Free Chocolate Time!!!!

Well, I have a winner of the Attune chocolate!!!  More later.  😉

Monday’s tend to be particularly long and consist of four classes spread over the course of a day.  I started out with my KidFit Yoga this morning at 7:45.  These kids continue to crack me up, but it is so fun to show them all these yoga moves…and have them actually remember them from week to week!  I rushed home dreaming of an oatmeal combination.

This bad boy had:

1/2 Cup Oats

1 Cup Almond Milk

2 TBSP Flax Seed

1/2 Cup Blueberries

1/4 Cup Chopped Walnuts

Also got to try out my new Truvia that I got last night!  Since I gave up Splenda for Lent…I needed some NATURAL sweetener!  😉

(The pills are my new joint supplement I am trying for the ole knee!)

Yummmmm.  After I was nice and full from breakfast, I had full intentions of being productive and working on a new Spin CD.  A two hour nap with the puppers won over, I am sorry to say.  I love naps, and recommend them to everyone!  They are great to re-energize!  Plus, who doesn’t like to sleep?  Come on.  I woke up, and it was time to head to the YMCA for Express Sculpt.  Grabbed my snack to go:

H2O goodness, and a huge nana with Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter

I specifically didn’t add PB to my oats this morning, because I knew I wanted this beast as a snack!

Express Sculpt was great today!  Normally in my 60/90 minute weight classes I have the participants go lower weight, and higher reps.  Today we switched it up and had high weights with low reps.  I love the 30 minute class, because I get to quickly hit the major muscle groups back to back…here was the line-up:

  • Squats with bar on shoulder, various counts (singles…2/2….6/2…..2/6…etc.)
  • Chest Press on bench with bar, various counts
  • Walking Lunges with bar help in overhead press, lower modification was bar on shoulders
  • Bicep Curls with bar, various counts
  • Dead Lifts with added row, various counts
  • Calf Raises on bench
  • Shoulders (Overhead press/squat combo)

I was famished and ready for a yummy lunch, so I headed home and decided to try out my new veggie burgers…who could resist this guy:

I loved this burger because it was delicious AND you could actually see giant chunks of veggies.  Double word score!!!  🙂  I put the burger on half a whole wheat pita pocket, and added some Laughing Cow Light Swiss, and Broccoli Slaw:

Added my favorite Veggie Stix and some carrots/hummus:

Why does he always show up looking depressed when it is food time?!

Yes….he sampled it all.

Finished off with some dark chocolate Edamame Beans, all of which went in MY mouth, and not the pups.

Chocolate is bad for dogs, I was just being a good owner.      ……don’t look at me like that.

Now onto the most exciting news of the morning!!!!

Free Attune chocolate!!!!  14 Day Supply, baby!

First, I want to say thank you SO much to everyone for making my first (of hopefully many) giveaways!!!  Secondly, thanks to the wonderful people at Attune!  Now…onto the winner…

Number 37 (not counting my two posts in the comments) is……

Congrats, Misty!!!!  You have won a 14 day supply of Attune Chocolate Bars!  I will contact you soon with more information!

Thanks to everyone for entering.

Well…I HAVE to make a new spin cd-izzle for class tonight, or they are going to revolt.  I also need to prep for my High School Yoga class!  Any new song suggestions, guys?



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23 responses to “Free Chocolate Time!!!!

  1. Shakira’s Give it up to me . . .so motivational!

  2. Congrats to Misty!!

    Loving that you teach a kids yoga class, that is so cool and sweet!! love it!!!

    DCD is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all need that daily in our lives : )

    Anything Lady GaGa for that list for real!!! : )

    Have a great day !!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  3. Question for you-Do you go all out when you teach classes as if you were in the class or do hold back some? In the latter is that because you teach multiple classes or need a breather?

    • The only time I ever “hold back” is if I am teaching multiple weight classes on a given day, which rarely happens. In spin it is impossible to hold back, because I want my class to work just as hard as me, if not harder. I feel like if I backed it off, so would they. I just eat alot more on the days when I have multiple classes, which trust me…I am ok with. 😉

  4. I love when veggie burgers have actual veggies you can see in them. Garden burger is a good brand for that.

    Anything Ke$ha is good, and Soul sister by Train is my new obsession, as is any and all rap from the early to mid 00’s for whatever reason.

  5. Okay – so I’m newer to your blog – you need to tell me more about these pups! That little black buddy is so cute, and I am SUCH a sucker for BOXERS!!!! They are my all time favorite breed, followed closely by puggles! 🙂

    • Well Sampson is the Pomeranian. He is 7, and I keep him shaved…sometime people don’t even believe he is a pom! Then Oli (Oliver) is about 18 months! She is NUTS! Love them both. They despised eachother at first, but now they are BFF!

  6. cute patootie doggies. love ’em. Wait, chocolate is bad for dogs? 😉 Crap. Remember how my dog ate half a batch of chocolate cookies last night? Well, I cleaned up her puke this morning. Sick!

  7. Lu

    Say Hey! Michael Franti. It’s peppy. Chocolate covered edamame beans. How could I not know about these?

  8. I have to agree with the comment above, I love Say Hey by Michael Franti. Electric Feel by MGMT is also great too!

    I love your pup. I had a shipperkee (sp?)/maltese mix and your pup reminds me of mine. 🙂

  9. Something is wrong with your random number generator because it didn’t pick MEEEE as the winner!!! J/K….congrats Misty!!

  10. Thanks for the review on the burgers. I am gonna have to try those!

  11. tonjatoi

    It’s a little late for todays mix but a few of my fav spin songs of late are:
    I Know What I am – Band of Skulls
    Show Me the Money – Petey Pablo (great for heavy climbs)
    Body Body – Massari

    In todays class I played Iko Iko as a recovery song – they seemed to enjoy it – a few sang along – which I love.

    • I always tell people if I can hear them singing, they aren’t working hard enough. That doesn’t stop them, however, from screaming out pretty much the entire chorus of “Bad Romance”

      I will check those songs out, I have two spin classes to teach on Wed. and could always use more tune-age.

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