It was 60* outside….the sun was gorgeous…and it was time to take pictures!  Enter the lovely Rachel:

Rachel is my friend/ahhhh-mazing photographer that played Paparazzi with me all afternoon!  We headed downtown where the backgrounds were spectacular!

I loved the whole “grunge” setting.  She wanted me to bring a variety of outfits.  Funny thing is, I didn’t think about changing facilities.  I am man enough to strip down in the alley way.  That’s everyones typical Sunday, no?  Between her shots, I managed to snap one of my own!

It was so much fun!!!!!!  We also took some really cool running pics, I cannot wait to see how they all turn out!  Thanks Rach, you are the best!!!!

What can I say, modeling is tough work.  😉  hahaha, in all seriousness, I was STARVING by the time we were done.  I thought about lunch the whole way home.  Let me just pre-face this one by saying that sometimes you just need to get creative, and get in the kitchen.  This meal was quite possibly one of my favorites evah.  EVAH PEOPLE!

I was still in my pizza frame of mind, but I was also really craving some chocolate.  Why not combine them both?!?!  I slathered a whole wheat tortilla with my favorite DCD Peanut Butter:

The “toppings” included a sliced nana, some “indulgent” Trader Joe trail mix, and a heavy sprinkling of cinnamon!

Popped this baby into a 400* oven for about 10 minutes…warning.  Drool inducing imagery ahead.  Don’t say you weren’t told.


Nice big apple created a lunch for the books.

Rachel likes to snap photos of people….I prefer to take pictures of dessert pizza.  To each their own, right?

Yeaaaaaaa.  It was pretty much as good as it looked.  Perfect Sunday lunch.

Now it is time to head to Johnson City to meet Emily at the gym for a couple of hours, then to Earth Fare.  Does this day get any better?

I hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC Sunday….I hope it is as gorgeous outside for you!  It is making me so happy!

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18 responses to “Papa…..Papa…Razzi!

  1. Ian

    Sounds and looks glorious! Awesome lunch idea 😀

  2. holy moly, i want this now. Im seriously making this for me and the bf this week!!

  3. Jenna

    That looks yummy!!

  4. I’m gonna have to make that dessert pizza for the hubby. He might love me FOREVER, not that he doesn’t already!

  5. Damn that lunch is like dessert!

  6. We pretty much are seperated at birth. Where have you been my whole life??
    Anyone who creates a dessert pizza and eats it for luch is a genius in my eyes. Genius!

    Ps – we need to see these jcrew model shots, mmkay?

  7. Woohooo!!! Vogue baby!!!! Love the pic of you and cant wait to see more!!!!!

    Ok that pizza is pretty much the best creation ever!!! I must try that!!!!!!!!!!! U are just so talented let me tell ya!!! I would want that for breakfast and might have to do that!!!

    I hope you have a FAB day !!!!!

    Muah!! xoxo

  8. That looks so yummy 🙂 I love desert pizza..haven’t had one in a LONG time!

  9. Legal Guardian

    That looks absolutely delicious…You have the best food ideas!

  10. That looks amazing! I can’t wait to see the pics from your photo shoot, sounds like a ton of fun!

  11. OMG! You were right! My mouth is salavating just looking at the pictures of your pizza!

  12. Oh, wow. That pizza has my mouth watering. I just bought that trail mix today at Trader Joes. I love it, it is pure indulgence!!

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