Beans for Dessert?!?!

Hello bloggies!  I left work this morning and headed directly to Emily’s so we could bake some new recipes we had been dying to try!  Very odd, but so very good.  Just stick with me here.

Started out by snacking on a Raw Organic-Chocolate Coconut bar that I had picked up at Whole Foods this weekend.  It’s a Fitnessista favorite, so I thought…how bad could it be?  In her famous words…rocked my face off.

Loved all the little chocolate chunks!!!  Delicious.  Got to work on the desserts.  Black Bean Brownies and Chickpea Blondies.

We were baking fools.  Had to meet Kim for lunch, and take her to the airport…so we were rushing like Iron Chefs!  First up, the brownies….star ingredient time…

And yes, you have permission to be jealous of the hat.

This batter was SO good.  Truuuuuust me.

Ready to bake, but honestly…I think we could have eaten the entire gooey pan.

Next was the blondies….

I love that the two main star ingredients were beans…

We were like paparazzi hovering over these dishes!  (Paaaaaapa, Paaaaaapa-razzi!)

The batter was equally as delicious…

Baked those babies up….aren’t they cute?!

They looked glorious when done!!!

Delicious.  Seriously, this is a must try from EVERYONE involved.  Check the links at the top for recipes.

After we were done baking like maniacs, we met Kim at Jason’s Deli for lunch!

Love this place!  They incorporate a TON of veggie options as well as a multitude of organic eats!  I went with the veggie sandwich on ciabatta with steamed veggies…

I obviously hated it.

The awesome thing about Jason’s Deli is free FroYo!!!!!!

After lunch Emily and I had to drop Krucker off at the airport.  She is going to Washington DC for lunch!

I told her to look “longingly”  😉

We then stopped by HHGregg to get Emily a new case for her tiny adorable laptop!!!  I may have used some shameless self promotion while I was waiting on her to choose…

Yes, we shamelessly promoted on the big fancy computers.  Hey, some customers might have wanted to check out the blogs, right?!?!

On that note, I have had the longest day on record.  Working *again* til 6:45, then to Cracker Barrel with Heather!!!  So excited!  Have a good one bloggies…whaddya think about the “beany” desserts?!?!



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18 responses to “Beans for Dessert?!?!

  1. Can’t wait to try the brownies. I tried the blondies a couple weekends ago. They were great!

  2. I think I would prefer regular brownies 😉

  3. The brownies look awesome!
    I love the self promotion….too cute!

  4. hahah self promotion, love it. I should do that next time I’m at best buy

  5. Just came across your blog and I love it! Also just made black bean brownies last week 🙂

  6. Love the pics of self promotion. Hey, whatever works, right? 😉

    I’m definitely going to try making those desserts!

  7. I tried and loved the chickpea blondies, I need to try the brownies next. Totally loving the self promotion!

  8. I need to go to a Best Buy right now and put up my blog! High Five for shameless self-promotion! Speaking of….

  9. Beanie Brownies?? Really? They really do taste good? I’m skeptical.

    You guys are HILARIOUS to put your blogs up at Best Buy. Brilliant!!! hahahahaha

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