Productivity, who knew.

Who knew that with some good tunes in the background, and a semi-empty schedule…I can get alot done!  I worked alot on my Florida i-tunes mix…which is appropriately named “Flow-Rye-Dah” and contains some pump-worthy jams…all of which will be posted tomorrow.  Any suggestions?!?!  What are some of your favorite running tunes? 

Between being productive and lunch, I may have had several handfull’s of these gems:

What can I say, productivity yields hunger in my case.  I attempted to clean my room, but there were a couple of hairy monsters preventing my bed from being completely cleared:

I worked around them, as per usual.

Lunch time rolled around and I was feeling particularly creative again.  I love the days where I have time to think about/create meals.

Started out with a veggie burger (LOVING this brand), a whole wheat tortilla, and some Light Swiss L.C. Cheese!

Topped the tortilla with the cheese, and then cut the burger and placed it on top.  It needed something extra…so I added some Broccoli Slaw mixed with some leftover Almond Butter Sauce from last night.  It was like a yummy and healthy coleslaw!

Some Organic Pam went in a heated pan…and I grilled that baby up!

Put some Greek Yogurt on for the “sour cream” fix, and chopped up a huge pear to go alongside…

‘Twas yummy.

Finished off with dessert, of course, which was a kicked up Attune bar!

Chocolate AND Dark Chocolate Dreams is heaaaaaaven:


Headed to work early so I could get a quick workout in.  Did 30 minutes on the Elliptical, and 30 minutes on the AMT, aka Death Machine.  Doing this puppy on level 20 = Tyler looks like he just jumped out of the shower.  I was seriously drenched!  Love it though.

Showered, changed, and came into work.  A snack was definitely in order:

Cherry Dark Chocolate anyone?!?!  PS, this is how an apple should look post-consumption:

Bam.  Done deal.

Dinner was leftovers, I am sorry to post.  Still delicious though!  Took last nights Stir Fry (Veggie Chicken/Tofu Noodles) and added some brown rice:

Followed by a dessert that made me extremely sad.  The LAST of my Powerberries.

I had the LAST of my precious berries, plus a clementine!

At least I went out with a bang.  I am seriously going to miss these little guys, however….now they will not be constantly calling my name EVERYTIME I see them. 

Well, so much for Tuesday!  I am going to close down the YMCA then head home and go to sleep asap, so I can teach 5:45am spin tomorrow!  Remember…I need Half Marathon song suggestions!!



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28 responses to “Productivity, who knew.

  1. I just bought those Powerberries…they are like chocolate/berry crack!!

    Your broccoli slaw/gardenburger quesadilla looks amazing!

  2. LOVE the Lunch!! I might have to make that tomorrow for my lunch !!!!!!!!! Yay!!!

    That is exactly how I eat my apple, down to nothing baby!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!

    Your dogs are to cute!!!!!!

    Yay for Florida soon for you!!!!!

    Hmmmmm songs I will have to think about!!!!

    “SOS,” by Rihanna
    “4 Minutes,” by Madonna

    gotta think!! Anything Madonna, Rihanna, and Michael Jackson!

  3. Love the name of your play list! So creative. I always name mine things like “running”, “running 2”, “new”, “newer”, “sad songs”. Yeah it’s kind of confusing, and the last one is a real playlist. It’s what I listen to when I’m feeling melancholy.
    You went to town on the apple! Show ’em how it’s done!
    Okay, I’m giving you song suggestions. Some may be questionable, but you asked for it.

    1. brand new key by Melanie. It’s a werid 70s one hit wonder that my coworkers listened to on youtube last week and I decided I love it.
    2. (if you’re wondering if I want you to) I want you to by weezer. It has a fun running beat.
    3. BOB by outkast, another good running beat.
    4. Sleepyhead by passion pit. Not really my first choice of music genre (whatever genre it is) but it’s a super fun song
    5. Put it in a love song by Alcia Keys and Beyonce
    6. your love is my drug by the poor man’s gaga aka Ke$ha. I know you’re not down with her but give it a listen!
    7. scream by Janet and Michael Jackson…actually, anything fast by these 2 is a safe bet.
    8. That’s all!

    • bwahahaha, I had to start getting creative too. Mine were like:

      Running, Running Jams, New Running Jams, Spice Girls (Ok, that one was a stand-alone)


      I will give those songs a listen, even if it involves Ghetto GaGa.

      Another Julie mental image. You…sitting along in your room. It is raining, and you are listening to “sad songs” which will of course include “Kiss The Rain”. hahahahahaha

  4. Here are my favorites on my workout playlist right now:
    Maneater: Nelly Furtado
    Never Miss a Beat: Kaiser Chiefs
    Breakin’ Dishes: Rihanna
    Green Light (featuring Andre 3000): John Legend
    Imma Be: Black Eyed Peas
    Do You Remember: Jay Sean

    Your pups kill me. LOVE THEM. Puts a smile on my face after a long day at the office 🙂

  5. I’m so glad you followed me on twitter- your blog is so fun! I’m a huge fan of the broccoli slaw you used in your healthy quesadilla- it’s the only way I’ll eat raw broccoli 🙂

  6. do you have “umbrella beach” by owl city?? i love it… and of course anything glee or lady gaga but you knew that already 😉

  7. Whenever I need a kick in the ass, I listen to Bad Romance 😉

  8. Kelly Clarkson My life would suck without you
    Glee-Halo/Walkin on sunshine

  9. Ummmm that play list better be getting loaded on my [your ex] ipod for FLORIDA too!!! 2 days dude, 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whooooooooo hoooooooo!

  10. Jen

    I’m loving these songs right now:
    Infinity by Josh Guru Project
    Amazing by Seal
    Run this Town by Jay Z

  11. Michelle

    google “mashups” they are a mix of 2 or 3 songs, with added beats. Super great for running!

  12. “A little thing called love”-the darkness 😉

  13. Your dogs are just adorable. What breed is the little guy? He is just so furry and cute. And if your Boxer is anything like the one I used to have, he acts like a puppy even at full grown 🙂

  14. Kristin Harris

    You MUST put Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor. Chris would agree 😀 hahaha

  15. Kristin Harris

    oh yeah, someone mentioned Mashups.. here’s two good ones..

  16. Jeasie

    I found out about this band when they opened up for gaga in concert – semi precious weapons! Their EP is on iTunes. Very high energy!

  17. Hey dude I posted my running playlist a couple of days ago so those are definitely all of my current faves! I love til’ I collapse by eminem as a “getting towards the end and need to keep pushing song”. It’s super motivating.

  18. I will try all of these, thanks so much guys!!! Keep them coming!!!! I particularly love the Mash Ups!!!

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