Oats and Photo Shoots…

I love a good Sunday that starts out like this:

’twas the standard:

  • 1/2 Cup Oats
  • 1 Cup Skim Milk
  • 2 TBSP Almond Butter
  • 2 TBSP Flax Seed
  • 1 TBSP Natural Peach Jam
  • 1/4 Cup TJ’s Dried Raisin, Cranberry, and Blueberry mix


I am trying to get all spiffy to get my pictures made!!!  My wonderful friend and professional photographer Rachel Riner contacted me recently wanting to do some pictures of me downtown, as sort of a before/after shoot.  She is trying to beef up her portfolio, so who am I to say no?!?!?!  I am a bit nervous.  The last time I had my pictures taken professionally was when my elbow was propped up against a giant “SENIOR” 3D-catastrophe whilst in High School.  Needless to say, it has been a while.

I gotta work on my FIERCENESS!

C’mon…..vogue!  Everybody go with the flow.   …..or something along those lines.  😉

Off to get paparazzi’d….wish me luck!



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7 responses to “Oats and Photo Shoots…

  1. Haha good luck with the photo shoot 😉

  2. Doug

    Good luck! Blog fans will be waiting with anticipation for the pics. 🙂

  3. Good luck with the shoot! I’m sure it will be a success and a blast.

  4. WORK IT! Love that pic – you totally nailed the fierceness! You after shots will be awesome for your friend to add to their portfolio! If you are allowed – make sure to share the proofs!

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