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Productivity, who knew.

Who knew that with some good tunes in the background, and a semi-empty schedule…I can get alot done!  I worked alot on my Florida i-tunes mix…which is appropriately named “Flow-Rye-Dah” and contains some pump-worthy jams…all of which will be posted tomorrow.  Any suggestions?!?!  What are some of your favorite running tunes? 

Between being productive and lunch, I may have had several handfull’s of these gems:

What can I say, productivity yields hunger in my case.  I attempted to clean my room, but there were a couple of hairy monsters preventing my bed from being completely cleared:

I worked around them, as per usual.

Lunch time rolled around and I was feeling particularly creative again.  I love the days where I have time to think about/create meals.

Started out with a veggie burger (LOVING this brand), a whole wheat tortilla, and some Light Swiss L.C. Cheese!

Topped the tortilla with the cheese, and then cut the burger and placed it on top.  It needed something extra…so I added some Broccoli Slaw mixed with some leftover Almond Butter Sauce from last night.  It was like a yummy and healthy coleslaw!

Some Organic Pam went in a heated pan…and I grilled that baby up!

Put some Greek Yogurt on for the “sour cream” fix, and chopped up a huge pear to go alongside…

‘Twas yummy.

Finished off with dessert, of course, which was a kicked up Attune bar!

Chocolate AND Dark Chocolate Dreams is heaaaaaaven:


Headed to work early so I could get a quick workout in.  Did 30 minutes on the Elliptical, and 30 minutes on the AMT, aka Death Machine.  Doing this puppy on level 20 = Tyler looks like he just jumped out of the shower.  I was seriously drenched!  Love it though.

Showered, changed, and came into work.  A snack was definitely in order:

Cherry Dark Chocolate anyone?!?!  PS, this is how an apple should look post-consumption:

Bam.  Done deal.

Dinner was leftovers, I am sorry to post.  Still delicious though!  Took last nights Stir Fry (Veggie Chicken/Tofu Noodles) and added some brown rice:

Followed by a dessert that made me extremely sad.  The LAST of my Powerberries.

I had the LAST of my precious berries, plus a clementine!

At least I went out with a bang.  I am seriously going to miss these little guys, however….now they will not be constantly calling my name EVERYTIME I see them. 

Well, so much for Tuesday!  I am going to close down the YMCA then head home and go to sleep asap, so I can teach 5:45am spin tomorrow!  Remember…I need Half Marathon song suggestions!!



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48 Hours til Florida! *insert girl squeal*

It is finally starting to sink in that in 48 hours my happy little behind will be on his way to Florida!!!!!  I am so stoked about my second Half Marathon I could, and may, puke!  😉  Joking…..but in all seriousness, I hope Kim and Emily are prepared for my flying-nervousness-craziness.

Woke up early and headed to my KidFit class for my Cardio Circuit.  I played a techno/dancey version of “Party In The USA” for the kids, and you would have thought that Miley Cyrus herself had entered the building and was giving out $100.00 bills.  The girls were screaming and seemed to be on the verge of tears/seizures.  That girl really knows how to hook the elementary crowd.  Oh well, whatever works…and that song most certainly motivated them.

Headed home and had time to make a nice breakfast that I had forgotten about since I got it at Trader Joe’s, in North Carolina!

(I cut the recipe that follows into 1/3rd, since it was only me…and I only wanted three small pancakes of glee)

I decided not to add butter at all, and added a dollop of Greek Yogurt, instead.  Mixed up the batter, and then decided to go for three different styles of pancakes.  First up was walnut!

Next was Almond Butter Swirl:

And last but not least, blueberry!

Are these the perfect “golden brown” or what???  Kudos, Trader Joe’s!

For the topping, I heated up an old favorite, and stuck with the pumpkin theme:

thinned it a bit with some Almond Milk…

Added some fruit on the side (Kiwi with skin…it’s how I roll) and a nectarine:

Can I just say that these may be the best pancakes I have ever had, seriously!  So sweet and delicious!

I settled into the living room complete with pancakes, Hoarders on TV, and the puppies.  Good morning.

Who needs a blanket when you have two furry heating pads on either side of you?!  It was all I could do not to drift off into unconsciousness.  I fought it, however…and got extremely productive for a change.  Oh, check out this pic….I think it belongs in National Geographic  *insert thick Australian accent*  “CRIKEY!!!  CHECK OUT THE CHOMPAHS ON THAT LITTLE BUGGAH!”

Ok, so I gave him some pancake.  🙂  Could you resist?!?!

Oli is pretty cute, too.

Notice how she uses my knee as a chin rest.  Bless it.

So after breakfast/pup time…I had a mini freak out, and decided to start prepping for Florida.  Question, how big is a carry on bag?!?!  Is my ginormous gym bag/duffel to large to fit in the overhead? I am a total flying newb.  It’s an epic fail.  I also went on a mini cleaning spree.  I swear, I think watching “Hoarders” is the best thing to motivate people to clean.  I always feel uber disgusting after watching that show.  Here is my tentative “To-Do” list:

  • Find Carry-On Bag
  • List the clothing items I need to pack
  • PACK
  • Download/Create running mix for the race (Suggestions?!?!)
  • Confirm that all my classes are being taught by other instructors
  • Think about what food/snacks to pack

Sorry, I tend to be a list person.

OH!  Rachel finished the pictures!!!!  Here they are!  I love that she called the album “A Blog Boy’s Photoshoot”  LOL!

I think I look particularly Emo in most all of the pics, but I think Rachel is an AMAZING photographer!  Check out my pics, as well as her other clients!  I adore this girl!


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