Not So Mellow.

Well, the plan was to go to Mellow Mushroom.  Two.  Hour.  Wait.  UGH!  No pizza is worth two hours, or at least I don’t think so.  Maybe another night when it isn’t so new and insanely crowded.  Instead we went to a delicious italian place…but more on that in a bit.

Teaching two classes = TYLER STARVES ALL SATURDAY.  Seriously I was like a Snackosauraus while at work:

Munched on that bag-o-yum which was a mixture of Kashi Puffs, TJ’s Fiber Cereal, and Dark Chocolate Covered Powerberries.

I think they should re subtitle the bar to read “Nutritional Bar for Tyler” and not women.  Men like these bars to, dang it.  Also…a couple of weeks ago I had ordered some “satan in a box” aka Girl Scout Cookies.  So I had these staring me down all day.  It was like some sick twisted game of dominance…and the cookies totally won.

Yes, I bought three boxes.  To be fair…the Caramel Delights are for my mom….and by mom I mean my mouth.

What sane person could resist a Thin Mint?!?!?!  I was certainly not one of them.

I was good, and only had one.  Truth be told the TRUE way to eat a Thin Mint is straight out of the freezer.  Can I get a blogaleujiah?

Darn you, scouts.  Why must you tempt me with these devilish spheres of joy!?!

I managed to finally curb my hunger long enough to finish work, and then headed to what I thought was going to be dinner at Mellow Mushroom!  Two hour wait=Tyler goes elsewhere.  We went to Jonny Carino’s!

It’s my favorite friend and fellow blogee Emily!!!!  😀

Emily’s husband Russel can be seen running inside from embarrasment in the following pic.  He obviously doesnt understand the blogging world and constant need for photos!!!

Christie’s son Trey (whom I adooooore) made the perfect dinner date:

He played with my phone all night.  This place had some dangerously delicious bread and dippage:

Had this hunk times 2…….or 11.  😉  Seriously…about 2.

Even though it wasn’t Mellow Mushroom, I was still going to get my pizza fix, darn it.

I built my own pie, with Red Peppers, Artichokes, Spinach, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Mushrooms.

Started off with a salad….light Honey Mustard…

While Trey enjoyed his pizza!  He couldn’t take his attention away from my phone to even notice the string of cheese hanging from his mouth!

And the star of the show finally arrived!

Emily got a similar pizza and totally hated every bite…obviously.

Her hubbie Russel ordered this monster:

Emily and I did manage to sneak a bite away from him.  It was glorious.

We won’t talk about how dangerously close I was to falling into the fountain of death.  At least the photo turned out!  😀

Headed 50ft. down the road to Starbizzle, where a Venti Iced Coffe with Soy (and Sugar in the Raw…not Splenda. 🙂 ) was in order.  I also may have snuck in a couple of Girl Scout goodies.

Thanks-A-Lot indeed…thanks for making me eat every cookie in the box over the next three days!  Evil scouts, I tell you.  Eeeeeeeeevil.

Now it is time for some good ole fashioned chess with Russel while Emily and I blog an end to the perfect Saturday.  Have a great one bloggies.  I am attempting a run tomorrow, knee problems or no knee problems.  Wish me luck!!!  There also may be some Cracker Barrel breakfast in my near future….hmmmm…

Make sure to comment on Friday’s post, and enter to win your free 14 day supply of Attune probiotic chocolate!!!  Voting ends tomorrow night at midnight, when a random winner will be decided through a number generator!  Tell me why you want to try the 14 day challenge, and include an email so I can contact you!  Happy voting!



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17 responses to “Not So Mellow.

  1. tonjatoi

    You lucky blog boy! Our local Johnny Carino’s closed a few years ago and JUST TODAY I was saying how much I missed their amazin sangria and other yummy delites. I was able to resist the evil that is girl scout cookies this year – which was not an easy feat. My fav are the Caramel Delites which are still called Samoa’s here in AZ.

  2. No Mellow Mushroom 😦 You should have gotten it to go!

  3. Mmm girl scout cookies, I’ve been caught without cash so far! Hope you got your fill, snackasaurus rex!

  4. Steph

    Thin Mints + Freezer = GLORIOUS!!!

  5. Oh wow, I am jealous of the Thanks-A-Lots. I wasn’t able to place an order for them 😦

    But when I get my Thin Mints, they are SO going in the freezer!

  6. Girl scouts and their cookies ARE evil!!!!

    So glad I found your blog, Tyler (via twitter). You are too funny!!!

  7. Snackosauraus – love it. I love adding “sauraus” to words. Like dorkosauraus or creeposauraus. I thought I was the only one 🙂
    I like pizza, but I don’t love it…unless it has super fancy toppings. Yours looks divine.

  8. THIN MINTS are the devil!!!!!!!!!! I did not buy girl scout cookies this year because I would eat a whole box of thin mints in one sitting for sure!!!

    Those suckers are so good!! I saw some girl scouts selling cookies a few weeks ago at the grocery store and went in the other entrance so I could not get sucked into buying any!!!

    So glad you still had agreat dinner, mellow mushroom next time !!! The pizza at the place you went looked good though!!!

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