Yoga, Sculpt, Yoga, Spin, Repeat.

What a Monday.  I have collapsed in bed to blog and feel like just sinking into the covers and melting away.

When last we left, it was time for me to head to the high school for Yoga!  Snacked on a pear en route:

I ravaged it pretty quickly.  Does anyone else eat pears/apples almost in their entirety??? I feel like I only leave the BARE minimum of the core.  It makes me so mad when I see “finished” apples that have like a million bites left!  haha…perhaps that is because I am a very strange foodie.  I ravaged it pretty quickly (note, this one is not NEARLY finished)

Mmmmm, love me some pears.

Made it to Yoga and then immediately went to teach 5:30 Spin.  With a new CD in hand (track listing to come!) we rocked it out, and I was drenched by the time it was over.  I am TELLLLLING you, if you have not taken Spin, please do.  It is seriously the hands down best cardio workout you could ever hope for.  Plus if your instructor is super cool like moi, the music will rock your socks off.  It is more of a dance party then anything else.  Holla!

On the way home I started thinking about dinner options, when I remembered a bag of veggies I bought at the Kro-Gizzle:

plus my favorite stinky noodles:

Yep, I have used these guys before and they WREAK!  You have to wash them 4/5 times in cold water to de-smell them.  If not, the aroma resembles that of a 14 day old summer sausage that has been coated in bear poo, and rolled in skunk-gunk.  Delicious, huh?  In all seriousness, once washed…these babies taste just like pasta.  TOFU pasta to boot.  Score!

Got the Wok going with some Organic Pam and the Stir-Fry veggies…and then got to thinking about a sauce.  I decided to go all mad scientist, and create my own thai-style peanut sauce!  Almond…in this case.

Who knew that Almond Butter + Hummus + Soy Sauce + (unpictured) Honey =amazement!

Needed some protein, so I added some “chicken”

Plus the noodles, and a drizzle of the sauce:

(I made a bit too much sauce, but I am sure I can find other ways to get rid of it in the near future)

My portion:

Plus the Scrap-Police:

Dessert was a delicious nectarine, and an Attune…of course!

What an ending!  *curtain closes*

Seriously, insaaaaaane Monday but so much fun as usual.  How did everyone else’s go?



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25 responses to “Yoga, Sculpt, Yoga, Spin, Repeat.

  1. AMEN .
    When it comes to pear I basically eat everything but the stem on top! (Although sometimes I find with certain pears the core is more..”crunchy” so I don’t eat it.) With apples I just don’t eat the sharp parts of the core or (most) of the seeds 😉 Waste not want not!

  2. You’re dinner looked quite fabulous and holy whoa, I will DEFINITELY be needing to try that AB/soysauce/hummus/honey mixture! And I completely agree about the apples, they don’t stand a chance; completely devoured!

    Thanks for starting to follow me on Twitter by the by, I’m following you now as well! =D

  3. Meghan K.

    I’m so glad to find I’m not the only one that LOVES Shirataki noodles! I’m going to have to try your recipe! And I, too, amost eat the whole apple 🙂

  4. I eat practically the entire apple or pear (minus the seeds and stem). It drives me crazy when my hubby leaves so much fruit behind!

    You make those noodles sound really appetizing BTW (note the sarcasm in this statement!)

  5. Child, I am all about eating an apple until there is almost nothing left. It can get messy so I have to core and slice it in work so I don’t look the fool. I secretly eat whatevers left around the core in the kitchen after I slice it.
    Yeah those noodles STANK! I tried them once, gagged a million times, decided the texture was creepy and haven’t had them since. Despite the nastiness of the noodles, your creation looks delish!

    My Monday was boring! But that’s probably a good thing, right?

  6. Ian

    I feel the same exact way about fruits and people “finishing” them with a billion bites left! It saddens me and is ridiculous!

  7. My Monday was pretty boring. I sat at a desk for 6 hours!

  8. So your discription used to explain the stank of shirataki noodles was Heeeee-larious!!! You’re a NUT!! 2.5 days till FL fun!!!!:)

    • omg, I think I just hyperventilated. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!! Kim said Friday we are going to Sarasota, and a humongo Whole Foods. Her Aunt is also organic and already has us homeade goodies prepared!

  9. Awwwwww Love you !!!

    Yes I used to model alot, not Americas Next Top Model, lol!! I did alot of promotional modeling and did some print too!! Loved it!!! I do still here and there!!

    I eat my apples down to nothing too!!!! I swear we are soulmates! Hahahaha!!!!

    Have a great day!!!!!!! : )

  10. oooh, tofu noodles, I have to find those! Maybe they will be a good alternative to white noodles for udon soup!

  11. My Monday was good – my spin class was packed and I was DRENCHED by the end. Makes me happy.

    I want to kiss your boxer on the face. 🙂

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