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French Toast….nuff said.

Good morning bloggies!  I left last night without blogging dinner…which was a scrumptious Panera dinner…

Mediterranean Veggie (half)…and the Veggie/Pesto Soup…

Dessert was a SURPRISE left for me at the YMCA.  Thanks Heather!!!!  ❤

Had half of this bad boy for dessert….

This was amazingly yummy!  Also got to talking with a new member at the YMCA last night who owns a local cafe (Kaffe Blue).  She told me she is going to start incorporating a large vegan/gluten free/vegetarian menu!  I am stoked!

I am O-U-T of groceries, so had to make a trip by Wal*Mart on the way home, but wished I had time to go to Earth Fare!!!  I am going Sunday, so this stock should hold me until then…

I always tell people that even if they don’t have a Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Earth Fare, etc type store…that you can still go to the big chains and find some really good organic stuff!  Shop around the OUTSIDES of these places.  Hit up all the produce and dairy first, then get specific items from the middle to finish it out.  Works every time and prevents those impulse buys of less than nutritional eats.

When I woke up this morning…I had one thing on my mind.  French Toast!!!!

Two slices of my favorite bread plus a glorious bath for dippage:

(Egg Beaters + Cinnamon)

Started to think about a sweet topping, and grabbed some fruit:

I decided to do an Ina Garten inspired “fruit compote” and melted down my favorite natural peach jam:

And added the diced fruit…

Got to grillin the bread…

Then topped this masterpiece…

Plus an always hungry puppy.

(yes, he got a bite.)

Got to work prepping my lunch to take to work….had a request to show the Arnolds Thins in detail, so here ya go!

Knew I wanted a sammie…

YAY for a new supply of my favorite hummus!!!  ❤

Plus some Broccoli Slaw and some Natural Provolone:

It was all I could do to wrap this bad boy up for later.  Paired it with some carrots, and some berries for snack-age later.  Also included some chocolate in the form of my Trader Joe Powerberries and some of my favorite TJ’s cereal!

Packed up all my goodies and headed to work!  Teaching two classes tonight…then Stir Fry Cafe tonight with Maggie!

I will update later with requested Spin CD tracks/listings!  I am excited to see if you guys dig my tunes!  🙂

Have an awesome day bloggies…

How often do you workout during the week?  How often do you do cardio/weights?



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