Love me some Saturday’s.  Taught Weekend Warrior and Spin…now I am working, so I guess it is technically “three-a-day’s”???  Who knows.  Woke up with oatmeal on the brain.  Anyone shocked?!?!

It was the standard, with a fun new variation:

  • 1/2 Cup Oats
  • 1 Cup Skim Milk
  • 2 TBSP Flax Seed
  • 1 TBSP Natural Peach Jam
  • 1/2 Cup Blueberries
  • 1 “Melted” banana.  That’s right, melted!

I don’t remember what blog I saw this on (sorry!) but I nuked a chopped banana for two minutes, and was left with that yummy mixture.  It gives the banana a whole new and sweeter flavor.  Considering I am giving up artificial sweetners for Lent, I needed some added sweet!

It was seriously some drool-worthy oat goodness.

Inhaled this banana-berry-jam-oat-love, and headed out the door to go teach Weekend Warrior.

Weekend Warrior is an anything goes weight class.  I teach it almost identical to my Total Body H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) class.  Today’s line-up consisted of:

  1. Warm-Up with Gliders
  2. Chest Press On Bench with Bar, Chest “Push” from Up-Dog position with Gliders
  3. Walking Lunges/Lunge With Gliders
  4. Deadlift with bar, Row added
  5. Squats with bar, pulsed low and walked on and off the step
  6. Side Squats/10 Jumping Jacks/Side Squats/10 Push Ups (repeat set)
  7. Bicep Work with Bar (Various Counts…Up 2 Down 6 was particularly groan-esque
  8. Calf Raises (Three ways), Leg Raises/Circles with weight on thigh
  9. Suicides with added squat jumps
  10. Tricep Skullcrushers on bench with dumb bell, various counts
  11. Overhead Press with Squat, Lateral Raises (Uni/Bi-Lateral)
  12. Side Squats with Gliders/Mtn. Climbers with Gliders
  13. Abs (V-Sit-Extend/Reach), Sit-Up with Reverse Crunch
  14. Cool Down

Nothing like a good weight class to get the sweat pouring!  I was drenched!

After W.W., I munched on this bad boy to get me through Spin:

Love the mini’s!

Had an awesome and full Spin class this morning!  They rocked it out!  By the time it was over I was exhauuuusted.  I have to work at the front desk of the YMCA immediately after my classes on Saturday.  I did have time to run to Panizzle to pick up lunch!

I went against my somewhat normal grain, and got the Half Veggie Sammie (Wheat Bread instead of tomato…no feta, add motz!), and the Half Apple Chicken Salad (sans the chicken.  🙂 )

Dessert was obvious!  I needed some pro-biotic chocolate:

Remember!  If you want a free 14-day supply of Attune Chocolate…make sure to comment on this post (Yesterday’s), and tell me why!  I will close voting on Sunday and use a random number generator to pick a winner!  Make sure to include an email address!!!

High ho…high ho…it’s off to work I go.  MELLOW MUSHROOM TONIGHT!!!!!!  So stoked beyond belief.  We just got our Mellow Mushroom this week, and I have heard amazing things about it.  Anyone have good suggestions for dinner options there?!?! The menu makes my mouth extremely jealous.



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19 responses to “Two-A-Days

  1. Sounds like you had a busy day. I love spin! It’s the best 🙂

    • It is the best!!!! I love the freedom that comes with it when it comes to song selection. I can create/make my CD’s however I want. It is glorious. The 130 BPM CD’s are good for weight classes, but I hate some of the songs that come on the CD’s!!! I mean, do we really need a techno “Party In The USA”??? Come on people!

  2. Sammi

    The tempeh sandwich there is CRAZY good. I had a really hard time deciding because their menu is awesome. I actually like not having tons of options as a vegetarian because I am very indecisive.. so when there’s a veggie friendly menu i get overwhelmed! But that sandwich was heaven ❤ I wish we had one here 😦

    The portobello and cheese grilled hoagie looks awesome too. Not sure if the one you're going to has either of these because they all seem to have different options.

    • OMG! That sounds amazing. I have also been eye-balling the Mega Veggie pizza with tofu! It looks dreamy. I am with you on the multiple options. I like having only 1-2 things to choose from, if not, I have too many regrets!!! Oh well, I am sure this won’t be my last trip 😀

  3. michelle

    Yes, get the chicken caesar salad pizza! So yummy! Kingsport is stepping up with all these new shopping and noshing spots!

  4. My recommendations are the BBQ tofu pizza and the Greek pizza. Both are awesome!

  5. Mmmm…..they have awesome crust! Have fun!

  6. Am I the only one who hasn’t been to a MM? The tempeh sandwich sounds good to me. Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only vegetarian in Kingsport! LOVE your blog and your tweets! Janet

  7. So I’m hot banana freak. My coworkers think I’m nuts for warming up my banana for at least a minute before eating it. Tastes SOOOOOOO good with almond butter!

  8. just found your blog and your story is so awesome! you look fab. and i want to steal your little black dog 🙂

  9. Tyler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to go to Mellow Mushroom with you tonight!!! I bet it is going to be good!!! I so wish that we were neighbors!!!

    Loving the Panera Lunch, I have a panera right next to the complex I live at, so I can walk there, but I NEVER do, I know horrible right? I think I take it for granted that it is a walk away, if it wasnt I would prob be driving 5 miles to go to Panera weekly, lol!!

    Have a great night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

    • KATIE!!!!! I want to go with you too, sister. We have to plan a meet up soon. We can shop, eat, laugh, and blog. It would be perfect.

      And yes, you need to hit up Panizzle more, it is a must!!!! Have a great night sister!!! 🙂

  10. I keep seeing so many wonderful foodie places where everyone else lives! It is making me search and learn to make my own 🙂

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