Well I had thought the knee pain had vanished, but it is mysteriously back!  ugh.  I did stop by Wal*Mart on the way home for some remedies…first up was this:

They weren’t kidding about the blue part.

We shall see if it works!  At this point, I will try anything.  I am officially panicking that I will still be hurting when the Half Marathon comes around (13 short days!!!)

Yoga with the high schoolers went great, aside from the random fire drill that had us filing out of the school into the 20* weather!  At least we had found inner peace first.  😉

Headed straight to the YMCA afterwards for spin, which went great at first (no knee pain) but halfway through started acting up.  By the last two songs, I had to take one foot out of the pedal!  Ugh.  This is very annoying.

Rushed home for a dinner which was leftover veggie pizza!!!!

The leftover mushroom/onion/zucchini/veggie chicken from lunch made a great topper:

Topped that bad boy with cheese:

With a spice I could never live without:


How cute is the cutting board?

Yep, pretty darn cute.  Well, off to Blue-Goo my knee and head to Starbizzle for a night cap!  I am OPENING tomorrow at the YMCA which means I have to wake up at 4:00am.  Ugh.

Happy Monday everyone!!!!  🙂



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6 responses to “Knee=Ouch.

  1. Sorry about the knee! Have you thought about making a quick trip to the doctor?

  2. Jen

    That sucks about your knee! 😦 I’m sure you know this but I think it still helps to hear it…STRETCH! I need to be told sometimes too. Foam Roll. Stretch! and then stretch some more. 🙂 Get that ol’ IT band stretched!

    • Yea, I made a sort of “ghetto roller” out of an old lint roller. That plus my cream/knee strap…I think I am good to go (hopefully) There was a great article in Mens Health about the knee, I am going to try some of the stuff they said as well, thanks for the advice!!!

  3. Great blog! I feel ya about the knee pain. I am overweight, so I usually have knee pain on days where I play tennis. I get the “runner’s knee” (I think – I don’t have insurance either, so never been properly diagnosed) and I can’t do anything for days. I would prefer the home remedies. That Men’s Health mag, was it this month’s? I may have to pick it up (even though I’m a girl :P) to see what it says.

    Anyway, love your blog! Thanks for adding me on twitter 🙂 You helped me find my way to another great blog. I wish I could get more readers for mine 🙂

    • It had some good advice! I just need to stretch more, and not up my mileage when running so quickly. All that plus hills = disaster for the knees. I will be taking it very careful from now on.

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