching at Best Buy…because usually i have coupon for an additional savings.

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