Perfect Day.

Well, I am officially in LOVE with this Sunday.  There was a photo shoot, a killer workout, a not-so-bum knee, and two trips to the grocery store with Emily.  All in all I think that is pretty much my idea of how to end the week.

After we did the grungy and surprisingly fun photo shoot downtown…..I headed off to meet Emily in Johnson City for a workout!  I am not taking any chances with the knee, so instead of running in the ahhhh-mazingly, and shockingly warm and gorgeous weather, I was stuck riding this beast:

Oh Elliptical… and I have such a love/hate relationship.  We are worse than Jon and Kate, minus the crazy psycho hair…and 4,000 children.  Lucky for me, Emily arrived quickly to relieve the boredom.

Chatting it up with a friend is way more productive and time consuming than being on these machines solo, with a 42 inch plasma screen option of Fox News and Random Sports Game….blech.  After I managed 35 minutes on the elliptical I made it to a place I do not frequent nearly enough:

I think a major problem with my knee (self diagnosed Runner’s Knee) is due to lack of stretching, so I was sure to stretch it out today!

They even had these awesome machines specifically for stretching!  It was pretty sweet.

So after some heavy duty stretching….elliptical….and some leg machines, Emily and I decided that even if we couldn’t run, we were at least going to go for a walk.  The Wellness Center is equipped with some awesome bike/jogging/walking trails, of which we took full advantage of:

We walked and talked about Florida.  Our plane leaves in *4* days!!!!!!!!!!  I am so nervous and excited at the same time.  I am hoping beyond hope that the knee won’t bug me.  I have been trying everything I can think of to “heal” it.  It’s so hard to take time off when your job is to teach Exercise Classes!  Oh well, hopefully the knee brace + no running will be enough for me to run that sucka pain free!  Did my last Half in 1:46, and I would really like to improve my time…but I’m just not sure it will happen with the whole knee thing.  Oh well.  Check out the race’s site for more info!

After the workout, we headed to our first grocery store destination, Kroger!  I love the Earth Fizz, but the produce/some other items are totally cheaper at the Krog!

Emily had to replinish her stock of oatmeal.  I am totally digging Mr. Quaker.  He keeps me company everrrrrry morning.

We then headed the literal 20 feet to the Earth Feezy to pick up the items we couldn’t get at Kroger….Eco-Friendly of course, we boxed our items out of the store!

By this point my stomach and dinner had a date that was fast approaching, and needed to happen.  Rushed home and spread out my loot:

And got to work on some veggie chili!

Made some delicious bread to go along with it using my new whole wheat pocket bread I picked up tonight, plus some natural provolone, and of course…red pepper:

Baked the bread in a 350* oven until crispy, then plated it all up.  Dollop-o-greek yogurt made for some rockin’ “sour cream”:

Which was finished off by an Attune!

Remember…you still until midnight (EST) to comment HERE for your chance to win a 14-day supply of free Attune Probiotic Chocolate bars!!!!  Include the reason why you want to win, plus a contact email!  Winner will be announced tomorrow!

Also, Rachel has posted the first pic from the photo shoot today!!!!  Check out her amazing site or Facebook Page

Did I nail the fierceness?!?!?!  Rachel, you rock…I love it!  Cannot wait to see the rest!  Have an awesome night bloggies, and don’t forget to enter to win that free chocolate!!!!!



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24 responses to “Perfect Day.

  1. Dude, you look super bad ass in that photo. FIERCE times a million.

    I would love to have access to one of those stretching machines. I stretch for at least 10 minutes after each workout and sometimes it’s nice to have some guidance. That elliptical is my favorite BTW 🙂

    • hahahahahahahahahaha bad ass may be stretching it, but thanks. I KNOW RIGHT?!?! Those machines were so cool! I didn’t even know we had them until tonight! I do love the elliptical, but it just bores me to tears at times. I am thankful for it though, it is very nice, and I have been to some gyms with some not so stellar ones.

  2. You look fiercely rugged in the pic. Your friend is an amazing photographer!
    Also…how do you not stretch?!! You gotta get on that mister!

  3. miranda

    Your posts always make me so hungry!! For healthy grub only, though, of course. : ) Plus I get tons of grocery shopping ideas.

    The picture is great! Though, as evidenced by her website, all of her photos are excellent.

  4. I can’t remember the last time I stretched 😉

  5. I freaking live for oats. that’s one of the reasons I wake up excited every morning! ha.

    Oh and I’m digging the sperrys in your shoot, loves it!

    • Heyyyyyy gotta rock the Sperry’s!!!! I LIVE for oatmeal. I am not even kidding. The only thing that is getting me through my early wakeup call tomorrow is knowing that after I teach the kids yoga…I get to come home and make some yummy oats.


    Awesome grocery goods!!! I love truvia and love Almond Breeze Milk as well!! Glad you had a great day and yay for your upcoming race in Florida!!!!

    Love ya to pieces!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Michelle

    That picture is SO awesome! I love it!

    I have a few grocery shopping questions. How often do you go grocery shopping, and generally how much do you spend (if you do mind sharing, of course)? My food bills are ridiculous!

    • I typically shop once a week…and on Sundays. That way I have food fresh for Monday. Let me tell you though, by the weekend I am always running out! I spend around 80-100 roughly per week on groceries. I know it seems like alot, but I don’t eat out much at all, so that right there saves quite a bit of cash. I also feel like people NEED to spend the little extra on healthy foods, because it is so vital for health and well being. It is a very sad society that we live in, where the healthy food is priced high…while the horrible food is cheap. It should be illegal.

      • Michelle

        okay, I’m right on track then! Thank you, I’m a college student living in an apartment for the first time and my grocery bills shocked me (especially compared to my roommates), but its the cost of eating healthy!

  8. Those stretch machines are amazing. I didn’t know they existed. I will have to check my local gym to see if they have them. It JUST might make me join (instead of walking outside or using my apartment gym).

    I have a question for you about the elliptical, though. I have knee problems (I feel and hear the lovely grinding sound when I go up hills and stairs) and it gets worse after I’ve played tennis. I tried to stay away from it for a while (much the way I imagine you have to do with running). But then I tried to use the elliptical and it was WAY too painful and similar to walking up stairs. Do you notice that? I always stick to the treadmill indoors because of this.

    Your groceries and your kitchen totally rock, btw.

    • Well, technically the elliptical is lower impact than running, but still impact none the less. If I were you I would let the knee heal for a while and spend some time on the recumbent or upright bike, that will be the best bet for knee pain!

  9. LOVE the picture!!! very fierce! Seriously, it’s a great shot.

    And there are some days that I shop at 3 grocery stores (Costco, Lowe’s, and Whole Foods). Glad it’s not just me! 🙂

  10. teneightsixfour

    LOVE the picture!! You look so professional/chic.

  11. Hey tyler,
    Regarding your knee . .have you tried getting a massage? I have found that getting a massage and having the massage therapist concentrate on the legs was done wonders for my knee!

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