Racha Veggies = Yum.

Hello bloggies!  What a crazy day.  This one is going to be short and sweet, I have to be up in 4.5 hours for 5:45am spin class!  Yikes.  Last left off with a wonderful lunch I had packed.  That bad boy included a broccoli slaw/hummus/cheese sammie and some carrots.  There was also a pear involved.  He escaped the picture.  On the way to KidFit, I snacked on some fruit…

I had 18 kids today.  It was nuts.  Rushed back to the YMCA for Total Body HIIT and tried what *may* be my new favorite Lara Bar evah.

Seriously delicious.  Just what I needed for a crazy Total Body HIIT class!  It was insane tonight, we had more people than ever (around 30) and ran out of equipment for everyone!

I hate wearing that stupid mic.  Oh well.  Finished off with some nice long planks, gotta love em:

I always finish off this class with planks.  Tonight it was two-thirty second beauties.

When class was over I was famished, and happily accepted a dinner date with Maggie, Jessica, and Ross at Stir Fry!

Their menu is so fun, and full of veggie entrees:

Went with the Racha Veggies (light sauce), added broccoli, and with brown rice:

It was still sah-WIIIIming in sauce!  I picked out all the veggies, plus some LIGHT sauce, and mixed with the rice!

Also, it was half price wine night!  I have never been a big drinker, and especially not of wine.  I thought it was appropriate though, considering it was on sale.  Turned out to be delicious!  We had both a red and white.

Bottoms up!

(I preferred the white.)

Loved the corks!  (I am like a small animal, I get infatuated with the oddest things…)

Left Stir Fry and headed to the movies with Maggie.  We saw Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson.  Meh.  It bored me!  We did have a fun photo shoot, though.

On that note, it is most certainly time for bed.  Earrrrrrly spin class to teach tomorrow (track listings coming tomorrow guys, I swear.)

Have a good one!!!



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10 responses to “Racha Veggies = Yum.

  1. Jen

    I think you’re totally rockin’ that mic! You look vicious in it – Like a super rockstar!

    • hahahahaha well thanks. I feel like a cheap Britney Spears with that thing on! Have to have it though, we had people 30 deep in the back! Nuts! With smaller groups I typically just scream, but when it is 20 people and up, I pretty much have to have the mic, unfortunately.

  2. I love planks! Can you post some ideas on how to make them more challenging? I can hold a regular plank for quite a while (maybe I’m doing it wrong? ;)) so I spice it up with tapping my knees down, rocking my hips side to side or sticking my feet on a ball. Any other ideas?

    • We will do normal planks (up to 2 minutes!) and then some variations. The ones you said, plus here is a fun one. Hold the low plank, then “jump” your legs out to the sides, and then “jump” them back in. Do that about 25 times….OUCH! Another good one is to hold the plank, then rock back and forth on your heels. Sounds so simple, but it hurts so good!

  3. That lady in the pink looks like a BEAST!

  4. Lu

    Racha Vegetables have to go mainstream. Those look really good. Isn’t it funny how the term “light” is never understood?

  5. Alice Browder

    Tyler – you should have stuck around for carrot cake at Stir Fry. It is sooooooo good. 🙂

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