48 Hours til Florida! *insert girl squeal*

It is finally starting to sink in that in 48 hours my happy little behind will be on his way to Florida!!!!!  I am so stoked about my second Half Marathon I could, and may, puke!  😉  Joking…..but in all seriousness, I hope Kim and Emily are prepared for my flying-nervousness-craziness.

Woke up early and headed to my KidFit class for my Cardio Circuit.  I played a techno/dancey version of “Party In The USA” for the kids, and you would have thought that Miley Cyrus herself had entered the building and was giving out $100.00 bills.  The girls were screaming and seemed to be on the verge of tears/seizures.  That girl really knows how to hook the elementary crowd.  Oh well, whatever works…and that song most certainly motivated them.

Headed home and had time to make a nice breakfast that I had forgotten about since I got it at Trader Joe’s, in North Carolina!

(I cut the recipe that follows into 1/3rd, since it was only me…and I only wanted three small pancakes of glee)

I decided not to add butter at all, and added a dollop of Greek Yogurt, instead.  Mixed up the batter, and then decided to go for three different styles of pancakes.  First up was walnut!

Next was Almond Butter Swirl:

And last but not least, blueberry!

Are these the perfect “golden brown” or what???  Kudos, Trader Joe’s!

For the topping, I heated up an old favorite, and stuck with the pumpkin theme:

thinned it a bit with some Almond Milk…

Added some fruit on the side (Kiwi with skin…it’s how I roll) and a nectarine:

Can I just say that these may be the best pancakes I have ever had, seriously!  So sweet and delicious!

I settled into the living room complete with pancakes, Hoarders on TV, and the puppies.  Good morning.

Who needs a blanket when you have two furry heating pads on either side of you?!  It was all I could do not to drift off into unconsciousness.  I fought it, however…and got extremely productive for a change.  Oh, check out this pic….I think it belongs in National Geographic  *insert thick Australian accent*  “CRIKEY!!!  CHECK OUT THE CHOMPAHS ON THAT LITTLE BUGGAH!”

Ok, so I gave him some pancake.  🙂  Could you resist?!?!

Oli is pretty cute, too.

Notice how she uses my knee as a chin rest.  Bless it.

So after breakfast/pup time…I had a mini freak out, and decided to start prepping for Florida.  Question, how big is a carry on bag?!?!  Is my ginormous gym bag/duffel to large to fit in the overhead? I am a total flying newb.  It’s an epic fail.  I also went on a mini cleaning spree.  I swear, I think watching “Hoarders” is the best thing to motivate people to clean.  I always feel uber disgusting after watching that show.  Here is my tentative “To-Do” list:

  • Find Carry-On Bag
  • List the clothing items I need to pack
  • PACK
  • Download/Create running mix for the race (Suggestions?!?!)
  • Confirm that all my classes are being taught by other instructors
  • Think about what food/snacks to pack

Sorry, I tend to be a list person.

OH!  Rachel finished the pictures!!!!  Here they are!  I love that she called the album “A Blog Boy’s Photoshoot”  LOL!

I think I look particularly Emo in most all of the pics, but I think Rachel is an AMAZING photographer!  Check out my pics, as well as her other clients!  I adore this girl!



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28 responses to “48 Hours til Florida! *insert girl squeal*

  1. Good luck packing for your race, I find it hard to pack for a race that’s an hour away…much less in another state! You’re going to do awesome I’m sure!

    So jealous of your TJ’s pancake mix…we’re miles and miles and miles from a TJ’s!

    • I know, it is stress, but good stress I suppose! The closest TJ’s to me was when I went to NC a couple of weeks ago for a work training. Needless to say, I stocked UP!

  2. Marian

    Just discovered your blog and love it so far! Your dogs are adorable and the fact that you watch Hoarders just makes everything that much better. haha

  3. Hi! I just found your blog after you found me on Twitter. Love it, looking forward to more posts! 🙂
    Those pancakes look great, good idea to do three variations for maximum pleasing of the tastebuds.
    Your dogs are so cute!

  4. Jen

    Your pancakes looks amazing, your pics are phenomenal (yours and Rachel’s of you) and your dogs are adorable! I’m sure you’ve answered this before but what type of dogs are they? You need to put their pics up in your “About me” tab. They really add a lot of character to your blog – not that need any MORE character but they really are over the top cute!

  5. Matt

    Have you never flown before? You’re going to love it. Sit by the window and prepare for the best view *EVER* (and a stiff neck)…lol. A little drink to calm the nerves never hurts either. A carry on can only be 45 inches now (length+width+height). Have fun…that’s what it’s all about…right?! You’re going to do great. 😛

  6. She did a great job with the pictures! They look great.

    So do your pancakes. Now I’m hungry. 🙂

  7. Hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok those pancakes look amazing as heck!!!! Im going to have to make me some pancakes asap!! I have some gingerbread pancake mix leftover that needs used up!!!!!!! Love how you did three different ones!!!

    Oh traveling is always stressful, I used to live out of my suitcase, slept at many airports, and all that fun when I was modeling alot, it was a crazy life and traveling was the worst ever for me!!!

    I am so excited for you!!!!!!!! Dont be stressed and Im sure your gym bag will be good for a carry on as long as its not like huge!! Remember too that if you have liquid or gels they have to be a certain size and in ziploc bags if they are in your carry on!!

    Love ya!!!! have a great day!!!!! LOVE the pic!!!! So rockstar!! Going to check the other ones out blogger boy!!! xoxo

  8. Good luck packing! I can’t wait to hear about your race! How is the knee?

  9. Oh my God, Obsessed was such a crazy show. The one I watched was disgusting. I haven’t seen much of Hoarders or Intervention this season! This is going to sound terrible but…I like the eating disorder/pill popping ones the best. Did you see the girl who was an actress and she was addicted to those pain lollipops?? Or the guy from City High?? Cray cray.

    I scrolled through the pancake pictures repeating “ooh! ooh! ooh!” in my head. They look amaze. I love walnuts.

    I don’t know the exact demensions of a carry on bag, but if you check your airline’s website they might have them. You are allowed 2 I think and I don’t think lap tops bags count as one.

    • I know, it is like the worse the case, the more I secretly love it. Did you see the poor girl who was anorexic and “forgot” how to chew? She carried around (IN PUBLIC) a plastic cup so she could “enjoy” the food, while spitting it up in the cup. *shutters* I get depressed when they relapse though. One guy I was watching ended up dying!!!! :-/

      • oh my god I think I saw that one. Did she have a drip she carried around so she gould get nutrients?? Oh my god, I know the guy who died…the one with the son who spoke at the end of the show? he was sad his dad died, but he’s happy because he died sober 😦 ugh! the ones with kids are the saddest.

  10. Also, you crack me up. I love the Miley Cyrus comments…hilarious.

  11. Good luck! I wish you and your knee the best! Your dogs are so cute:) I’m off to spin (tried it this weekend and loved it!) Maybe you can post your running playlist, I always love hearing new song suggestions. Personally, Empire State of Mind will always pull me through a tough stretch!

    • Thank you!!!! I am hoping all goes well, it makes me nervous though!!!! I will most certainly be posting my tunes for the Half! Probably tomorrow, so check back! Empire State of Mind is actually already on there. Great minds think alike, I suppose. 😉

  12. I haven’t even pulled my suit case out yet!!! FREAK-OUT moment will begin soon!!!! Eeek! But get excited!!!!! Ahhhhhhh

  13. I know how you feel about Trader Joe’s. Luckily where I live, there are 4 (Yes! 4) in the area. If you ever need a “fix” let me know and maybe we can trade some packages!

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